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posted Dec 2, 2015, 9:18 PM by Mary Harwood

BooksandMarks: Sounds really fun and engaging.

Mary Harwood: My sons have been working concessions. Really interesting how much goes into that.

Mary Harwood: People love a peek behind the scenes.

Mary Harwood: LOL TMI?

mrsdawndean: Do both teams have one?

Robert: I will find that out!

Kendra Creswell: Robert,My question is how many doctors are on the sidelines?  I know Dr. Jones is there for knees, but how many different doctors are there?

Mary Harwood: My son's friend's dad is one of the other doctors. Dr. Skaggs

Robert: I don't know that Kendra, but I will find out. I know there's more than one, but they're only used when necessary.  The athletic trainers call for them by pointing to their heads when they're on the filed with an injured player.

mrsdawndean: Nani is hs wife, right?

Kimkcreswell: vts has been a wonderful tool to have them start looking for evidence/proof

Robert: Mary, Dr. Skaggs is the big boss - Director of Athletic Medicine.

Mary Harwood: :) Robert, he is also a really nice guy.

Robert: Hope to run into him. I've been working with the head trainer, Kim Terrell.

Kendra Creswell: I will have to watch for that signal during the games.  Dr. Jones is really nice too.

Mary Harwood: Dr. Jones fixed my hubby's ankle. We love him!

Kimkcreswell: We used Hillocks one chapter at a time and read the vts book at the same time.  We really took it slowly and it made lots of sense.

PeggyGordonOakridge: Can someone remind us of the zoom in shortcut?

Lynn Creswell: I thought the same thing

KarenBatten: I use justification or explanation for warrant

Kimkcreswell: arrow keys?

Kendra Creswell: It was extremely helpful to read the books as a group and discuss them chapter by chapter.  Also we had a chance to talk about how we were using it in class.  Kathi did a great job of using these in her classroom-she scaffold it well.

Lynn Creswell: I loved the images, but don't want to use the same ones that you all in middle school will want to use . . .  I am looking for some similar images that go with mysteries for the younger crowd

kholst: Aw thanks!  Totally true that the group learning helped!   I needed a group to learn rules/warrants.

Lynn Creswell: I would be interested!

Mary Harwood: Lawrence Treat?

kholst: Me too!

Olsoeric: I would love to get info about the book for my forensics class...

Janelle Creswell: me three!

dgordon: I would like one too.

Kimkcreswell: I would like it too.

AshleighKing: I would be interested as well

Janelle Creswell: Erica thats what I was thinking too! But great for science too.

kholst: There are several books.  Many volumes.

jocelynkaye: Count me in too.

Olsoeric: right it would be pefect

Jack: me too

Kendra Creswell: Me too please :)

mrsdawndean: Me too

annabalt: I'd love a book

KarenBatten: me too, please

Bevoakridge: There is food cooking on the stove.

Mary Harwood: Was he going up or down?

kholst: The man has fallen down the stairs, but he is facing up and is head down.

Kendra Creswell: The women looks surprised -she has her hands around her neck like she gasped.

Mary Harwood: what makes you say that, Bev?

Kimkcreswell: A man was getting ready to go out and he fell down the stairs.

annabalt: a man fell down the stairs

JaredCreswell: Man is laying on his back, woman is looking down at him

Jack: the woman is dressed up

BooksandMarks: The woman was busy cooking when she heard a noise and discovered that her husband fell down the stairwell.

Bevoakridge: I see some curvy lines above the pan that makes me think there is heat rising

Mary Harwood: Would he be face up if he was walking down?

JaredCreswell: Man is holding something...

Lynn Creswell: The man is lying on his back--he was facing away from the stairs when he fell?

Jack: the man is in an eveing jacket

mrsdawndean: The husband is shocked that the woman, his wife cooked dinner and is dressed nice.  He faints while walking upstairs to change his clothes

Jack: evening

Mary Harwood: A smoking jacket like they wear when they stay home?

dgordon: I think he has tickets in his hand

Robert: The man appears to be wearing a smoking jacket.

