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posted Apr 15, 2015, 9:13 PM by Mary Harwood

Project STELLAR Second Life Chat April 15, 2015

ArthurConan Doyle:

Micah Sunshower Klatt: yes

Mary Harwood: yes

Bevoakridge: yes

CaileyOakridge: yup

EmilyOakridge: yes :)

run forest run: yes

lynnelockhart: yes, on the login page

lynnelockhart: Any workshop time would work for me, and there's no way to choose that. I truly have no real preference.

PeggyGordonOakridge: I can hear you. Sorry I am late. Had trouble logging in..  I do not see the survey?

KarenBatten: Scroll up for link to survey


Mary Harwood:

Micah Sunshower Klatt: yes

Micah Sunshower Klatt: :)

lynnelockhart: It's possible that we will already be starting the school year, depending on which calendar the board adopts. So I'm a maybe in late August...

Mary Harwood: We start very late this year.

lynnelockhart: There are a bunch of possible calendars in play.

lynnelockhart: It's on the agenda for the next board meeting.

EmilyOakridge: We typically have training that week.  The calendar should be decided soon..

EmilyOakridge: Yes, May.

BridgettOakridge: It is the 23 of this month

Mary Harwood: My summer is filling up with OWP!




Mary Harwood: Very interesting. Please send that link.

Tammyoakridge: yes I am here

lynnelockhart: Excellent resources: thank you!

Trudig: The kids really enjoyed the experience.

Katrinaburkhardt: VTS is applicable in all subjects!  I use it often to aid in comprehension...

Katrinaburkhardt: The museum experiences have been great.

Katrinaburkhardt: Being on campus was fun for the kids too!

KarenBatten: VTS has been a good reminder to teach Spanish by having students figure out the grammar themselves (like I used to) and not just tell them how it works (seems faster, but they don't understand and retain as well)

BridgettOakridge: I started to dismiss a student's answer to a question today and realized I wasn't looking from his perspective.  I remembered my VTS questions and asked what he read that made him say that.  It made for a much better experience for all of us

Bevoakridge: I've been reading the VTS book and  have just gotten thru the chapter where they talk about incorporating VTS into other subjects.  Very interesting!

lynnelockhart: I haven't been to a museum with kids, but my favorite part of VTS is the way it encourages kids to really listen to one another as well as closely observe.

lynnelockhart: That's the chapter I'm on also, Bev.

Bevoakridge: The students I was grouped with today picked out so many small details in the artwork that I wouldn't have expected them to notice had it not been for their VTS experiences in the classroom.

lynnelockhart: Way to go, Bridgett -- was it a To Kill a Monkingbird comment?

EmilyOakridge: I completely agree Karen; that is my experience with math as well :)

Katrinaburkhardt: I'm wondering if having the teachers use VTS with the art in the museum might be more meaningful?  It seemed like that was not the main agenda of the guides at the muesum.  The kids wouuld have more buy-in as well.

BridgettOakridge: It actually turned into a good answer once he explained his reasoning

KarenBatten: Yeah, VTS gets them to look closely, then they can figure out math, grammar, or whatever.  Cool, Bridgett.

Bevoakridge: I wish when I was teaching art that  I had known about VTS. What a great way to introduce an artist, the style, elements of art and design, etc.

PeggyGordonOakridge: I find myself using VTS questioning in our Second Steps program. It is pictures showing kids that are dealing with emotions, etc.

PeggyGordonOakridge: I loved the field trip today. I felt it was very well done.  They are all so excited to come back again. I like the small groups so they all could participate.

lynnelockhart: encourages them to observe body language?

BridgettOakridge: My experience was with a 7th grader responding to poetry

KarenBatten: Glad to hear about the field trip from you guys.  Excited about ours next week!

BridgettOakridge: me too

Tammyoakridge: It also encourages students to look at others points of view.

Katrinaburkhardt: The guides used VTS to an extent, but I feel we might have been better trained than they were.

Katrinaburkhardt: I could be totally off base.

KarenBatten: Yes, Tammy and Lynne, I like that it gets students listening to each other, and considering different points of view, too.

BridgettOakridge: It encourages teachers to look at others' viewpoints too instead of just looking for the right answer

KarenBatten: Yes!

Katrinaburkhardt: Going to the museum is worthwhile in it's self though!

Bevoakridge: Yes, I agree with that.  The guide we had did not use the same questions that we were taught.

Trudig: Yes the kids enjoyed the museum, but the guide for my group did not use a lot of VTS strategies,

Tammyoakridge: It is great to see how others are thinking

EmilyOakridge: Yes, it helps us all listen, really listen, to others' viewpoints!

PeggyGordonOakridge: I did hear comments from others in our group that they said the EI's were giving their opinions and not using the same minimal language (the three questions).

