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posted Mar 4, 2015, 9:05 PM by Eric Tuck

[20:08] Peggy's Presenter VTS enlarged: You do not have permission to use this viewer.
[20:08] Peggy's Presenter VTS enlarged: You may request permission from the owner, by clicking the lock on the side of the screen.
[20:13] PeggyGordonOakridge: Yes, I find that many times I get an insight into what the students have experienced and what they understand from their experiences during VTS.
[20:20] lynnelockhart: It does make perfect sense, Peggy. Thanks!
[20:22] EmilyOakridge: I never thought about Goldilocks that way...I have used such cabins in my life. Good point!
[20:28] Mary Harwood: Addresses the other side
[20:28] Eric: =) Friendly reminder to toggle speak button when you are not actively speaking =)
[20:29] PeggyGordonOakridge: tugging on your heart strings by relating it to how a person would feel...word pictures.
[20:29] BridgettOakridge: multiple reasons why he believes the way he does
[20:29] JaredCreswell: He stays on topic, he presents some good ideas/arguments, even if they're not fully fleshed out...
[20:29] Lynn Creswell: I think that this paper is a great starting point--great paper to use to "revisit" later and add information.
[20:29] Kimkcreswell: I think he has good starting points.  He can google any one of his caims and find evidence to support him.
[20:29] Kimkcreswell: claim
[20:30] Lynn Creswell: Often kiddos do not want to work further on a paper, but will pick it up later
[20:30] Eric: I agree with structure..organization...for the age
[20:30] Mary Harwood: He has voice
[20:31] EmilyOakridge: How would you like it if.....
[20:31] Kimkcreswell: He sounds like he was recently in time out and stuck in his aquarium, no frills.
[20:31] EmilyOakridge: That was my fave line
[20:32] Lynn Creswell: "Whales need . . . food when they want it!"  Me too . . .
[20:32] lynnelockhart: No frills, and no food when he wanted!
[20:32] Eric: Would have been hysterical to say "no krills"
[20:32] Lynn Creswell: heh,heh
[20:33] Laura d'Creswell HS: or no mysids
[20:35] Eric: I love this Peggy
[20:37] Mary Harwood: Please read the prompts again
[20:37] Lynn Creswell: Mary, here are the prompts
[20:38] lynnelockhart: When I first think of my issue, I think of...
[20:38] lynnelockhart: Next I think of...
[20:38] lynnelockhart: then it occurs to me...Now I wonder...
[20:38] Mary Harwood: Thanks, Lynne!
[20:39] Eric: You're doing fantastic!
[20:43] Mary Harwood: Argument let's kids know that what they think will be heard, even if we don't agree
[20:44] Eric: Easy to do
[20:44] Eric: Love it
[20:44] Mary Harwood: Don't you love presenting in 2L!
[20:44] Lynn Creswell: You are coming in loud and clear, though
[20:46] Kimkcreswell: I like students to learn correct, written ways to express themselves.  Argument is a skill, if done correctly. Thank you for more tools.
[20:46] LeslieMoitoza: Thanks, Peggy. Bravo again!!
[20:46] lynnelockhart: thank you, Peggy!
[20:46] PeggyGordonOakridge: Thanks Peggy
[20:47] Lynn Creswell: I am right here
[20:47] Lynn Creswell: I cannot seem to be heard tonite
[20:47] Mary Harwood: Welcome back, Peg. Nice job tonight.
[20:47] Kimkcreswell: Lynn R. did you get a new avatar
[20:48] Lynn Creswell: For the past 2 times I couldn't hear
[20:48] Laura d'Creswell HS: are creswell people supposed to go somewhere?
[20:48] Lynn Creswell: So I reinvented myself
[20:48] EmilyOakridge: Yes Peggy, great!  Thank you :)
[20:48] kholst: Stay here.  She needs to talk to us
[20:48] Kimkcreswell: oh, we were trying to communicate with you.  Glad to have you back.
[20:51] Kimkcreswell: true he is amazing
[20:51] Kendra Creswell: Agree
[20:52] Lynn Creswell: Super
[20:52] Mary Harwood: Hooray!
[20:52] Kendra Creswell: Yeah !
[20:52] Kimkcreswell: yeah, is that us?
[20:52] Laura d'Creswell HS: creswell isn't a school, though
[20:52] kholst: All Schools in Creswell?
[20:52] kholst: Exciting!
[20:52] Kimkcreswell: You are also amazing Peggy.
[20:52] kholst: Yes
[20:53] Lynn Creswell: THanks to both you and Todd for the opportunity.
[20:53] Kendra Creswell: Agree :)
[20:53] Eric: <praise>  Awesome stuff!
[20:53] Lynn Creswell: Hooray, Robert!
[20:53] Mary Harwood: Robert is great to work with.
[20:54] Kendra Creswell: Agree again :)
[20:54] Lynn Creswell: I would love that!
[20:55] Kimkcreswell: Do we have to sign up for Stellar? Or are we grandfathered in?
[20:55] Kendra Creswell: Thank you :)
[20:56] Kimkcreswell: Do We have to sign up? Or are we in?
[20:56] Lynn Creswell: I'm in....
[20:56] Kimkcreswell: Laura how about D. Handman?
[20:56] Kendra Creswell: I want to be in too :)
[20:57] kholst: Do we wait til fall or should we start now attending 2L on STELLAR days?
[20:57] Kimkcreswell: KK wants to be in please
[20:57] Eric: Seriously. You folks revive my love and respect for the profession!
[20:57] kholst: Goodie
[20:57] Lynn Creswell: I am very excited
[20:57] Mary Harwood: What an enthusiastic team to work with!
[20:58] Kimkcreswell: Do you have a set calendar.  Creswell 1 and 3?  2 and 4?  Wait and see? ??on Wed.
[20:58] kholst: Is Project Direct continuing next year also?
[20:59] Eric: It ill be found on the website
[20:59] Eric: By next week =)
[20:59] Mary Harwood: Thanks, Eric
[20:59] Eric: Woo hoo!!!  Parrrrrrr.....TAY!
[21:00] JaredCreswell: Sounds good!!
[21:00] Mary Harwood: Nothing more fun than getting together to "argue."
[21:00] kholst: Super!
[21:00] JaredCreswell: Thank you!
[21:00] Kimkcreswell: Thank you grant writers.  and peppy leaders.  You are the catalysts
[21:01] Kendra Creswell: Thank you so much!
[21:01] Kimkcreswell: good night
[21:01] Mary Harwood: Eric, can you capture the chat tonight?
[21:01] JaredCreswell: I'm in.  Good night!
[21:01] Lynn Creswell: Thank-you Peggy-good night!
[21:01] Kendra Creswell: Good night.  You too!