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Second Life Chat 3/02/16

posted Mar 2, 2016, 8:56 PM by Mary Harwood

Vitaut Arabello: Yes, just type "CATE" or "cate" in the command line, then "Enter" - and you are back here.

Kimkcreswell: Thanks

Mary Harwood: Wow!

Mary Harwood: Almost makes me want to go get a 2nd one.

Kimkcreswell: not seeing the speech bubble above head.  so I am sure typing is my mode I am still enjoying the conversation

Mary Harwood: Wel, Kim, I think your new 'do looks amazing. Very glamorous.

Vitaut Arabello: Robert, hello!

Kimkcreswell: i am game.   If I do not return by the end of class, teleport me home.  I will trust you all.

Mary Harwood: Robert, you look like someone who is up for some adventure.

Robert: Greetings!

Robert: You bet, Mary! And my mic is off!!

Robert: I do not.

Vitaut Arabello: Very medieval, Robert! Knight Richard.

Mary Harwood: I wish I had one of these for reading groups

Kimkcreswell: I need this for my classroom so will always have enough desks.

Kimkcreswell: fancy hair without any fuss

Mary Harwood: I love 2L  hair!

Kimkcreswell: decaf please

Robert: Herb tea

Mary Harwood: The Ulad Cafe

Mary Harwood: LOL

Mary Harwood: I'm going wiht coffee

Kimkcreswell: hi kendra, click on the stool and a chair will appear

Kendra Creswell: My computer didn't get fixed rights so I still cannot see.

Kimkcreswell: I am right behind you kendra.  You can follow me

Kendra Creswell: I wont' be able to see anything when I get there :)

Mary Harwood: CATE

Kimkcreswell: true, I will take pictures for you

Kendra Creswell: Thank you Kim

Kendra Creswell: That was fun :)

Robert: Yes!

Vitaut Arabello: Dear colleagues,

tonight we are going to visit some interesting places, occasionally with educational potential.

When you click on a link from the list below and then in the pop-up window click “Teleport” button, you will be instantly teleported to the destination:


Machu Picchu:

USMP 3D (166,51,22)


Paris, Eiffel Tower:

Paris Eiffel (0,69,23)


Moscow, Kremlin:

Moscow Island (144,155,21)


Amsterdam, Railroad Station:

Amsterdam (129,165,25)


London, Big Ben and Tower Bridge:

London City Gateway (103,193,24)


Oregon State University:

Oregon State University (202,114,31)


Holocaust Museum / Kristallnacht:

US Holocaust Museum1 (1,35,28)