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posted May 6, 2015, 9:36 PM by Mary Harwood

Second Life STELLAR Presentation with Katie Gillard Perspective/Point of View- Understanding Visual Literacy

lynnelockhart: Well, I'm eating dinner and don't want to spit sandwich on my screen...

Mary Harwood: Who, Peggy?

Duc Ewing: That's smart ;-)

PeggyGordonOakridge: I don't see anyone

PeggyGordonOakridge: s little green speaking signal or hear anyone....I will have to leave and return I guess

lynnelockhart: Your sound quality is unclear, Peggy (Ruby) at least on my tired Mac.

Bevoakridge: yes, a little bit of cutting in and out on the sound

lynnelockhart: and she's being menaced by a duck

Bevoakridge: for some reason , I can't sit on the stool. but I see others the same way

lynnelockhart: Who is Duck Ewing?

KarenBatten: I see you Peggy.  I can't hear anything.  There are yellow bars blocking me from walking any further.

Peggy Marconi: Karen, Try again.  I think Ulad just gave you permission to enter.

JaredCreswell: Thanks for letting me in...

lynnelockhart: Emily from Oakridge seems to be hovering in the sky, too.

KarenBatten: Nope.  Yellow bars blocking me.

Mary Harwood: Duck Ewing is pretty cute. Your work Ulad, or Tom's?

Peggy Marconi: Ulad is Duc ewing.

Mary Harwood: Very clever Ulda!

Mary Harwood: Ulad

KarenBatten: Thanks!  Oh, I hear somebody now, too.  Ah.

lynnelockhart: Emily disappeared

Peggy Marconi: Thanks Ulad.

lynnelockhart: Who are very cognizant Charlie and absolutely knowledgeable Sheila?

Duc Ewing: :-)

Johnie Lee Matthews III: hello all

Bevoakridge: Hi

Mary Harwood: Howdy!

Kendra Creswell: Very well.  Lots of calories :)

Brooke Armstrong: Free drink day at Dutch Bros!

Kimkcreswell: yes, they are sharing the love with posters, food, and coffee

CaileyOakridge: We've gotten great gifts from our classified staff.

Kimkcreswell: breakfast tomorrow, lunch on May 5

Kendra Creswell: Sounds fun.

Bevoakridge: I had too much trouble trying to dress just ONE avatar!

Mary Harwood: Bev, I hear ya!

Bevoakridge: My shoes are still funky but better than when they were 4 sizes too small!

Mary Harwood: We should get you some ruby slippers!

Bevoakridge: I would like that!

JaredCreswell: my hands seem stuck in the red pizza on my lap???

DanaHarriger: Is this STELLAR tonight

Mary Harwood: You wear red pizza, so well, Jared.

Bevoakridge: Yes, it is, Dana.

DanaHarriger: Okay perfect

Mary Harwood: Did you "uninvite" our griefers?

EmilyOakridge: Does that mean we won't have the entertainment we did last week ;)

Mary Harwood: Ooh! Good word choice!

DanaHarriger: Is antalking???

DanaHarriger: is anyone talking ha?

Bevoakridge: you mean there are people trying to crash our STELLAR party??

Katrinaburkhardt: any IT suggestions for choppy audio?

EmilyOakridge: Peggy is Dana.  It is choppy for me as well.

DanaHarriger: Im not hearing any speaking:(

JaredCreswell: I, too, have choppy audio only from peggy..

EmilyOakridge: Click on Peggy Dana

KristonMaloyHill: speaking is cutting in and out

LeslieMoitoza: Peggy is choppy for me as well.

Kimkcreswell: me too

EmilyOakridge: That must've been difficult to deal with Peggy!  Thanks for cutting down on the distractions :)

DanaHarriger: I'm not hearing anything at all

EmilyOakridge: There isn't any talking currently

Trudig: white noise

Mary Harwood: Ulad, some people are only seeing part of the chat (not comments from everyone.) Any suggestions? She restarted her computer already.

Peggy Marconi: I am having my own computer problems.  Sorry I keep breaking in and out.  Eric I may need youto intorduce Katie,when when arrives.

