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Project STELLAR Chat - May 4, 2016

posted May 4, 2016, 9:17 PM by Mary Harwood

Project STELLAR Chat 5/04

Mary Harwood: Hello!

Kimkcreswell: as soon as I click activate it starts resounding.  The tech guys just spent time fixing my speaker

Mary Harwood: Give me a minute to seee if I can figure something out.

Kimkcreswell: I was just at a bulldog game.  my daughter got a home run

Virginia Petitt: Today is Star Wars Day:  May the 4th be with you!

Mary Harwood: And also with you. Oh wait, did I get that wrong?

BooksandMarks: The art bus was fun. My 3rd graders learned about Andy Warhol.

Vitaut Arabello: Trying to set up my sound...

Kendra Creswell: The art bus was fantastic!

JSMAAF: This is Arthurina from the JSMA. The art bus will be at the museum for Family Day on Saturday, May 21 from 12-3 p.m.!

Kendra Creswell: I had an extra big class and we brought our own chairs and clipboards and the students sat outside to work. They were so nice.

Bevoakridge: That's a good idea if the weather is favorable

BridgettOakridge: half of my juniors were on the bus today. I was told it was dead silent because everyone was so busy

Marylin Monroe: Some awful background noise... :-(

mrsdawndean: That sound is bad

Marylin Monroe: All but Peggy should turn off the button...

Marylin Monroe: ...[Speak].

Kimkcreswell: I hear someone talking about inside out all the time.  Your speaker is on

Marylin Monroe: Yes, I hear, too :-(

Mary Harwood: Rain or shine, they look for a newspaper and a cup of coffee, hoping for a friendly smile.

Bevoakridge: Hoping for a friendly smile, they arrive, rain of shine, looking for a newspaper and a cup of coffee.

Kimkcreswell: RAin or shine they arrive hoping for a friendly smile, looking for a cup of coffee and a newspaper

BooksandMarks: They arrive, rain or shine, looking for a newspaper, a cup of coffee, and a friendly smile.

annabalt: They arrived rain or shine and while looking for a newspaper and a cup of coffee thy hoped they would find a friendly smile.

Virginia Petitt: On both rainy and sunny days, coffee, newspaper and a friendly face are a welcome sight.

mrsdawndean: They were looking for a newspaper when it started to rain.  It was cols so they looked for a cup of coffee and also received a friendly smile.

mrsdawndean: opps cold

Kendra Creswell: The newspaper arrives rain or shine while I am having a cup of coffee from from someone with a friendly smile.

Olsoeric: Rain of shine they look for a newspaper and cup of coffee as they hope for a friendly smile.


Mary Harwood:

Kimkcreswell: Kendra and Kathi, now Janelle also

Mary Harwood:

Kimkcreswell: We use the pattern to help them start to learn to write argument with transitions

Kimkcreswell: They practice counter claims, and before this one we used the pattern to tell whether goldilocks was guilty of criminal mischief.

Mary Harwood: You guys are creative problem solvers!

Mary Harwood: Kim/Kendra

Mary Harwood: Sentence starters and paragraph frames can build confidence and skill. They are great! Just remember to take away the supports when they are ready to be independent.

Marylin Monroe: Reverberating...

Kimkcreswell: WE learned different types of evidence,

Virginia Petitt: uh-oh--brb

Kimkcreswell: Now they venture out and come up with their own transitions.  How do upper level teachers feel about kids using transitions?

Kimkcreswell: Janelle's adapted from the book and what students already know

BridgettOakridge: It's something they definitely have to learn

Mary Harwood: Best advice I heard for scaffolding skills: keep the supports in place as long as students need them to build skill and understanding, but also, REMOVE THEM as soon as you can!

JaredCreswell: Since I have sped kids, they seem to have few skills in using transitions...

Kendra Creswell: Kathi does a great job of using a transition menu for her special ed students.

Kendra Creswell: I can talk about that one

Kimkcreswell: Students were really bad at putting random claims in when told to use a quote in an essay.  We read the “you say, I say” to teach them to sandwich quotes.  We draw a sandwich, and they fill in the meat and bun.

kholst: The book has a great template on page 9 that compares to perspectives on an issue and uses quotes along with explanations of the quote

Marylin Monroe: How did it work?

Marylin Monroe: All right?

Mary Harwood: To enable the Built-In Browser: Go to "Me", choose "Preferences", choose "Set Up". Select the option "Use built-in browser for all links.

Virginia Petitt:

Mary Harwood: Click "Okay."

Mary Harwood: :)

Kimkcreswell: yes

BooksandMarks: yes

Marylin Monroe: Yes, as in the picture. However, you will be able to explore the resources even without this sequence. It is simply to stay in Second Life, to minimize tenporary alienation.

jocelynkaye: Yes

PeggyGordonOakridge: I am not sure how to get to that now, it is not really a link.

BridgettOakridge: it doesn't sound familiar

Marylin Monroe: Yes, it is not a link yet, wait...

Marylin Monroe:

Marylin Monroe:

Marylin Monroe: It is the link.

