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5.13.15 Arthurina Post Assessment Protocol for the STELLAR Grant

posted May 13, 2015, 9:05 PM by Eric Tuck

[2015/05/06 21:24] Trudig: I see a woman's body in th field
[2015/05/06 21:24] Mary Harwood: Timberline Lodge is a great example
[2015/05/06 21:25] Eric: Erosion to Mother Earth Laid Bare
[2015/05/06 21:25] Mary Harwood: California drought, anyone?
[2015/05/06 21:25] Mary Harwood: Scythe
[2015/05/06 21:26] PeggyGordonOakridge: Looks like a plow that is also a crane
[2015/05/06 21:26] Mary Harwood: Supine?
[2015/05/06 21:26] Mary Harwood: what is the plow/crane holding?
[2015/05/06 21:26] Mary Harwood: yoke?
[2015/05/06 21:26] Eric: yoke
[2015/05/06 21:27] Mary Harwood: When art worked
[2015/05/06 21:27] Johnie Lee Matthews III: looks like a spider in the sand
[2015/05/06 21:27] Mary Harwood: Lot's of WPA art in Northwest.
[2015/05/06 21:27] Johnie Lee Matthews III: awesome job
[2015/05/06 21:27] Mary Harwood: Wot! Woot!
[2015/05/06 21:27] Johnie Lee Matthews III: well done
[2015/05/06 21:27] PeggyGordonOakridge: Thank you so much
[2015/05/06 21:27] Mary Harwood: Tell her we are clapping
[2015/05/06 21:27] Trudig: no way look at the boob
[2015/05/06 21:27] Kendra Creswell: Excellent thank you.
[2015/05/06 21:27] GlendaGreen: thank-you!
[2015/05/06 21:27] Bevoakridge: Thanks Katie! Very thought-provoking images!
[2015/05/06 21:27] DanaHarriger: Thank you
[2015/05/06 21:27] Brooke Armstrong: That was very interesting! Thank you!
[2015/05/06 21:27] kholst: Great ideas and information
[2015/05/06 21:27] CaileyOakridge: Thanks!
[2015/05/06 21:28] LeslieMoitoza: Thank You!
[2015/05/06 21:28] EmilyOakridge: Given all the technical difficulties, it went VERY well! :)  Thank you Katie!
[2015/05/06 21:30] Mary Harwood: Katie welcomes your questions. Email:
[2015/05/06 21:30] Trudig: Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ;0
[2015/05/06 21:30] Eric:
[2015/05/06 21:31] Brooke Armstrong: Thank you and good nght!
[2015/05/06 21:32] Johnie Lee Matthews III: wonderful class
[2015/05/06 21:32] kholst: good night
[2015/05/06 21:33] Eric: gillard
[20:01] Peggy Marconi: Ulad is the black duck!
[20:01] Peggy Marconi: Okay. Ulad is going to make youa member of our group, and then you will be able to join the group.
[20:03] Micah Sunshower Klatt: thanks
[20:04] Eric: As a reminder...if you are not talking please turn off your speak button
[20:04] Trudig: voice is cutting in and out
[20:04] Robert: Having audio issues here. Hearing one out of few words.
[20:04] Micah Sunshower Klatt: same
[20:04] DanaHarriger: same
[20:05] Johnie Lee Matthews III: same
[20:05] KarenBatten: For me, too.
[20:05] Peggy Marconi: I do not have good audio tonight, so I am going to turn the program over to ARthurina.  Enjoy.
[20:05] Bevoakridge: yes, I can
[20:05] PeggyGordonOakridge: yes
[20:05] Tammyoakridge: yes
[20:05] JessicaEdgerton: Yup :)
[20:05] Eric: You bet
[20:05] KarenBatten: Yes, I can hear Arthurina
[20:05] Robert: I cannot
[20:06] DanaHarriger: I can not
[20:06] Trudig: thats better
[20:06] Robert: Better here
[20:06] BridgettOakridge: way better
[20:06] DanaHarriger: I can hear now too
[20:06] Micah Sunshower Klatt: better here too
[20:07] Peggy Marconi: Arthurina, is something going on at your end in the background. I am hearing an off noise.
[20:08] Peggy Marconi: Clear now!
[20:08] KarenBatten: Bev, do you still have our class writings?  (Or did you give them back and I have to remember where I put them?) :)
[20:09] Bevoakridge: Peggy had them but she said she will get them back to us before the post assessment
[20:09] KarenBatten: Thank you!