Bevoakridge: I don't know how to turn the sound on and off. I am hearing everyone, just a bit choppy at times

Mary Harwood: Peggy is sounding choppy tonight.

Mary Harwood: Go fotr it, Eric!

Kimkcreswell: yes

Mary Harwood: Yes

EmilyOakridge: Yep :)

KarenBatten: Yes

KristonMaloyHill: yes

Bevoakridge: I can hear her

LeslieMoitoza: Yes

Trudig: yes

PeggyGordonOakridge: Yes what?

Eric: excellent

DanaHarriger: I still hear nothing:(

KristonMaloyHill: we were asked if we could hear her

PeggyGordonOakridge: Nothing...I hear typing

Bevoakridge: Dana and Peggy G are not able to hear anyone's speech!

EmilyOakridge: Dana and Peggy, The talking is coming from Arthur Conan right now.

Mary Harwood: Dana and Peggy. Try quitting and logging in again.

EmilyOakridge: You guys may need to log out and then in again.

Mary Harwood: John Berger's Ways of Being?

EmilyOakridge: Yeah, what she said ;)

KarenBatten: Ways of Seeing

Mary Harwood: Thanks!

PeggyGordonOakridge: I did go out and restarted my comp. but will try again'

Mary Harwood: Peggy plug in your headphones befoer you log in

KarenBatten: First book we read in college (UC Santa Cruz)

Peggy Marconi: Mary, can you help Peggy G. and Dana.

Mary Harwood: I'll try, Peggy.

Mary Harwood: Never thought about connecting the point of view to the narrative in writing, but do it subconsciously

Mary Harwood: can you hear now, Peggy and Dana?

DanaHarriger: I can its really quiet but I can hear something now:)

Eric: Dana point at me....then the i when it comes up. you can adjust my volume

DanaHarriger: got it thank you

Eric: =)

Mary Harwood: Glad you can hear it, Dana!

Mary Harwood: Peggy Gordon, check your messages

Katrinaburkhardt: :)

EmilyOakridge: Goodness!  I appreciate all the effort you are all putting forth :)

lynnelockhart: She gave us something to think and contrast is like...

Kimkcreswell: 6th graders describing contrast

Brooke Armstrong: Tonight sounds like my last month and a hal, internet-wise. ;)

Brooke Armstrong: gah! half

Kendra Creswell: great visual :)

Johnie Lee Matthews III: very good examples

Bevoakridge: that's so funny. I just looked at a group of pictures posted on FB that was all about hilarious contrasts.

lynnelockhart: next up -- locusts

Bevoakridge: that sounds like my house with the dogs barking all the time.

Eric: =)

Eric: JR Ted Talk

Johnie Lee Matthews III: I see it

DanaHarriger: yep

kholst: yes.

Bevoakridge: yes


Eric: Thnks Lynn

Eric: Thanks Lynne

Mary Harwood: Falling?

lynnelockhart: suicide by bridge

Johnie Lee Matthews III: landing

Brooke Armstrong: under a bridge

Brooke Armstrong: urban

DanaHarriger: It looks like the body is under a bridge

Trudig: fell from a bridge

DanaHarriger: mob hit

Mary Harwood: Good one Johnie!

Johnie Lee Matthews III: thanks

PeggyGordonOakridge: drowning and then tide went out

Mary Harwood: hypothermia

lynnelockhart: burning napalm?

Johnie Lee Matthews III: college camping trip

kholst: is that fire to the side?

Trudig: homelessness

lynnelockhart: bad honeymoon

Mary Harwood: really bad

DanaHarriger: still going with mob hit

Mary Harwood: drowning, washed up on shore

Johnie Lee Matthews III: tire tracks?

DanaHarriger: body got washed up

PeggyGordonOakridge: Run over from a ship going out to sea

Mary Harwood: Stick to your guns, Dana

Trudig: hit and run

Kimkcreswell: run over on a boat ramp

Kendra Creswell: looks like by a beach

EmilyOakridge: Dozer tracks?!  Except not on body...

Mary Harwood: ?