Kimkcreswell: He has dress shoes, a bow tie and a smoking jacket on

annabalt: He is home for the evening, because he has on a smokers jacket

Olsoeric: fainting could be a possibility... good thought

Robert: Or, bathrobe.

Mary Harwood: She's cooking all dressed up?

Lynn Creswell: Maybe he has a photo in his hand--he was so shocked when he looked at it that he fell backwards down the stairs

Robert: His feet are above his head.

Kimkcreswell: why is she cooking in an evening gown that is suspicious

Bevoakridge: I don't think the clothes on the lady are appropriate for cooking, so maybe she was not the one working in the kitchen.  She looks like she's been to an elegant party.

kholst: The things on the stair wall are not disrupted.  When he fell, he didn't break his fall by grabbing the wall.

Lynn Creswell: I always wear and evening gown when I cook . . .

kholst: :)

Mary Harwood: I'll bet you look great, Lynn

Bevoakridge: ha ha me too

Kimkcreswell: true I heard that

Robert: haha

Bevoakridge: Can anyone tell what the man is holding in his left hand?

JaredCreswell: I think it's a drink?

Kimkcreswell: I hope it is a will

Robert: a martinini

Janelle Creswell: I think its a broken glass

Olsoeric: a sandwich...

PeggyGordonOakridge: Where is the cook...these people are too rich not to have a cook.

KarenBatten: Maybe it's a recipe, and he was doing the cooking

Robert: make that martini

mrsdawndean: glasses

mrsdawndean: I had to put my on to see it

Lynn Creswell: Must be a sandwich--dinner is burning on the stove!

Kimkcreswell: Divorce papers, which is why he "fell"

Bevoakridge: Oh, a glass. Maybe he drank some poison that was put in his drink

BooksandMarks: It looks like he is holding money.

Kimkcreswell: Look at her jewelry, he needs money

Mary Harwood: I Googled the image to look closer. I think it is a spilled glass

Lynn Creswell: There is a mirror on the stairs---he fell because he was trying to look at himself on the way down

Mary Harwood: of liquid

JaredCreswell: No

Robert: No!

AshleighKing: yes

Lynn Creswell: No

Janelle Creswell: no, he wouldn't have fallen facing up if he had fallen down the stairs

kholst: Can you reread the first few facts?

KarenBatten: Can't believe her, we established he was going upstairs

mrsdawndean: No

Bevoakridge: he couldn't have fallen coming down the stairs because he landed on his back.

Kimkcreswell: Who turned on the stove?  If she just came in and he did not make it downstairs...

mrsdawndean: I agree with Janelle

Jack: no his head is at the bottom if he was coming down his head would have been up the stairs

AshleighKing: I actually take that back, there is food on the stove cooking

JaredCreswell: He wouldn't have the glass still in his hand when he fell.?

AshleighKing: maybe he went downstairs to stir the food on the stove though since she was gone

kholst: If he fell, he would have tried to break his fall, but nothing else looks disturbed.

Robert: She had been in "a tiff" with hubby.

dgordon: no if she just got home and he was coming down the stairs there wouldn't be food cooking.

JaredCreswell: It's 1 am and they're cooking food?

Olsoeric: coming down for another drink...down .. not up

Mary Harwood: I agree Don

Kimkcreswell: How did she know anything if she had just come in?  10 minutes...

Robert: if he fell, he wouldn't be still holding the glass!

Kendra Creswell: She hit him in the head with the pan while he was going up the stairs.  She put it on the stove to burn off the DNA evidence.

Olsoeric: so he would be facing the other direction

Lynn Creswell: WHy is there food cooking?

Janelle Creswell: maybe she hit him on the head with the frying pan and started cooking to hide it

Mary Harwood: If she knocked him out, this would have been a good pose that she dragged him into to stage the scene

kholst: Very clever  Kendra!

