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STELLAR Chat 05/29/2018

posted Jun 6, 2018, 3:34 PM by Ulad Slabin
Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Hello!
Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): I am ready for summer!
Jmacrae: I think I am here
Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): I say that as I am planning to teach a blended classroom next year.
Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): k/1
Jmacrae: It says I don't have permission to use this
Jmacrae: So how do i fix
Jmacrae: yes
Jmacrae: Am I seated?
Peggy Marconi (ruby.flanagan): Yes!
Jmacrae: thanks
toddgrassman (tgrassman): One day in with kids, good so far!
  Jmacrae: It says may 26th  don't you mean 28th?
  Jmacrae: 29th?
  Vitaut Arabello: :-)
  vdavis360: I have been able to hear you guys talking, but Peggy's voice cuts out here and there like last time.
  Peggy Marconi (ruby.flanagan): Yikes. I will check my speakers.
  Vitaut Arabello: Hello Tami!
  TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Hello.
  tmeinzen: Hi, I did not forget this time.
  Vitaut Arabello: Peggy, we have just heard you, all right.
  Vitaut Arabello: Yes!
  tmeinzen: Thanks for the reminder!
  Lori Barrong (lbarrong): I can
  Jmacrae: I can
  tmeinzen: I can
  vdavis360: yes, I can
  Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): Yes!
  Vitaut Arabello: All systems go.
  vdavis360: Much better than earlier!
  Jmacrae: I included three who did not take the pretests
  Jmacrae: YES  I used new numbers..
  Jmacrae: THanks.   I thought I missed one.
  Jmacrae: Missed one feedback
Jmacrae: Thanks
  Jmacrae: you cut out a bit but it is still mostly understandable.
  Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): Peter is a fabulous teacher of teachers!
  TamiBloom (twentybuck7): You were talking about OBA
  TamiBloom (twentybuck7): I have really loved all of the work I have done with VTS, sign me up!
  vdavis360: I'm still getting cut out as well.
  TamiBloom (twentybuck7): No worries, I get that!
  TamiBloom (twentybuck7): \
  TamiBloom (twentybuck7): \
  Jmacrae: You are cutting out.
  Vitaut Arabello: We the VTS users are simple, but not simpletons :-)
  Jmacrae: A lot of noise interference.
  Inga  PHHS (iperham3): I am also hearing extra noise between words.
  Jmacrae: America is not agreeing, but argument can help understanding;
  Jmacrae: It was fun
  Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): Looks like what Anthony Bourdain eats!
  TamiBloom (twentybuck7): When you say "frames" what are you referring to?
  TamiBloom (twentybuck7): I was thinking the other guy...the bald one.
  Jmacrae: Because it is cutting out, hard to follow.
  toddgrassman (tgrassman): It wasn't me. Someone else's good idea.
  TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Peggy, have you ever had those "frames" written up in a document to use as a reference? I recall these from STILTS last year a bit.
Jmacrae: I start out with young students making posters together with text evidence to support themes (9th graders).
Vitaut Arabello: ... unfortunately does not open.
Jmacrae: Then they are able to do it on their own when writing argument.
  Jmacrae: You did not see what I wrote before this.
  Vitaut Arabello:
  Jmacrae: This is all great, but I thought teachers were going to share tonight.
  Vitaut Arabello: As you click on this link, it  takes you to the page, whether in your default browser or in SL built-in browser.
  Vitaut Arabello:
  Jmacrae: But you asked us specifically to bring ideas tonight in an email
  Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): I was wondering if anyone else noticed that the lesson pictures on VTS changed sometimes each week. New pictures appeared.
  Vitaut Arabello: I am listening :-)
  Jmacrae: I said earlier to break down the idea of kids working together to find evidence and moving toward finding it on their own.   This is with actual essays and other literature.
Jmacrae: I am talking about kids find themes in literature,  then in groups find evidence for those themes, and then on their own are able to do it in essays.
  Jmacrae: yes
  phbillies5: That is a great idea.
  Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): what age group do you work with?

TamiBloom (twentybuck7): That is a great method for working with theme! My 6th graders struggle with that...its so abstract for them.
Jmacrae: We discuss it as a class brainstorm......
vdavis360: Our 2nd grade class has had some great discussions and have improved at listening to each other's ideas. We did a whole group Venn diagram to compare/contrast elements of 2 pieces of art.
Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): Wow!
vdavis360: They have also come up with a fictional story to go with the art.
Jmacrae: Sometimes I refine the ideas a bit.  They might say love is a theme and we talk about in what way so I add words.
tmeinzen: Jan, do you get buy in from all the students? I struggle with kids taking this seriously.
TamiBloom (twentybuck7): That is a good lesson. I might use it to compare a couple of the art images we have looked at already. The 6-8 1st year has had a few really fun ones.
ecdanna: Our 4th graders have been able to use more descriptive language when analyzing the artwork as well as listening to one another and using others ideas to expand off of
tmeinzen: Peggy, I think for high school history students it would work better if I used historical images, is that acceptable? If the process is the same? 
tmeinzen: OK, will do.
Vitaut Arabello:
Jmacrae: I may not use the VTS wording. BUT I do let them expand on the initial idea.
vdavis360: Will we still have free access to the VTS website after this program ends, or will we need to pay for a subscription?
vdavis360: Oh good!
Vitaut Arabello: Virginia is going to present after this slide.
Jmacrae: That is nice to know.  Are you going to add high school?
Jmacrae: I get that.   However, I think my students could see the label of the grade.
Vitaut Arabello: Is it the first?
TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Umm..totally random! My kids are watching that movie right now. Charlotte's web. :-)
Vitaut Arabello: Here it is! Took time to find.
toddgrassman (tgrassman): Yes
Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Yes
ecdanna: Yes
Vitaut Arabello: Good voice quality!
tmeinzen: Ah Summer, so much good intent.
Jmacrae: That sounds interesting actuallly.
  TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Fern
  Jmacrae: cool
  Vitaut Arabello: The 360-panoramic images you mentioned, Virginia, are great. I am making such, too. Here is a spherical panorama of Vordun Museum in Second Life: We can make it interactive.
  tmeinzen: Vordun or Verdun?
  Vitaut Arabello: The owners call themselves Vordun. I do not know what it means.
  Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): 
tmeinzen: Oh yes, we have seen this!
  Vitaut Arabello:
  Vitaut Arabello: With some adjustment, it will work.
  Vitaut Arabello: I see "Ideas to get you started..."
  Vitaut Arabello: ...with Thinglink.
  tmeinzen: Virginia, can you show us where the links lead?
  Vitaut Arabello: Here it is:
  Vitaut Arabello: or , which is longer.
  tmeinzen: Hmmm, the Thinglink site does not show anything other than the topics, maybe I have slow internet?
  Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): I just realized the last Thinglink on the Google site was not working. If you refresh your in-world browser  (top left of page) it shows up at the bottom of the Google site
  Vitaut Arabello: Yes, required me to "Accept", "Accept"...
  Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): Irritating, I know. Sorry!
  tmeinzen: Can you click on the links for us in the screen?
  Vitaut Arabello: Here it is:
  Vitaut Arabello: or , which is longer. Also see above.
  Peggy Marconi (ruby.flanagan): Great for a book review.
  vdavis360: I like the photo of the books with the story summary pop-ups. It would be a better way to get students interested in a book as opposed to books just sitting on a shelf.
  Vitaut Arabello: One can open it in your default browser (Firefox, Chtome, etc.) or in SL built-in browser (if installed in SL settings).
  Inga  PHHS (iperham3): I have found that tools like Thinglink are great to use when you want some project based learning.  You need more than five minutes to develop your ideas.
  Vitaut Arabello: Anyway, i tried Greek gods and goddesses on Thinglink.
  Vitaut Arabello: Great resource!
  tmeinzen: Well, as a more creative alternative to Slide Shows.
  toddgrassman (tgrassman): We used it once to create an interactive map of the Oregon Trail.
  tmeinzen: How did that work?
  phbillies5: We used it to go deeper into animal life cycles.
  toddgrassman (tgrassman): Students placed a button for a landmark on a map of the Oregon Trail. From there, they could add images and descriptions of landmarks.
  vdavis360: Thank you!
  toddgrassman (tgrassman): Thanks!
  phbillies5: Thank you!
  Lori Barrong (lbarrong): Thank you!
  TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Thanks everyone.
  Inga  PHHS (iperham3): Good night.
  tmeinzen: Thanks so much..
  Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): Thanks everyone!
  Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): Thanks for sharing your ideas!
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  Vitaut Arabello: Check our recordings at