Kendra Creswell: the edge of a cliff

DanaHarriger: hurricane

Mary Harwood: tree falling (or landing) on person

Trudig: tsumami

EmilyOakridge: knocked out by branch

Bevoakridge: earthquake

Johnie Lee Matthews III: ouch

Johnie Lee Matthews III: nightmares

Mary Harwood: ;)

DanaHarriger: then why is the tree not on top of the bady

Mary Harwood: This would be so great to do with students! Especially to cite eveidence.

Eric: Removed for resuce?

Eric: or rescue

Laura d'Creswell HS: no tree

Laura d'Creswell HS: tire tracks still dont make sense

Eric: tracks are a boat ramp

Kendra Creswell: lightening

Johnie Lee Matthews III: they must watch alot of CSI

Johnie Lee Matthews III: they are much more descenitized than when I was younger

EmilyOakridge: This would be great for the middle school aged ones.  Lots of embedded lessons!

Mary Harwood: Reminds me of the story of the blind men and the elephant. How they all "see" it differently by feeling differnt parts.

Katrinaburkhardt: totally

Mary Harwood: John Hilliard, cause of death

EmilyOakridge: Oh goodness :(

Mary Harwood: 911

kholst: 9/11

Bevoakridge: 9/11

EmilyOakridge: I didn't notice the date at first...just the plane.

Johnie Lee Matthews III: neither did I

Mary Harwood: Video is so powerful, lends itself to manipulating emotions. We notice how different news stations present a story differently. Some to tug at your emotions, some to tell the "facts."

Johnie Lee Matthews III: I agree

EmilyOakridge: Exactly...even video footage!

Mary Harwood: This is like when your 8 year old tells his/her side of the story.

Mary Harwood: You don't get the "full picture."

DanaHarriger: men returning from war

Mary Harwood: Veterans day of some sort

DanaHarriger: medals and injuries

Bevoakridge: crowd of people at some kinds of festival

EmilyOakridge: nice clothing for an important day

Katrinaburkhardt: it is a bit hard to see at this level of enlargement

Trudig: reunion in heaven.  look at the angel

Mary Harwood: Central america or south america

Kimkcreswell: perhaps t he angel is coming for the man, he is being welcomed to heaven

Brooke Armstrong: What's up with that angel girl?

PeggyGordonOakridge: hot air balloon in the back for a celebration?

Mary Harwood: RM?

KristonMaloyHill: makes me think of Wizard of OZ...

Bevoakridge: me too!

Mary Harwood: Turn of the last century, 1890s

PeggyGordonOakridge: Haha Kristen that is what I thought at first

EmilyOakridge: I thought so too Kriston!

Trudig: men in dresses

Mary Harwood: wealthy women, sour expressions

CaileyOakridge: reminds me of diego rivera's work

Kimkcreswell: bible or church material in hand

DanaHarriger: bible in one hand

EmilyOakridge: Church?

Johnie Lee Matthews III: men in good lookin dresses

DanaHarriger: or at least book with cross

KarenBatten: It is Rivera.  That's him and Frida.

KristonMaloyHill: love the ying/yang in the womans hand

CaileyOakridge: that makes sense!

Bevoakridge: reminds me of the rich ladies on the TItanic

DanaHarriger: there is also a ying yang symbol???

PeggyGordonOakridge: angry women in red white and blue...patriotic

GlendaGreen: One man is raising his hat with respect?

EmilyOakridge: Same trees as Oz pic

Mary Harwood: Mexican revolution?

Mary Harwood: A person from China

Kimkcreswell: being pushed away from the scene

EmilyOakridge: Chaos, danger

CaileyOakridge: pancho villa

DanaHarriger: agree emily

Mary Harwood: horse trampling

KristonMaloyHill: many cultures trying to occupy the same space

PeggyGordonOakridge: Now different countries represented...Looks like taj mahal in back, also Mexico....

Katrinaburkhardt: someone being shot

Mary Harwood: Good thought, peggy

PeggyGordonOakridge: What is up with trees going up

Mary Harwood: rich and poor mixing

kholst: chaos

Mary Harwood: very different

Mary Harwood: Wow!

Mary Harwood: RM: revolucion Mexico?

