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posted Mar 11, 2015, 9:00 PM by Eric Tuck

[2014/10/08 20:54] JaredCreswell: I'll read it
[2014/10/08 20:54] Laura d'Creswell HS: just wanted to clarify.
[2014/10/08 20:54] Laura d'Creswell HS: though I do love creswell, we live in eugene.
[2014/10/08 20:55] Laura d'Creswell HS: and those who know biil know how much he loves april, but when she needs mom , it can be a bit sad for him;).
[2014/10/08 20:55] Laura d'Creswell HS: sure
[2014/10/08 20:55] Eric:
[2014/10/08 20:56] kholst: Don't worry Laura, you have a little one and that's your priority on the weekends.  We totally understand.
[2014/10/08 20:56] Laura d'Creswell HS: do you mind please emailing it since I will not normalling be using this computer?
[2014/10/08 20:57] Laura d'Creswell HS: thanks
[2014/10/08 20:57] Mary Harwood: Eric,
[2014/10/08 20:57] Virginia Petitt: Eric, Laura Estes' name is not included on the list
[2014/10/08 20:58] Mary Harwood: there was a request to email the link to the group. Some people are on loaner computers.
[2014/10/08 20:58] Mary Harwood: the link to the site.
[2014/10/08 20:58] PeggyGordonOakridge: Good, I am getting tired of sitting
[2014/10/08 20:58] Eric: Email sent
[2014/10/08 20:58] lynnelockhart: I'd like to get my clothes back first, so I'll try a portrait next week if that's OK.
[2014/10/08 20:59] Todd: I would like to go, but I have a friend with a birthday waiting.
[2014/10/08 20:59] lynnelockhart: I feel like a fuzzy ball, too...Spirit week is exhausting!
[2014/10/08 20:59] Laura Estes: It is:
[2014/10/08 21:04] Virginia Petitt: Oops--gotta go. I'll do a photo next time. Good night everyone!
[2014/10/08 21:06] Eric: rt click w/ mouse
[2014/10/08 21:06] Kimkcreswell: kendra just got logged off, and she didn't do it on purpose.
[2014/10/08 21:10] Kimkcreswell: good night all.
[2014/10/08 21:10] Lynn Creswell: Good night!
[2014/10/08 21:10] PeggyGordonOakridge: good night
[2014/10/08 21:10] Mary Harwood: Y'all have a good time!
[19:39] Eric: Hola!
[19:45] Eric: Hey Tom!
[19:45] ArthurConan Doyle: Hey hey!
[19:48] Eric: Agreed!
[19:48] Eric: Night as cool as cards though =)
[19:49] Eric: Or not
[19:49] Eric: How do you misspell not with night without having auto correct to blame
[19:51] Eric: Need a license to drive a car, but not have a kid.
[19:55] BridgettOakridge: here, here!!!
[19:55] BridgettOakridge: It's great to have you at our school, Bev
[19:56] Bevoakridge: Thanks, Bridgett! I'm glad to be there.!
[19:56] Eric: G'night!
[20:00] Vitaut Arabello: Yoon, tell me when you need a next slide demonstrated - and I will press the button.
[20:01] Eric: Here here
[20:02] Eric: 21 on the island
[20:03] Bevoakridge: Hi Arthurina, I finally have an okay for  a date for you to come to Oakridge for observations!
[20:08] EmilyOakridge: Eric, Double check... Avatar detail to the left and what was the other one?
[20:08] Eric: All of them to the left.
[20:08] Eric: Then tweak as needed for you.
[20:08] EmilyOakridge: Thank you :)
[20:08] Eric: Glad to be of service
[20:09] JSMAAF: That sounds like a great idea, Yoon.
[20:09] Bevoakridge: sounds good
[20:09] Eric: I love the adventurous spirit!!
[20:09] Katrinaburkhardt: All I can hear is typing.  What am I missing?
[20:10] lynnelockhart: How on a mac, again, to zoom in?
[20:10] EmilyOakridge: Katrina, when that happened to me, I had to log out and log back in.
[20:11] Alicia Osborn: Katrina, didn't this happen in Pendleton?
[20:11] Eric: ditto
[20:11] Eric: , katrina
[20:11] Mary Harwood: You can use your camera controls to view things, as well.
[20:11] Katrinaburkhardt: I figured out the Pendleton problem.  This is new...
[20:11] Alicia Osborn: When you click on the green sound button next to (Nearby chat).. is the volume on?
[20:12] Todd: Yes.  Love it.
[20:12] PeggyGordonOakridge: I am good
[20:13] Katrinaburkhardt: looking for the button Alicia.