Marylin Monroe: http:// must be prepended.

Virginia Petitt:

Mary Harwood: http://

Marylin Monroe: Yes!

Marylin Monroe: Hmm..

Mary Harwood:

Mary Harwood: Phew!

Marylin Monroe: Yes, let us click on it.

Marylin Monroe: Did it open within Second Life window? Excellent.

Marylin Monroe: Mine is working.

Mary Harwood: Mine worked.

PeggyGordonOakridge: Working

Marylin Monroe: Perfecto.

JaredCreswell: like a charm!

Virginia Petitt:

PeggyGordonOakridge: Did we lose Virgina? Is anyone talking?

Marylin Monroe: I cannot hear anything.

Olsoeric: worked for me

Virginia Petitt: He was an old man, and he droned on as if he had all the time in the world.

PeggyGordonOakridge: old

Marylin Monroe: ancient

Chris Savage: rugged

PeggyGordonOakridge: elderly

Bevoakridge: aged

BooksandMarks: elderly

jocelynkaye: ancient

BridgettOakridge: elderly

Marylin Monroe: antique

Marylin Monroe: rusty?

jocelynkaye: aged

Janelle Creswell: far beyond in years

Jack: antiquated

Virginia Petitt: He was an old man, and he droned on as if he had all the time in the world.

ekgardner: ancient

BooksandMarks: world

Chris Savage: time

BridgettOakridge: man

Marylin Monroe: eternity

Marylin Monroe: eternity

Marylin Monroe: infinity

Jack: eons

BooksandMarks: infinite

BooksandMarks: ages

Marylin Monroe: endlessness

jocelynkaye: years

Chris Savage: seconds

Olsoeric: moments

Marylin Monroe: Cenozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozoic

Chris Savage: dude

Marylin Monroe: male

Olsoeric: human

Marylin Monroe: lad

BooksandMarks: gent

mrsdawndean: gentlemen

Janelle Creswell: male

Kimkcreswell: guy

Marylin Monroe: chap

kholst: gentlemen

Marylin Monroe: fellow

BooksandMarks: grandfather

Bevoakridge: gentleman

hollievi: guy

JaredCreswell: life form

Jack: being

Marylin Monroe: dude

kholst: pop

mrsdawndean: dude

BooksandMarks: world

Virginia Petitt: He was an old man, and he droned on as if he had all the time in the world.

dgordon: ruffian

Kimkcreswell: planet

BooksandMarks: Earth

Bevoakridge: universe

Janelle Creswell: planet

mrsdawndean: globe

JaredCreswell: orb

Marylin Monroe: soil

Olsoeric: geo-

mrsdawndean: planet

Marylin Monroe: humus

BooksandMarks: sphere

JaredCreswell: rock

Virginia Petitt: He was an old man, and he droned on as if he had all the time in the world.

Janelle Creswell: droned

kholst: drones

BooksandMarks: droned

kholst: had

Kendra Creswell: plods

dgordon: chatted

BooksandMarks: had

Kimkcreswell: mumbled

annabalt: shared

BooksandMarks: rambled

jocelynkaye: dragged

Virginia Petitt: He was an old man, and he droned on as if he had all the time in the world.

Bevoakridge: He was an elderly gentleman, and he blathered on as if he had all the hours in the universe.

Marylin Monroe: He was a dude and he chattered on as if he had the eternity in the Universe.

Janelle Creswell: He was an elderly gentleman and he rambled on as if he had all the moments in eternity.

BooksandMarks: The crusty sailor rambled on and on as if he possessed all the time on Earth.

Jack: He was an old soul, and he aspirated on as if he had all the eons in the world

jocelynkaye: He was ancient and he plodded on as if there were no days to count.

mrsdawndean: The dude was ancient, and he droned on as if had all the seconds in the atmosphere.

PeggyGordonOakridge: He was an ancient dude, and he rambled on as if  he had eons to spare.

Kimkcreswell: The ancient rambling dude thought he had infinite hours on the planet

Virginia Petitt: He was an elderly bloke, and he chattered  on as though he had all the time on the planet.

Kendra Creswell: He was a ancient gent, and rambled on as if he had all the years in the world.

Olsoeric: he was a elderly gentleman, and he persisted on as if he had all the eons in the globe

annabalt: He was an elderly hunk and he rambled on as if he had the possessed all the minutes on the planet.

PeggyGordonOakridge: I am with you and think it is fun too!

dgordon: The ancient sage droned on through the night explaining the history of the world.

Mary Harwood: I call them 7-Up sentences (seven words or more)

BooksandMarks: How apprehensive do you feel right now?

Mary Harwood: He grew apprehensive as the day of the exam drew near.

Bevoakridge: The dog was apprehensive about the thunderstorm.

dgordon: Feeling apprehensive I climbed the diving platform.

Kendra Creswell: I am feeling apprehensive about spelling apprehensive.

mrsdawndean: I was apprehensive to write a sentence.

Marylin Monroe: The teacher felt apprehensive entering the classroom.