Johnie Lee Matthews III: this one looks like a huge version of the last supper with many more people

KristonMaloyHill: Yes Johnie...  but a lot more lively

Johnie Lee Matthews III: fiesta

Katrinaburkhardt: Ha!  I thought it looked like country fair from a distance!

Mary Harwood: Republic of Mexico

Mary Harwood: ?

EmilyOakridge: LOL Katrina :)

Trudig: nah mybe the world's fair.  everyone is too well dresses

GlendaGreen: The slides didn't look connected but they do as a whole. kind of

PeggyGordonOakridge: we can zoom in

GlendaGreen: I can't figure out how to zoom in

PeggyGordonOakridge: right click and choose zoom in

Eric: Camera Controls

Eric: Very cool

GlendaGreen: thanks.

PeggyGordonOakridge: like where's waldo ....looking for things

Johnie Lee Matthews III: nice peggy:)

Mary Harwood: Art, like the digital images, only show us what the artist wants us to see.

Mary Harwood: If we expect this sort of higher order thinking from our students, I think they can rise to the occasion, but we don't always ask it of them.

Johnie Lee Matthews III: One of my favs

Mary Harwood: brings out the voyeur in all of us

Trudig: isolation

Mary Harwood: You can almost feel her tension

Trudig: back off buddy

Mary Harwood: The tabloids are built in this type of voyeurism

Mary Harwood: I didn't know Edward Hopper did so many paintings

EmilyOakridge: The tabloids and some social media!

EmilyOakridge: Awww :)

Johnie Lee Matthews III: I challenge you guys and girls to you the word voyeurism 5 times in the classroom tomorrow

DanaHarriger: Awe that baby has to be cold:(

Johnie Lee Matthews III: ***use

Mary Harwood: Gregory Crewdson, brings to photos what Edward Hopper brings to paintings

Katrinaburkhardt: I accept.

KristonMaloyHill: that would garner a few calls from 1st grade parents...

GlendaGreen: Not using it in kindergarten!

Eric: =)

Trudig: only if 2 of my special friends are absent

Mary Harwood: :)

Trudig: oops

KristonMaloyHill: special friends? bah hahahaha

GlendaGreen: this is just so sad

Mary Harwood: I think I didn't use images enough with my students

Trudig: hmmmm!

KristonMaloyHill: Looks kind of like MC Hammer...

Mary Harwood: Lorna Simpson: text juxtaposed with images

Mary Harwood: A picture is worth a 1,000 words, but can we get our students to write that much?

Mary Harwood: Yes

Mary Harwood: Wpa, during the Deepression

Bevoakridge: heard about it on The Waltons

Mary Harwood: Good night, John Boy!

Mary Harwood: Truman?

Bevoakridge: I've seen every episode. lol

Trudig: I see a woman's body in th field

Mary Harwood: Timberline Lodge is a great example

Eric: Erosion to Mother Earth Laid Bare

Mary Harwood: California drought, anyone?

Mary Harwood: Scythe

PeggyGordonOakridge: Looks like a plow that is also a crane

Mary Harwood: Supine?

Mary Harwood: what is the plow/crane holding?

Mary Harwood: yoke?

Eric: yoke

Mary Harwood: When art worked

Johnie Lee Matthews III: looks like a spider in the sand

Mary Harwood: Lot's of WPA art in Northwest.

Johnie Lee Matthews III: awesome job

Mary Harwood: Wot! Woot!

Johnie Lee Matthews III: well done

PeggyGordonOakridge: Thank you so much

Mary Harwood: Tell her we are clapping

Trudig: no way look at the boob

Kendra Creswell: Excellent thank you.

GlendaGreen: thank-you!

Bevoakridge: Thanks Katie! Very thought-provoking images!

DanaHarriger: Thank you

KarenBatten: Thank you

Brooke Armstrong: That was very interesting! Thank you!

kholst: Great ideas and information

CaileyOakridge: Thanks!

LeslieMoitoza: Thank You!

EmilyOakridge: Given all the technical difficulties, it went VERY well! :)  Thank you Katie!

Trudig:  Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ;0

Mary Harwood: Katie welcomes your questions. Email:


Brooke Armstrong: Thank you and good nght!
Johnie Lee Matthews III: wonderful class
kholst: good night