[20:13] Bevoakridge: all I see is the check in screen
[20:13] GlendaGreen: I don't see a picture.
[20:13] GlendaGreen: All I see is the check in screen.
[20:13] DanaHarriger: I see check in screen
[20:13] ArthurConan Doyle: Vampire lunch
[20:13] Bevoakridge: me too
[20:13] lynnelockhart: a human is finding its inner bears
[20:13] CaileyOakridge: I see a human outline and a dog nose and mouth.
[20:14] Robert: I see kids on the floor.
[20:14] Todd: Old man with the voice of a bear.
[20:14] GlendaGreen: That's what I see Robert.
[20:14] ArthurConan Doyle: Looks like wolf
[20:14] Katrinaburkhardt is not available to take your call.  You will now be reconnected to Nearby Voice Chat.
[20:14] Robert: So, I'm not crazy.
[20:14] Johnie Lee Matthews III: what picture are we supposed to be looking at?
[20:14] Todd: Grey hair. overlapped mouths/screams.
[20:15] ArthurConan Doyle: a bit from A and a bit from B
[20:15] Katrinaburkhardt: What the hell are you people on?!
[20:15] Vitaut Arabello: The painting is on the left.
[20:15] CaileyOakridge: I see two sets of eyes too...just saw that
[20:16] GlendaGreen: I can't see a picture. I only see the check in screen.
[20:16] lynnelockhart: The central animal face looks like a brown bear and the head dress of the human figure looks like something an elderly person would wear. His ears are elongated, like an old man
[20:16] Katrinaburkhardt is not available to take your call.  You will now be reconnected to Nearby Voice Chat.
[20:16] Vitaut Arabello: An awful but contemporary hybrid.
[20:16] lynnelockhart: look to the left, Glenda
[20:16] ArthurConan Doyle: I can go with bear
[20:16] Robert: Still don't see the picture you are referring to.
[20:17] Robert: thak you!
[20:17] DanaHarriger: I see the transformation of the from a human to a werewolf
[20:17] Eric: You may need to stand and go to left of the stage
[20:17] lynnelockhart: also old man scrawny shoulders. I also thought blood splatter, like a violent transformation, or some kind of inner turmoil
[20:18] DanaHarriger: possibly a Native American painting
[20:18] Todd: The brown splatter reminds me of mud, but I just noticed the blue splatter.
[20:19] DanaHarriger: I am just thinking of the fictional transformation that occurs over and over in movies
[20:20] DanaHarriger: On the side of his head there seems to be a couple of smears that resemble feathers from a head dress
[20:20] Eric: Native American because of knowledge of native american "spirit animal" lore
[20:20] lynnelockhart: I thought native american, too, because of the washed natural colors of the background and the idea of a spirit animal, maybe
[20:21] Todd: The yellow and orange have bothered mee, too.  I see a tiger in the top right.
[20:22] DanaHarriger: The orange and white smears
[20:22] CaileyOakridge: yeah, the human eyes don't look quite human
[20:23] ArthurConan Doyle: What is the right answer?
[20:24] lynnelockhart: eyes are cool: human eyeballs in animal sockets
[20:24] JSMAAF: I have some info on the artist.
[20:24] Vitaut Arabello: Open for endless interpretation.
[20:24] JSMAAF: Should I share?
[20:25] Eric: Normally not a fan of this style of "art"....but I am strangely drawn to it.
[20:25] Vitaut Arabello: De gustibus non est disputandum ;-)
[20:25] lynnelockhart: my mom used to say that: each to his own?
[20:26] lynnelockhart: I wish i'd listened closer to her latin rants; I miss her!
[20:26] JSMAAF: Ok, having some tech issues here
[20:26] Eric: Arthurina may need to restart SL
[20:26] Alicia Osborn: This format was challenging for me because for some reason I only see part of the comments and so I could not keep up.
[20:27] Mary Harwood: It was a bit disjointed.
[20:27] Mary Harwood: I also had problems with the chat tonight.
[20:27] PeggyGordonOakridge: I liked how close up I could get to the image but did not get so close early on.
[20:27] EmilyOakridge: Same here was different people, but I was missing some comments.
[20:28] Vitaut Arabello: BTW, this session including IM is being recorded and you can watch it later on Youtube.
[20:28] PeggyGordonOakridge: I think you did a great job facilitating.
[20:28] EmilyOakridge: I think that is a great idea Peggy!  We could type that we would like to speak then be called on.
[20:29] Alicia Osborn: Can't see Emily at all =]
[20:30] JSMAAF: Rick Bartow is a Pacific Northwest artist based in Newport. I chose this image because his exhibition is opening at the JSMA next month.
