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posted Feb 17, 2016, 9:13 PM by Mary Harwood   [ updated Apr 12, 2016, 1:33 PM by Ulad Slabin ]

Second Life Chat 2/17/16

Guest: Katie Gillard

Mary Harwood:

Mary Harwood:

Mary Harwood: I can use that in the classroom: Where has the artist (author) put us?

Mary Harwood: Compare/Contrast is one of the 5 text structures emphasized in Common Core.

JaredCreswell: Your bias is showing...

JaredCreswell: Can I get a copy of that??

Mary Harwood: Mullah

Mary Harwood: ?

Katiegillard: JR Brazilian Artist

Mary Harwood:

Robinhood600: Shepard Ferry---not sure I spelled that right. But, he uses semiotics as well.

Mary Harwood:

virginiapetitt: This is fascinating!

Mary Harwood: It is a hard medium to present in, Katie. You're doing great!

Lynn Creswell: Awake!

AshleighKing: I agree! This is very interesting :)

EmilyLevy: Agree, you're doing great!

Marylin Monroe: Bright performance!

Lynn Creswell: Drowning

virginiapetitt: Drownin

jocelynkaye: Flooding

Robinhood600: Flood, or natural disaster.

Robert: Not enough context

EmilyLevy: jumping off a bridge?Lynn Creswell: Drowning

virginiapetitt: Drownin

jocelynkaye: Flooding

Robinhood600: Flood, or natural disaster.

Robert: Not enough context

EmilyLevy: jumping off a bridge?

Marylin Monroe: A dead body, that is certain.

Robinhood600: We see mud, we see water damage

Marylin Monroe: A dead body, that is certain.

Robinhood600: We see mud, we see water damage

EmilyLevy: I may be looking at image incorrectly...

EmilyLevy: but it looks like he fell off of a high structure

Robert: Not enough information

Lynn Creswell: An explosion?

Robinhood600: Hard to  see clearly, it looks like a blob next to her

virginiapetitt: War?

Seajay87: I was thinking war as well.

dgordon: flames

Robert: appears to be flames

Robinhood600: A bombing

dgordon: possible explosion

Robert: not enough information

Seajay87: looks like she washed up on shore in this cropping

Robert: it could be a mafia hit, and the body was deposited here

Lynn Creswell: Shipwreck

Lynn Creswell: I was putting the flames together with water

dgordon: looks like a ramp for loading and unloading boats at a shore.

EmilyLevy: Robert--do you know we can hear you???

Robinhood600: Yes, anything is possible. If we've learned anything from tv-

Robert: well, isn't that great!

Tinaoakridge: It was

dgordon: a boat ramp

Seajay87: looks like she is on a path way or boat ramp

Kimkcreswell: It was interesting.  Good thing you did not say anything awful.

BridgettOakridge: shen came off the bridge in a car which exploded sending her into the wather where se later washed up on shoere

Lynn Creswell: SHe's only sleeping

Kimkcreswell: Lynn you are so sweet

BridgettOakridge: wow  that had a few spelling errors

Robinhood600: An ax?

Robinhood600: Oh!

Mary Harwood: Tell us the source of this again, please

virginiapetitt: Hurricane or tornado?

Mary Harwood whispers: Lightening!

Mary Harwood: whispers?

Katiegillard: Robert Hiliyard's Cause of Death

Kimkcreswell: exertion from chopping down a tree

dgordon: looks like a body from the Johnstown flood

Tinaoakridge: tsunami

Bevoakridge: earthquake

Robert: I'm wondering who covered her, or him?

Mary Harwood:

Mary Harwood: Klimt

Mary Harwood whispers: sp?

Robinhood600: Yes

JaredCreswell: yes

Robinhood600: Klimt

EmilyLevy: no

Robinhood600: Peaceful

Mary Harwood:

Bevoakridge: mother and child

Robert: loving

EmilyLevy: connection

Peggy Marconi: Please check yourspeak butto, and make sure it is off unless you are speaking.  Thanks

PeggyGordonOakridge: cuddling

AshleighKing: a strong relationship between mother and child

Robert: curious about the green spots

Mary Harwood: generations

Robinhood600: It seems to be a history

Mary Harwood: older woman, woman and child

Robert: good title

Mary Harwood: Galleria nazionale d'art moderna

Mary Harwood: Now, more than ever

Robert: yes

Robert: at least it's not me

Mary Harwood: Frida Kahlo

Mary Harwood: Sad faces

Mary Harwood: grim

Mary Harwood: faces

Tinaoakridge: moustaches

Robinhood600: I notice that many people are dressed in fine clothes.

Robert: high society

Tinaoakridge: treats

dgordon: ying/yang and a cross

Mary Harwood: Turn of the century

Mary Harwood: last century

Robinhood600: Diego looks humble, in his outfit.

Lynn Creswell: Bright colors for the two women in the front

Mary Harwood: Yin/Yang symbol

Robinhood600: There is bible in her hand; blue outfit.

Mary Harwood: hats tipping: deference

Mary Harwood: ?

Kimkcreswell: there is someone serving food from a tray

Mary Harwood: food on tray, festive atmosphere

Lynn Creswell: What are they looking at?

Robert: umbrella? rain in the forecast?

Kimkcreswell: no all have angry or sad faces

BridgettOakridge: no

jocelynkaye: No, they look almost angry

Seajay87: not particularly, a little morose

Katiegillard: Diego Rivera, Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Central Park

Seajay87: fair

Mary Harwood:

Seajay87: chaos

Robert: bright colors

Seajay87: more simple clothing

Kimkcreswell: Asian Styles and Latino styles

dgordon: someone shooting someone else

Robert: Revolution!

Seajay87: fire in the background

jocelynkaye: a mixture of ethnic oriental, one European-type

Mary Harwood: Wow!

virginiapetitt: A wedding?

virginiapetitt: No

Peggy Marconi: Clear on my screen

Seajay87: clear on mine as well

Lynn Creswell: Not blurry, just a large image in a small space

jocelynkaye: Not blurry, just too small

Mary Harwood: Slow resolution= slow internet

Marylin Monroe: The painting will be HD in the video (machinima) that I prepare after tonight's session.

Mary Harwood:

Lynn Creswell: Cool!

Robert: loneliness

Robert: married life

Mary Harwood: lights and darks

Katiegillard: Gregory Crewdson

Mary Harwood:

Robert: great image!

Mary Harwood: Lots to think about!

jocelynkaye: Thank you.

EmilyLevy: The images were very thought provoking--thank you!

Lynn Creswell: I enjoyed the presentation and my brain is busy

Robert: Very interesting. Thanks!

Marylin Monroe: Thanks!

Mary Harwood: It could easily translate, have students write arguments about each others art

kholst: I will have 2nd Life updated...I could see images, but no sound.  From images and chat box, I could see that it was a very thought provoking and informative presentation.  I will try to figure out how to read the transcript.  Very interested.  Thanks!~

Mary Harwood: Sorry Kathi

Seajay87: thanks!

Katiegillard: By everyone, I am signing off...  thanks for listening!

Vitaut Arabello: Good night everybody!