[20:10] Bevoakridge: I'll remind her to bring them back to me so I can get them to all of you teachers.
[20:10] Peggy Marconi: Thanks Bev.
[20:10] Bevoakridge: lol. that is your reminder, Peggy!
[20:13] CaileyOakridge: Do we have a paper copy of this scoring guide somewhere?
[20:14] Peggy Marconi: I will put it on my list to get from Arthurina.
[20:14] CaileyOakridge: Thanks!
[20:14] BridgettOakridge: does this mean we are going to be scoring all of the post assessments?
[20:15] KarenBatten: Is the scoring guide allowed to be shared with students?  I haven't shared it, but I've talked to the students about some of the things we're practicing and developing with VTS.  Is that ok?
[20:15] Bevoakridge: I don't believe that I have one in my files anywhere. I bet we can get one from Arthurina to make copies for all of you.
[20:15] EmilyOakridge: Sorry, I was late and now am confused.  Is there anyone talking?  Am I supposed to be doing something?
[20:15] KarenBatten: Arthurina is talking
[20:15] EmilyOakridge: Second Life decided it needed a bunch of updates :(
[20:15] Bevoakridge: She is explaining about the post assessment writings.
[20:16] EmilyOakridge: I hear her now!
[20:16] EmilyOakridge: Thank you!
[20:16] Peggy Marconi: No.  JSMA will score a selection of papers.  You will get both the pre and post tests back, so you and your students can see individual growth.
[20:16] KarenBatten: That will be interesting to see.
[20:16] EmilyOakridge: Yes, it wil :)
[20:17] Bevoakridge: I agree. :)
[20:17] BridgettOakridge: I think it will be fun and the students will enjoy it
[20:18] CaileyOakridge: I'm going to do pre-assessments with 7th graders assessments may not show much growth.
[20:18] Robert: Too bad you're not using six traits, which has been the Oregon standard for years.
[20:18] Bevoakridge: They will have a good idea of what to write about since they've had so much experience with the VTS discussion.
[20:19] PeggyGordonOakridge: Did we get this earlier and were we supposed to score this for the pre and then again for the post?
[20:19] CaileyOakridge: The 7th graders haven't done much (I think) so it should be new.
[20:19] Johnie Lee Matthews III: I will be wonderful prep for the Smarter Balance Writing Assessment
[20:19] Johnie Lee Matthews III: it
[20:19] PeggyGordonOakridge: Deadline?
[20:19] Peggy Marconi: No, we didn;t receive this earlier.  You were not asked to score the pre-assessment.
[20:20] PeggyGordonOakridge: Whew!
[20:21] Peggy Marconi: WE need to talk about a timeline.
[20:21] PeggyGordonOakridge: Yes, you have them
[20:21] DanaHarriger: I also did not score the pre assessment and I am not sure if I can remember where I placed them:( should I do it again?
[20:21] Peggy Marconi: Sure.
[20:22] EmilyOakridge: Dana, did you give them to Bev?
[20:22] Bevoakridge: Dana, you may have given them to me. I can't remember who all did.  I passed the on to Peggy so that JSMA could score them.
[20:23] JessicaEdgerton: I still have mine as well.
[20:23] DanaHarriger: I'm not sure either.  I haven't been able to locate them.  I did read them all at one point but I did mine later than everyone else because I missed the first training.
[20:23] Micah Sunshower Klatt: Mine were turned in after the pre-test
[20:23] Peggy Marconi: Would it be impossible to administer the post-assessment by next Friday.
[20:23] EmilyOakridge: It sounds like JSMA will be scoring the pre and post.  Is that accurate?
[20:24] Peggy Marconi: Yes.  that is accurate.
[20:24] EmilyOakridge: I could complete the post next week.
[20:24] KarenBatten: Bev, will you make and distribute the papers again?
[20:24] KarenBatten: I can do it next week, too.
[20:24] Trudig: I gave my pre- assessments to Kay so she could give them to Peggy.
[20:24] Bevoakridge: Yes, I can do that.
[20:24] Micah Sunshower Klatt: works
[20:24] DanaHarriger: yes
[20:24] PeggyGordonOakridge: Yes, it works for me.
[20:24] EmilyOakridge: Thank you Bev!