Lynn Creswell: He would have been too drunk to cook

Robert: someone's hungry

Kimkcreswell: Why did the glass not spill.  where is the stain?  if it did spill

Lynn Creswell: SHe was too small to lift him and so after she conked him on the head, she could only lift his legs as far as the stairs . . .

Lynn Creswell: So she staged the murder and was making snacks for her guests

Bevoakridge: Maybe she hit him over the head with the pan from behind while he was going upstairs. Then she place the glass in his hand to make it look like he'd been drinking

AshleighKing: she could be very strong Lynn

Mary Harwood: Is there food in the pan?

JaredCreswell: Oh, he'd been drinking...

Lynn Creswell: SHe's built for comfort, not for speed/strength

JaredCreswell: You read that the autopsy revealed he had

Kimkcreswell: go lynn.

JaredCreswell: plus, look at the house.  I would be a lush if I lived there...

AshleighKing: Yeah but she could take supplements to give her exceptional strength :)

Kimkcreswell: She should be checking for a pulse and calling 911.  Not posing for a photo.

mrsdawndean: She could have drug him, and then was shocked he didn't make it up the stairs first.  Now what am I to do?

Lynn Creswell: At least mouth to mouth

Kendra Creswell: Good KIm.  The warrant is - it is always the spouse.

Robert: No, not enough evidence. She walks!

Kendra Creswell: In nice shoes.

Kimkcreswell: in heels

AshleighKing: wouldn't there be some blood splatter? if she hit him?

Lynn Creswell: Maybe she's cooking the evidence on the stove . . .

mrsdawndean: Lynn that is funny

Mary Harwood: :)

Olsoeric: me and janelle

kholst: Did you say we were getting a new book this year to study?

Mary Harwood: I want to take your class!

Janelle Creswell: I do at the middle school and Erica at the high school

Robert: Me too!

kholst: Do any Creswell  folks know if they are already in district?

Kimkcreswell: yeah!  Book Club at coffee house again?

Lynn Creswell: ?

JaredCreswell: I have a copy


kholst: Sounds like a good book.

kholst: Yes

Kendra Creswell: Thank you.  I need one too.  Yes for coffee house :)

Olsoeric: I am in...

Lynn Creswell: I'm in

Kimkcreswell: Yes, I would love it too.

AshleighKing: I'm in as well

Janelle Creswell: please send me the new book

PeggyGordonOakridge: I would like the I say, they say.

jocelynkaye: Count me in too

annabalt: I want they day I say please

Kendra Creswell: I need the book too please

kholst: Please send new book to Creswell Middle School folks.  Did you say there was another new book?

Kimkcreswell: What they say, I say needed

AshleighKing: Peggy will we be meeting in 2 weeks again

Olsoeric: i would love the new book as well as the treats book :)

Lynn Creswell: We all say, we need the book say

Lynn Creswell: WHen do we meet again?

kholst: Thanks for the reminder on the e-log

Mary Harwood: Wednesday, Dec. 16

PeggyGordonOakridge: Thank you and good night.

Kimkcreswell: Thanks all, good night

jocelynkaye: Good night all

Lynn Creswell: Adops

rcameronuo: Goodnight all

BooksandMarks: Thank you. Good night!

Lynn Creswell: Adios

AshleighKing: good night

kholst: Good night

JaredCreswell: 'night

Olsoeric: Thanks goodnight

Robert: Thanks, Peggy! Good job hosting!!

Janelle Creswell: Thanks! goodnight

dgordon: good night and thanks for the books

Lynn Creswell: I look forward to working with Robert again!

Bevoakridge: Good night!

Robert: Looking forward to it, Lynn!

Kendra Creswell: Thank you Peggy. I thought it was helpful to see the CCSS standards for science and math because I have looked at the literacy, writing, and speaking but don't often look at the others.  Have a good night.

Kendra Creswell: I used 8 DBQs for the Battle of Bunker Hill to help prepare students to write an argument paper on whether it was a win for the British or Americans it was a great way to sort of use a constructive response approach.  I haven't graded them so we will see how it worked.

Kendra Creswell: That would be great!