Katrinaburkhardt: They were way more knowledgeable about the art, of course :)

Micah Sunshower Klatt: I'm feeling a little envious, as I have not had the opportunity to bring kids to the museum.  Even in the classroom, I've not worked with more than 2-3 kids at a time.  I might try to incorporate it into my drama class :)

PeggyGordonOakridge: Gary was great.  I liked how he actually after VTS questions, he gave a little background (history) of the artwork which was bringing in some teaching, but it really added and made it interesting. OR they would tell about the artists.

EmilyOakridge: When we are teaching VTS in our classrooms, should we give history or artist information after?  Sometimes I would like to share the history, but I worry that we are then telling students that some of them were right and some of them were wrong.

CaileyOakridge: I would also eventually like to use it as a strategy to introduce ideas in World History, and I want to give them some info.

Bevoakridge: I have wondered the same as Emily.  Even if the students were just given an artist and title of the work.  Maybe encourage them to research it if they so desire.

PeggyGordonOakridge: Emily, I think it can do that so I was wondering about that too. Gary and the other EI did it in such a way to add..."it took the artist 25 years....

KarenBatten: Yes, Emily.  I think when we're teaching thinking, viewing deeply, sharing ideas, etc... then we don't bother looking into the art and artist.  That's not what it's about.  I think when we're teaching about the art, or history, or authors or artists, then we can use VTS strategies, but also connect to what we know and research to learn more.

PeggyGordonOakridge: Today it felt like we were kids in a candy store that could only smell the candy but not taste any of it.,,,,the kids were so hungry for more..

EmilyOakridge: Thank you for all of the feedback everyone!  :)

Bevoakridge: Me too! I wanted to explore more of the artwork!

ArthurConan Doyle: Is anybody using VTS to teach languages?

lynnelockhart: I use projected historical photos in class. We have a VTS discussion, and then I segue with a comment like, "what if I told you that this piece of art was created on..." and then kids revisit their assertions. For instance, maybe they realize that Lincoln is speaking at Gettysberg, and they revise their comments about the croud.

PeggyGordonOakridge: Yes Arthur in first grade...English new words, the kids read!

EmilyOakridge: I like that idea Lynne!

KarenBatten: We've done a little VTS in Spanish class with images.  I've done a more VTS approach for grammar teaching - for example, here's some writing, what is going on here?  Then they figure out the rules of the verb endings or the demonstrative adjectives or whatever.

lynnelockhart: oops *crowd*

EmilyOakridge: Arthur, we do try to incorporate new vocabulary.

Bevoakridge: By researching one of the VTS HS images, (the one with the plaster sculptures of people in a bar setting)  I found that I had actually seen one of this artist's original life-size sculptures in San Franciso. It was his Holocaust sculpture and was such a powerful experience to be standing in front of.

lynnelockhart: I'm walking a line between honoring VTS and doing my US history job.

KarenBatten: Oooh, I like that, too Lynne.  Right... here's what we think at first... then, ok, if we know a bit more of fact how can we think further about this... sounds good.

Micah Sunshower Klatt: I appreciate your use of mirroring in not just VTS with kids, but with your interactions with us. Clearly, there is a larger need for acknowledgement in building knowledge and relationships in this world.

Mary Harwood: Cool, Bev

KarenBatten: Yes, Micah.  I hear you saying that we all need to acknowledge each other more.  : )

EmilyOakridge: Yes Micah :)

Micah Sunshower Klatt: ha :)

BridgettOakridge: will the art pieces integrate more as well

lynnelockhart: I've been using History Alive visual thinking lessons for a number of years, and I'm just really used to merging into instruction. I use art and photos as "hooks" because they're engaging

BridgettOakridge: more geared towards subjects or eras in history etx

BridgettOakridge: etc

BridgettOakridge: that would be great


JSMAAF: stellar

BridgettOakridge: thanks...sounds fantastic

lynnelockhart: This evening on KLCC, there was a TED talk about writing and narrative. One writer spoke so eloquently, saying that there is never just one story that explains a person or experience. It made me think about my students' responses to some of the VTS HS images, which feature many non-white subjects.

lynnelockhart: Kids had some 2 dimensional assumptions; we all do, I suspect.

Bevoakridge: I LOVE NPR programs!! Pretty much the only way I get my news.

JSMAAF: Thanks, everyone.

KarenBatten: Thanks.  Nice session!

BridgettOakridge: thanks

Micah Sunshower Klatt: Thank you :)

EmilyOakridge: Great session!  Thanks to all :)

Bevoakridge: Thank you Arthurina for a good discussion and for the museum tour today. :)

lynnelockhart: Thank you so much, Arthurina and Peggy!

Bevoakridge: I can't wait to come back next week with the high school group.

Bevoakridge: I saw you spinning around Peggy!

Bevoakridge: Looked like you fell off of your stool.