[20:30] JSMAAF:
[20:30] ArthurConan Doyle: The title of this "Bear Coming by Rick Bartow"
[20:31] JSMAAF: Great job, Yoon!
[20:31] ArthurConan Doyle: Lots of FUN
[20:32] JSMAAF: He has close ties with the Siletz community.
[20:32] JSMAAF: A lot of his work deals with transformation.
[20:33] JSMAAF: He is a Native American artist.
[20:33] JSMAAF: That's correct
[20:33] Mary Harwood: We're ll haging on every word.
[20:33] Mary Harwood: all hanging
[20:34] EmilyOakridge: We're listening! :)
[20:34] Mary Harwood: My district uses the framework
[20:34] Johnie Lee Matthews III: marshall
[20:34] CaileyOakridge: I'm not familiar
[20:34] lynnelockhart: I do not what it's about
[20:34] EmilyOakridge: Me neither.
[20:35] lynnelockhart: well, questioning, duh, but not familiar
[20:36] lynnelockhart: I've heard BossMan Don refer to it, too
[20:37] lynnelockhart: sounds like an ideal class
[20:38] lynnelockhart: maybe not min
[20:38] lynnelockhart: e
[20:38] Mary Harwood: I like the idea of looking for indicators to see what a concept looks like in practice
[20:38] EmilyOakridge: Ideally this is how we guide our students daily :)
[20:38] ArthurConan Doyle: I'm for it.
[20:38] lynnelockhart: i agree, Emily
[20:38] DanaHarriger: Something I am trying to focus on improving as a first year teacher
[20:38] lynnelockhart: it's what we aspire to
[20:38] EmilyOakridge: Yep! :)
[20:39] DanaHarriger: It is one of my goals
[20:39] lynnelockhart: how about a practical application to practice?
[20:39] Mary Harwood: Teachers know what principals are looking for on walk-thrus, principals can interpret what they are seeing and it is all grounded in best practices.
[20:41] lynnelockhart: 1,4,5,8
[20:42] CaileyOakridge: I love the evidence and analysis pieces
[20:42] Alicia Osborn: 1, 3, 4
[20:42] GlendaGreen: It's great practice for kindergarten to use evidence.
[20:42] KarenBatten: It's helping with several of these.  Looking closely, interpreting, using evidence, collaborating.
[20:42] ArthurConan Doyle: Seems like it might be hard to distinguish between some of these.
[20:43] Alicia Osborn: I have found that the students are able to make arguments using evidence and they are able to translate that over to our ELA curriculum.
[20:43] GlendaGreen: Also, my students are starting to think more for themselves rather than just saying what the last person says.
[20:43] Johnie Lee Matthews III: I like how my students formulate arguements and justify it based on thier observations
[20:44] KarenBatten: It seems we don't all see everybody's chat.  Can anyone see mine?
[20:44] lynnelockhart: the collaborating part seems hardest. kids' comment are related but it's a real art to remember the connections but not be putting words in kids' mouths
[20:44] Alicia Osborn: Glenda! That's huge for kindergarten.
[20:44] Johnie Lee Matthews III: It's also fun to see them change their opinions based on other points of view
[20:44] EmilyOakridge: I see you Karen :)
[20:44] Robert: Yes, Glenda!
[20:44] DanaHarriger: I can see yours Karen
[20:44] KarenBatten: Well, at least I'm talking to someone.  : )
[20:44] CaileyOakridge: I guess I can't see you Karen
[20:44] lynnelockhart: i see you, Karen
[20:44] EmilyOakridge: Yes Johnie... #9
[20:44] CaileyOakridge: I don't think Yoon can see me :(
[20:45] EmilyOakridge: Is that what #9 is saying...adapting.
[20:45] KarenBatten: Yeah, me neither, Cailey.  I see you.  : )
[20:45] Eric: I se you both
[20:45] EmilyOakridge: me too
[20:45] lynnelockhart: you are Yoda
[20:45] BridgettOakridge: peek-a-boo
[20:45] CaileyOakridge: Karen, I see you now!
[20:46] GlendaGreen: It definitely requires me to step back and let students guide the conversation. No leading questions that lead towards my own thoughts!
[20:46] Johnie Lee Matthews III: it allows students to present their ideas without fear of being judged. It really builds classroom culture
[20:46] lynnelockhart: well, it's supporting my objective of occasionally talking to colleagues, like now
[20:46] Johnie Lee Matthews III: in terms of trust
[20:46] KarenBatten: Yes, Lynne!
[20:47] GlendaGreen: yes.
