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STELLAR Chat 01/31/17

posted Feb 1, 2017, 7:30 PM by Ulad Slabin   [ updated Feb 16, 2018, 9:38 PM ]
 JillBohemia: Good evening!
 BethanyCreslane: Hi everyone
 Vitaut Arabello: Heello!
 JillBohemia: I am going to log off for a moment so that I can watch the videos from Yoon.
 JillMCreswell: good evening
 Virginia Petitt: Uh-oh, I didn't rekceive the videos
 Vitaut Arabello: BTW, one can watch online videos right here in Second Life without switching for an external browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.). One should only enable the built-in browser...
 Virginia Petitt: Ulad, do you happen to have the links?
 Vitaut Arabello: To Yoon's videos/ No, only her presentation in this big board.
 Virginia Petitt: OK, thanks
 Vitaut Arabello: Yoon might have sent them out but I did not receive anything.
 Virginia Petitt: I don't think I'm on the email list
 Vitaut Arabello: OK, perhaps, I will have a seat...
 Vitaut Arabello: Have been standing in the office all day :-(
 MariaCreswell: I do not hear anything
 Carmen CGHS: no sound here either...
 KHawks: no sound here either
 Autumn Maker: nor I, perhaps not started yet?
 Sandy: I hear typing
 Vitaut Arabello: Yoon wrote in her email: "Teachers are doing a video assignment on their own from 7-7:20. 7:20, we'll all meet on 2nd Life and class will end at 8pm." So no wonder that nobody is talking. This is how i understand.
 Amanda Roberts: ok
 MariaCreswell: Thats right, I forgot
 Virginia Petitt: Ok, thanks!
 Virginia Petitt: Ulad, can you please ask Yoon for the videos?
 Vitaut Arabello: Yes, I 'll email her...
 YoonKO: Hi here are the video links.
 Vitaut Arabello: Good! Have just emailed, LOL.
 YoonKO: I had asked the teachers to watch the 1st 7 minutes of each and then to come back to 2nd Life at 7:20.
 YoonKO: "As you watch, jot down where you see examples of student thinking that are necessary for argumentation. Also jot down how the facilitator supports that kind of thinking through her paraphrasing. Be specific. "
 Virginia Petitt: thanks!
 chuckjamesdaniel: Good Evening
 Vitaut Arabello: Good evening, Chuck!
 Vitaut Arabello: Yoon, how is your sound? Is everything fine?
 YoonKO: We'll be starting in 5 minutes.
 YoonKO: I think my sound is ok.
 YoonKO: Thank you for checking.
 Sandy: can someone say something so we can check our sound?
 Sandy: Yes, thanks
 Vitaut Arabello: Sound OK.
 YoonKO: great
 chuckjamesdaniel: Can't hear you
 YoonKO: chuck can you hear me?
 MariaCreswell: I turned your volume up, are you talking now?
 Amaranto Barbosa: Yoon, you can take the mike closer.
 chuckjamesdaniel: we can't hear you.  volume is all the way up
 MariaCreswell: hardly
 YoonKO: I'm speaking now.
 June2727: i can hear you
 Vitaut Arabello: I can hear, everything is fine.
 chuckjamesdaniel: There we go
 Vitaut Arabello: Good!
 Virginia Petitt: I can hear
 YoonKO: Starting  :  _
 YoonKO: :  )
 MariaCreswell: I can hear you, but it is super bad quality
 June2727: Maria click on her profile and you can turn her up
 MariaCreswell: I already did
 Vitaut Arabello: You can Skype me "uladzimirs" and listen to SL via my comp.
 deborahcreswell: much better
 MariaCreswell: It's ok, its just bad quality but I can hear
 MariaCreswell: Thank you!!!
 JillBohemia: Using text evidence to support a response
 Sandy: In sixth grade we emphasize citing evidence to support the answer to a question
 JillBohemia: I teach first grade and I am referring to when we are talking about comprehension
 Sandy: mostly
 Sandy: we use this in social studies and language arts
 Sandy: Science maybe
 Shafonda: ive used it in art class
 Shafonda: Is it okay to prompt by telling them that we need more adjectives
 DeanCreslane: 4th grade - use evidence from the story to support your answers in reading comprehension
 Autumn Maker: SOO Wiggly!!<3
 NikkiBohemia: they are saying things like I agree because or I disagree because
 Shafonda: waiting and asked for more evidence
 JillBohemia: elaboration, wait time for students to articlulate
 MariaCreswell: She was pointing a lot
 Autumn Maker: They were identifying concrete items to explain WHY they think and given thing.
 MariaCreswell: lots of wait time

 GabeCGHS: When asked "what makes you say that", it's simple things like I see sand so they're at the beach, but they are giving evidence.
