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posted Nov 18, 2015, 9:27 PM by Mary Harwood
NOTE: Folks, there was a computer error. I had a problem capturing all the chat. This is only the last 5 minutes. We'll see if I can get it back.~ Mary

JSMAAF2: It would need to be sent in, but we are also planning on digitally displaying all pieces.
JSMAAF2: Would you be able to print out the works?
JSMAAF2: If not, I will check with our staff to see what we can do.
Bevoakridge: oh, so it needs to be a traditonal piece of art on paper or canvas.
JSMAAF2: It can be a digital print.
Bevoakridge: Or a printed out version of the digital art?
JSMAAF2: Yes, a printed version of the digital art would be perfect.
JSMAAF2: We accept all forms, except for 3D
Mary Harwood: Tske care, Tom. Happy Thanksgiving!
annabalt: Great dance moves
Bevoakridge: Okay, that will work I think.  we may have to have it printed at a Kinko's or something to make it the right size.  12 x 16 inches is the required size, I think.
JSMAAF2: Yes, 12 x 16 is the max size
Bevoakridge: Oh, the MAX size. Okay. Thanks!
Mary Harwood: You rock, Anna!
JSMAAF2: Can't wait to see their artwork!
JSMAAF2: There are also prompts on the website
JSMAAF2: Let me know if you have any other questions. You can e-mail me at
Mary Harwood: I think we made the best of a tricky situation. I hope your audio works next time.
Bevoakridge: We have read over the Robert Frost poem and discussed some ideas, so hopefully they will come up with some good stuff.    Thanks, Arthurina. I will do that.
Mary Harwood: You two have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Bevoakridge: Good night, and Happy Thanksgiving.
JSMAAF2: Thank you so much for being my voice, Mary. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
JSMAAF2: Great! Thank you. Have a great evening.