[20:47] Eric: =)
[20:47] Eric: Yes!!!! it allows students to present their ideas without fear of being judged. It really builds classroom culture
[20:47] Mary Harwood: Lynne, you won't have to talk to anyone for the rest of the week!
[20:47] lynnelockhart: ok! lockhart out
[20:47] EmilyOakridge: I wish I had the patience (and time) to guide students in other subjects like VTS does.
[20:48] Mary Harwood: I love "nurturing curiosity" as a goal
[20:48] KarenBatten: Yes, Emily.  I'm trying to use it for more things, and to return to more "students figuring out grammar" instead of me just showing them how something works.
[20:48] Robert: Yes, Mary!
[20:49] EmilyOakridge: Me too Karen...I need to do this way more often though :)
[20:49] Mary Harwood: His book is on my "to-read" list
[20:50] lynnelockhart: I like not feeling responsible for knowing what's "right"
[20:51] Eric: Mine too Mary!
[20:51] Robert: More details.
[20:51] CaileyOakridge: way more detail in post
[20:51] DanaHarriger: more details
[20:51] CaileyOakridge: gives evidence to support ideas
[20:51] Mary Harwood: Also, some explanation of the details
[20:51] PeggyGordonOakridge: more evidence
[20:52] DanaHarriger: more thought about what could be going on
[20:52] Alicia Osborn: Yes Mary and Peggy! You beat me to it.
[20:52] lynnelockhart: reasoning
[20:52] PeggyGordonOakridge: getting married because
[20:52] Mary Harwood: Yes, Lynne "Maybe.."
[20:52] Johnie Lee Matthews III: it went form "I see" to "i think" = more brain activity
[20:53] Mary Harwood: More confidence in what student sees
[20:53] Robert: Why is the guy wearing a bathing suit?
[20:53] Eric: I like that I can "hear" the thinking happen
[20:53] Mary Harwood: Perseverance and looking for more
[20:54] DanaHarriger: I teach 4th grade and it is a struggle to get them to include more specific details.
[20:54] KarenBatten: Bev, I actually didn't get results I'd hoped for.  Less explanation and evidence in comparison with paragraphs we worked on earlier this year..  I think we'll get there, though.  They got a lot more instruction from me earlier and I didn't set up how I was grading them on the VTS hw... so I think they just wrote quickly, thinking it was just busy work.
[20:54] EmilyOakridge: I feel that the first one has more confidence in the way they state it.  Typically, "I think" is not as confident a statement. ?
[20:54] Robert: Someone trying to fill the lines.
[20:54] Todd: My Grandma had that over her couch.
[20:55] Robert: WOW!
[20:55] CaileyOakridge: whoa! infer? awesome
[20:55] DanaHarriger: infer wow!!!!
[20:56] Trudig: Like I said more inferential thinking
[20:56] lynnelockhart: one u missing from boulder: what 3rd grader spells like this?
[20:56] Robert: Is this the same kid?!?
[20:56] Mary Harwood: Not a lot of sophistication, but good eye for detail, good use of evidence and explanation of some evidence.
[20:56] Johnie Lee Matthews III: damn
[20:56] Robert: Yes!
[20:56] EmilyOakridge: Wow!  A lot of improvement!
[20:57] Mary Harwood: Do you do anything with distinguishing word count of shorter vs. longer words?
[20:58] Peggy's Presenter Argument enlarged: You do not have permission to use this viewer.
[20:58] Peggy's Presenter Argument enlarged: You may request permission from the owner, by clicking the lock on the side of the screen.
[20:58] Mary Harwood: Thanks
[20:58] KarenBatten: Yes, Bev, I think they aren't yet connecting how this thinking is supposed to be applied elsewhere.  But I do think we'll get there.
[20:59] Eric: Good times!
[20:59] Alicia Osborn: I look forward to seeing what my kiddos can do at the end of this first year!
[20:59] CaileyOakridge: Thank you!
[20:59] Robert: Way to go, Yoon! You rock!
[20:59] JSMAAF: That was fantastic
[20:59] KarenBatten: Thanks.
[20:59] Johnie Lee Matthews III: well done yoon.
[20:59] EmilyOakridge: Thanks Yoon!!
[20:59] Mary Harwood: Great evening.
[20:59] Vitaut Arabello: Perfecto!
[20:59] DanaHarriger: THanks Yoon
[20:59] Eric: Thank you, Yoon!
[20:59] Alicia Osborn: THanks! Night.
[21:00] BridgettOakridge: thanks
[21:00] KristonMaloyHill: thank you
[21:00] GlendaGreen: thank-you