 Sandy: The kids were using details, the santa comment and he carries a bag
 Autumn Maker: The background is tan and they have a towel and one with no clothes = beach
 JillBohemia: one student said no, not that one when she was pointing
 Shafonda: yes, the girl who answered the outfits/clothing made her think of the circus
 Sandy: The blue was water to some, but sky to others.
 Sandy: The little kids brought in prior knowledge with sand, sky/water, Santa, circus for example
 BethanyCreslane: They would use words like "it seems like..." or "it reminds me of...."
 BethanyCreslane: 12th graders
 NikkiBohemia: whispers: If the children don't offer where they think the people are, is it OK for the teacher to ask the class
 NikkiBohemia: did not mean to whisper :)
 Shafonda: how come the boat in the background has beaver colors on oregon flags
 Sandy: I think it is ok at times. If the setting was important to the purpose of doing the VTS lesson
 Shafonda: adhd moment
 Sandy: Beavers won the other day
Vitaut Arabello: Have no idea how to whisper... but I would like to.
 GabeCGHS: It's not the rule, but if I have crickets, I'll break the rule to continue discussion.
 Shafonda: i think asking for more makes them think
 GabeCGHS: And Go Ducks.
 Autumn Maker: And it seemed to remind rest of students of the ENTIRE scene
 Sandy: The kids also agreed or disagreed with one another, in a respectful manner
 Shafonda: yes, by stating this again kids feel safe to state what they see. I also have them think, pair, share-that way they have something and someone else knows what their thoughts are.
 Sandy: This goes back to one of the initial premises that there is no wrong answer
 Shafonda: that way kids seem more confident in offering different views.
 MariaCreswell: I have not seen a high school class in a long time! The were super articulate
 GabeCGHS: They were certainly A.P. :)
 Autumn Maker: Symbolism = magnifying glass of childhood (curiosity, fascination) vs. the wedding band of maturity…
 GabeCGHS: He got out of the way in his pacing and let the kids finish their thoughts.
 Autumn Maker: Teacher then gave great summary using entirely different professional language
 JillBohemia: Difference in perspective with traditional male and female roles
 JillMCreswell: teacher pointing out connections; purpose; element of irony
 deborahcreswell: They've been taught the academic lingo
 Sandy: Kids used prior knowledge and the comments about the magnifying class and irony
 Sandy: One also mentioned the social classes of those who clean
 BethanyCreslane: Students also connected to their own prior knowledge, which was much more advanced.
 MariaCreswell: Well I work with 3rd graders, they don't use that much advanced vocabulary. They could really back up their thinking. They also looked super deeply into the picture.
 JillBohemia: The argumentation that was happening with the male and female students in their perception of the image
 Autumn Maker: I thought this was a concrete example of kids having evidence and then the teacher rephrased this observation using phrases like, "Connection of the relevance of the magnifying glass to artist's intent"
 GabeCGHS: I meant he wasn't quick to start talking during pauses in the students speaking. He would wait to make sure they were finished.
 Sandy: Students also looked at the text and size of the text and the magnifying glass and the woman's eye
 Shafonda: they were really deep. loved it. and most brought other experiences into the explanation.
 MariaCreswell: Is the mic moving a lot? I hear a lot of movement and muffled talking
 Amaranto Barbosa: Yes, there are some movements heard...
 Shafonda: muffled
 deborahcreswell: When the students used words like propaganda and used literary language, but sometimes I think they're anticipating what they think the teacher might want to hear.
 Shafonda: he was stiff and looked really uncomfortable. liked how he paraphrased though
 Autumn Maker: Yeah, but kiddos also love to talk about how the world may be manipulating them, ideas of classism & control
 Sandy: a little past the 7 minute mark, a student saw this picture as a social commentary
 Shafonda: can we target a specific area prior to the students sharing? For example,
 Sandy: he said that this was a commentary about what a mess our society has made of the world
 Autumn Maker: When we are doing VTS it think she means
 Shafonda: in art, we may be studying line and I want them to look at how line has an impact on the piece of artwork and defend their ideas
 Shafonda: could it be an afterthought?
 Autumn Maker: We looked at a graphic novel and I asked them to defend how color in art affects mood, but they could think what they wanted...
 Shafonda: nice Autumn
 Shafonda: got it, thanks
 Shafonda: thank you,
 Autumn Maker: Thanks! Those were cool videos
 Sandy: thanks
 JillBohemia: Thank you Yoon!
 deborahcreswell: I always enjoy it when you present!  Thank you!
 Shafonda: Angela, im going to eat fudge
 JillBohemia: I wished I could have seen the image in the second video.
 Virginia Petitt: Thank you!
Carmen CGHS: thank you
JillMCreswell: Thanks & good night
Vitaut Arabello: Thanks, Yoon!
Shafonda: you too
GabeCGHS: night
KHawks: Thank you! Good night!!!
chuckjamesdaniel: It's good to see other ages respond.  Goodnight
YoonKO: yes - totally agree Chuck!
KHawks: I will eat the fudge too
YoonKO: Good night and thank you!