Virginia Petitt: They were apprehensive about the new teacher

annabalt: I was apprehensive about washing my car.

Jack: I was apprehensive as I moved on.

dgordon: Feeling apprehensive, I climbed the diving board.

jocelynkaye: She was apprehensive when the game started.

JaredCreswell: Oddly, I didn't feel very apprehensive about the coming test

PeggyGordonOakridge: Apprehensive, she approached the zip line cable.

Virginia Petitt: pristine as the fifth word in a sentence: After the cleaning, the pristine windows reflected anyone who walked by.

PeggyGordonOakridge: seven words?

Kimkcreswell: "May the fourth be apprehensively with you ."

hollievi: The waters of the pristine lake were breathtaking.

BooksandMarks: Scrub the floor until pristine, and then do the dishes.

Janelle Creswell: The kitchen was in pristine condition before her mother came to visit.

mrsdawndean: The house was looking pristine after the president came to visit.

Mary Harwood: She hoped for a pristine operating room.

Olsoeric: The car was extremely pristine in the garage.

Jack: The elven grove was pristine.

jocelynkaye: Climbing the summit, the pristine lake lay below me.

Kimkcreswell: Rain spattered onto my pristine windows.

dgordon: The clear blue lake, pristine in every way, beckoned me to come swim.

annabalt: The Alaskan wilderness it pristine.

Kendra Creswell: My mom insisted on pristine counters and faucets in the bathroom.

mrsdawndean: My new car was pristine until I had a baby.

Chris Savage: I looked upon the pristine garbage patch and couldn't wait to hop in.  -Mr. Fly

jocelynkaye: Yes, I like the variety.

mrsdawndean: I think this is helpful

Kimkcreswell: very

kholst: Nice ideas

mrsdawndean: I think it would be fun for classes with in the school to set ideas for other classes.

Marylin Monroe: Enriching!

BooksandMarks: Yes and adaptable to all grade levels by choosing an appropriate vocab word.

JaredCreswell: I think my students will find it difficult, which I like!

PeggyGordonOakridge: I want to try it.  It lets kids play with words so they are not so scary.

Marylin Monroe: Yes, show me:

Mary Harwood: It almost feels playful. If it isn't a high-stakes activity, so kids will take risks.

Virginia Petitt: The old man stood in the grass and relaxed as the sun went down.

Virginia Petitt: The grass caressed his feet and a smile softened his eyes. A hot puff of air brushed against his wrinkled cheek as the sky paled yellow, then crimson, and within a breath, electric indigo.

kholst: You can visualize the scene

dgordon: personification

Mary Harwood: Doesn't tell you how he is feeling

BooksandMarks: more descriptive and detailed

jocelynkaye: more adjectives

Mary Harwood: Yes, but I think it allows us to bring the feeling to the sentence.


Virginia Petitt: The boy pulled a large fish out of the river.

mrsdawndean: I must go.  Thanks for the good work tonight.

Marylin Monroe: The large fish generously allowed the lucky boy to pull her out of the river.

PeggyGordonOakridge: The youngster lugged the salmon from the net in the cold river water.

Kimkcreswell: Thank you all I have go too.  I hope I do not bark at you next time.

hollievi: After quite a struggle with the squirming, slimy fish it finally snagged the line and caught hold.

kholst: Straining with all his might, the young and energetic youth lurched while pulling the scaly and silver fish out of the blue lake.

BooksandMarks: The sounds of rushing water echoed in the lad's ears as he stood knee-deep in the river. The pole bent and nearly pulled him downstream as he struggled to lift the heavy salmon out of the water.

Mary Harwood: The great  fish exploded from the water, pulled up by the nearly invisible tension of the line as the boy tugged mightily.

Chris Savage: The bull trout gasped for breath as it was taken, unwittingly from the brook, never to see its loved ones again.  The boy grinned from ear to ear and yelled, "I caught dinner!"

Bevoakridge: Gripping his fishing pole with all the strength he could muster, the lad heaved the huge catfish into the boat

JaredCreswell: The young lad, wet behind the ears, struggled with the silver large-mouthed bass that he had been fighting with all afternoon, finally heaving it into the boat with his last desperate grasp

dgordon: The young lad with his tattered overalls excitedly yanked on his bamboo pole to get his prize, a large bass.

Marylin Monroe: Impressive...

hollievi: great for descriptive writing

Bevoakridge: This was lots of fun. Thanks!

Mary Harwood: Great ideas, Virginia. Thanks for sharing!

PeggyGordonOakridge: Thanks so much

Marylin Monroe: It is here:

Virginia Petitt: You're welcome! Thanks for playing along!

Mary Harwood: Next date:

Mary Harwood: When?

kholst: Wonderful class!  Thanks!  Good night.

jocelynkaye: Good night.

Chris Savage: Night

Mary Harwood: Keep posting in the Teacher e-log

Janelle Creswell: Thank you! goodnight!

ekgardner: Thanks! Fun resources tonight!

Marylin Monroe: Best wishes to you, Mrs. Harwood.