[20:24] KarenBatten: Thanks, Bev!
[20:25] Johnie Lee Matthews III: yup
[20:25] JessicaEdgerton: I am gone all next week but I can do it right away that next week if that's ok
[20:25] Peggy Marconi: Kay, gave me all of Lowell's tests, and Arthurina has them.
[20:25] Peggy Marconi: Sure Jessica.
[20:25] Trudig: Maybe, we are in the middle of stat testing
[20:25] JessicaEdgerton: I still have my pre-tests. What would you like me to do with them?
[20:26] Johnie Lee Matthews III: I will get it done
[20:26] Bevoakridge: Is is okay for the teachers to display the digital image as well as using the hardcopy of the image while they are testing?  the paper copies don't show us as well.
[20:26] Bevoakridge: THe details are not as clear and visible on paper.
[20:26] EmilyOakridge: What kind of timeframe are we going to give our students?  Are we trying to keep it them same as the pre?
[20:26] kaygraham: Jessica I can pick up your pre-tests and get them to Peggy
[20:26] EmilyOakridge: Good question Bev!
[20:26] Johnie Lee Matthews III: please repeat the question
[20:26] KarenBatten: Yes, can we get a copy of the digital image?
[20:26] PeggyGordonOakridge: yes Emily
[20:27] EmilyOakridge: Thanks Peggy :)
[20:27] Bevoakridge: I asked if teachers could show the digital image on the screen as well as the paper copy.
[20:27] EmilyOakridge: Sounds good, Thank you Arthurina!
[20:28] KarenBatten: Do we have access to a digital copy of that image? Or does someone have a link?
[20:28] Bevoakridge: we should have a digital image in our file list. I will check.  All of the HS at Oakridge use the  one with the family driving in the car and the breadline below it.
[20:30] EmilyOakridge: Bev created some for us :)
[20:30] Bevoakridge: :)
[20:31] Johnie Lee Matthews III: I have noticed more critical thinking and backing up their opinions with examples. One word answers are do not exist in my class anymore
[20:31] Bevoakridge: You're welcome.
[20:31] KarenBatten: I feel pretty confident with using the questions and wording them correctly... I sometimes struggle to remember and link and connect comments as much as I'd like.
[20:32] JessicaEdgerton: My kids are doing awesome at connecting their comments/thoughts with what others have already said.  And they no longer are scared to say their opinion now they have been reassured enough that there are no wrong answers.
[20:33] EmilyOakridge: Is my sound the only one that is super glitchy??
[20:33] KarenBatten: My sound is medium glitchy.
[20:33] EmilyOakridge: Thanks Karen :)
[20:33] Bevoakridge: My sound is pretty clear tonight.
[20:34] PeggyGordonOakridge: Just a note how it transferred to ocean animal reports.  One boy, when he showed a google slide show would point to each picture he had and would say, "this is a manta ray and he is gentle. I think he is gentle because he is not eating this guy's leg."....this happened with each slide.. I am not sure he got the idea of facts for reports but he had evidence for his thinking!!!
[20:34] KarenBatten: That's so cool. Peggy!
[20:35] Bevoakridge: He definitely enjoyed the VTS method!
[20:35] BridgettOakridge: I think it helps with teaching also.  I keep catching myself when I am about to dismiss a student's  response to a question.  Instead I back up and say what did you read that makes you say that.
[20:35] EmilyOakridge: I have done the same thing Bridgett :)
[20:35] GlendaGreen: My kindergartners are doing less repeating each other. They are looking very critically at the pictures and sometimes they are making some really great connections. They also seem to be okay with not agreeing with each other about what they see. They will say they see something different and why and that triggers someone else who might see something totally different or might agree with them.
[20:35] KarenBatten: So helpful to help us dig into a student
[20:35] KarenBatten: student's thinking, I meant to type.
[20:35] PeggyGordonOakridge: Me too, Bridgett
[20:35] DanaHarriger: I have been doing the same in our reading program.
[20:36] DanaHarriger: Asking what they have read that makes them say that
[20:36] Bevoakridge: That is so cool. VTS is changing teachers' way of thinking as well as students.
[20:37] EmilyOakridge: It still helps me in math class.  When we are looking at equations...and we just started decomposing rectangular prisms
[20:37] PeggyGordonOakridge: I find it so hard to bite my tongue and not help with the connections.  What are ways to do this by staying neutral?
