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STELLAR Chat 05/30/17

posted Jun 1, 2017, 3:38 PM by Ulad Slabin   [ updated Feb 16, 2018, 9:36 PM ]
Sandy: Nikki, say Hi to Cora for me. :)
NikkiBohemia: Will do!
NikkiBohemia: Peggy, Jill Middleton & Katherine Hawks might not be joining us tonight. They are having technical issues with their computers. I will relay info to them if they do not end up attending.
Sandy: busy is an understatement!
June2727: I will give Marie the information. She is having issues.
Sandy: Monday I think
Sandy: Maybe they came back today. Our choir teacher was out today
June2727: I can hear you
Sandy: no problem
Vitaut Arabello: Fine!
FrauSchaefer: yes
NikkiBohemia: this is Shafonda and my com;uter will not download the new version without tech admin ok. so I am Nikki's and doing this with her. I
Peggy Marconi: Good problem solving.
NikkiBohemia: time period
Sandy: family
Autumn Maker: Noticing culture clues?
NikkiBohemia: experience maybe
Autumn Maker: What makes you say "old times"
Autumn Maker: That's my real name :)
Autumn Maker: Right, she is noticing clothes, bonnet, chicken etc.
Sandy: so you are thinking about an animal that can be riddem
FrauSchaefer: You're suggesting that the figures are animals that are similar
Sandy: without a picture
Autumn Maker: What is the benefit of labeling this framing?
Sandy: we might use it to narrow down what the idea is that the kid is trying to get across
NikkiBohemia: Would framing help with other students' thinking and encourage them to make a response?
FrauSchaefer: I think it allows to inspire the process of thinking versus accepting / locking specific answers and accepting them as "truths" ...
Sandy: I think it would also inspire kids to offer alternatives, then they are respectfully commenting on the thoughts of others
NikkiBohemia: Shafonda here: I think it inspires students to dig deeper with their views.
NikkiBohemia: Shafonda: HI
Autumn Maker: Great thoughts!
Sandy: you are noticing the children on swings, then drawing our attention to the background of the picture

Autumn Maker: So you are noticing the actions that are happening in the foreground and noticing the background..
Sandy: good idea Autumn
NikkiBohemia: Shafonda: So you recognize the building is an apartment building. What makes you say that it's an apartment?
Autumn Maker: are we looking for better framing or more?
Sandy: not only is the facilitator framing with words like "you are seeing..." and You are looking closely..." then she paraphrases the student talk.
DeanCreslane: The facilitator is asking for evidence from the student
Sandy: Then she asks what makes you say that...
Autumn Maker: She mentions the positions of their body, not just that they are blocking, which moves your eyes to their movement and whole body...
Sandy: she is drawing attention to focus on the arm or lack of arm, this opens up for further comments from other students
Autumn Maker: She's using really specific language to the space and item the student is talking about (left arm + front side)
NikkiBohemia: She is bringing everyone's attention to the space beneath the figures. She is using the word "beneath". That is a word that possibly be new to my 1st graders.
NikkiBohemia: The student has realized that most likely the arm is there, but it just can't be viewed in this particular angle of the photo.
Sandy: even if it is a different student, the discussion is building on what was previously stated
Autumn Maker: Seems like they are zooming in and in on the picture to really dissect meaning and justifying their conclusions with evidence
Autumn Maker: I really loved the part where it brings other viewers in the class to notice parts of a piece without assuming meaning (i.e. notice the foreground, but not that it's a donkey)
NikkiBohemia: framing seems to direct everyone's attention to a particular aspect of the picture and thus promotes additional comments by the same student or additional students.
Universal Actor: Thank you, Yoon!
Vitaut Arabello: Thank you, Yoon! Perfect framing, both VTS and temporal :-)
FrauSchaefer: Thank you for this lesson! I liked the ideas for framing:)
Marylin Monroe: Thank you Yoon! Very informative.
NikkiBohemia: Shafonda: what would you like us to do with those letters we got when we could not make the meeting.
NikkiBohemia: THank you
MariaCreswell: Thank you, you always do such a good job leading Yoon
YoonKO: Thank you - my pleasure!! That was fun!!!
Sandy: thank you!
KHawks: Thank you!
Autumn Maker: Great takeaways from tonight!
Sandy: Good night
Autumn Maker: Good Night all, until next week!