[20:37] Robert: Great reading connection, Dana!
[20:38] Robert: And math, too, Emily.
[20:38] PeggyGordonOakridge: And staying with the same three questions.
[20:39] lynnelockhart: Sometimes I re-paraphrase what they've said
[20:39] Micah Sunshower Klatt: I also appreciate the reminder to ask for evidence, within math class, when explaining an answer to a problem, and to paraphrase what they have said.
[20:39] PeggyGordonOakridge: Yes, that makes sense.
[20:41] Presenter Arthurina Post-Writing Assessment: You do not have permission to use this viewer.
[20:41] Presenter Arthurina Post-Writing Assessment: You may request permission from the owner, by clicking the lock on the side of the screen.
[20:42] DanaHarriger: Yes
[20:42] Robert: Yes
[20:43] EmilyOakridge: I realize it may just be my internet, but is there anything I can do to help my glitchy sound?  I can't even follow the conversation :(
[20:44] Robert: Move east...
[20:44] PeggyGordonOakridge: I always have to go out and re enter
[20:44] ArthurConan Doyle: Change seat or location on the ground
[20:44] BridgettOakridge: it seems crazy but it seems to change based on location
[20:44] EmilyOakridge: Thanks all! I will try standing :)
[20:44] KarenBatten: I spin around.  I can hear better when I face backwards.  Seriously.
[20:45] Micah Sunshower Klatt: Pray to the God Aurelia :)
[20:45] Robert: Uhhh... I mean west.
[20:45] Eric: You can click Me in the menu graphics...slide quaility to "faster"
[20:45] EmilyOakridge: I can't tell direction anyway Robert ;)
[20:45] Eric: Might work
[20:46] Robert: I guess I can't either, Emily.. : )
[20:46] PeggyGordonOakridge: Do we get to come again next year?
[20:46] DanaHarriger: My kids loved it
[20:47] DanaHarriger: It was really great to see how interested they were
[20:47] PeggyGordonOakridge: I never got any feedback
[20:47] EmilyOakridge: Thanks Eric....I just did that.
[20:48] PeggyGordonOakridge: That is how we felt, ...not enough time.
[20:48] PeggyGordonOakridge: Even for 2nd and 3rd
[20:48] KarenBatten: It was a great visit.  We would definitely want to spend more time to let students linger and explore the art that called to them.
[20:48] BridgettOakridge: Whew! Thanks for the feedback, Peggy.  I was wondering what had been said about our group.
[20:48] Tammyoakridge: Thank you
[20:49] PeggyGordonOakridge: Thanks for the reminder....
[20:49] KarenBatten: Oooh... thanks for the reminder!
[20:50] KristonMaloyHill: Is there a flyer we can download and print for our families?
[20:51] Micah Sunshower Klatt: sounds awesome
[20:51] Robert: Excellent!
[20:52] KarenBatten: McKenna Hepperle got her piece in last year.  It was really awesome for her!
[20:52] Robert: Johnie, are you a little restless?
[20:53] Bevoakridge: I have seen some nice artwork over at the Oakridge Elementary building. :)
[20:55] JSMAAF:
[20:55] DanaHarriger: That sounds really good.  I'm excited to continue this next year.
[20:56] CaileyOakridge: Thank you!
[20:56] Bevoakridge: Thank you, Arthurina!
[20:56] KarenBatten: Thanks!
[20:56] BridgettOakridge: thanks
[20:56] PeggyGordonOakridge: Thank you
[20:56] DanaHarriger: Thank You
[20:56] EmilyOakridge: Thanks :)
[20:56] KristonMaloyHill: Thank you
[20:57] JSMAAF: Thank you!
[20:57] Trudig: Tank you
[20:57] Tammyoakridge: Thanks  so much
[20:57] lynnelockhart: Thank you, everyone!
[20:57] Micah Sunshower Klatt: Thank you, all!
[20:57] Trudig: ooops Thank you
[20:57] Eric: You guys are the best.  Love working with you.
[20:57] kaygraham: Thank you !
[20:57] JessicaEdgerton: Thank you!
[20:57] GlendaGreen: Thank-You!
[20:58] ArthurConan Doyle: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[21:00] Robert: Great job, Athurina!
[21:02] Eric: can you hear it now?
[21:02] Eric: now?
[21:02] Eric: now?