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STELLAR Chat 06/06/17

posted Jun 11, 2017, 10:48 PM by Ulad Slabin   [ updated Feb 16, 2018, 9:35 PM ]
JillBohemia: Hi Peggy, I just turned it off so that should have helped?
JillBohemia: My daughter is watching a movie in the background.
JillBohemia: That is so funny!
JillBohemia: Peggy, I think that the email that you sent didn't have the letter attached to it.
JillBohemia: No worries, I just want to make sure that I get it taken care of and of course I've misplaced the copy that I got :)
JillBohemia: Peggy, are you talking about if we were a student previously like 20 years ago?
Sandy: Peggy, do you have  my updated address?
Amaranto Barbosa: Just FYI here is where we post our virtual video recordings: The last one is by Yoon Kang-O'Higgins that we enjoyed May 30.
JillBohemia: Okay, thank you.
MariaCreswell: I have had the same name all year, do I need to call them
MariaCreswell: I registered this year under my married name
MariaCreswell: I am confused, is the stipend through the UofO? So I double check with the register office?
chuckjamesdaniel: Good evening...I can't hear you Peggy.
chuckjamesdaniel: At Creslane
JillBohemia: I also am having some difficulty hearing you Peggy.
JillBohemia: You can also click on people and find your name and click on the i
JillBohemia: Peggy, what is a sentence stem that you would suggest first graders to use to support their claim of "what do you see that makes you say that"
JillBohemia: Sure :)
Shafonda: Peggy Im here but I can't sit down...
Marylin Monroe: ...because it was bought at a flea market :-)
Sandy: My dog has fleas, naturally she gave them to the cat as well.
Sandy: My dog has fleas, naturally we have to flea bomb the house.
NikkiBohemia: My dog has fleas even though I just gave her a flea treatment.
JillBohemia: My dog has fleas and as a result we all have fleas too!
Sandy: my dog has fleas. The upshot of this is that she has to sleep outside.
Shafonda: Peggy Im in a chair! Wahoooo.
Shafonda: thank you
Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: Although my dog has fleas I do not have them yet

Sandy: He who sleeps with dogs, gets fleas.
Marylin Monroe: Who sells dogs with fleas, are under "guilty" plea.
Shafonda: Peggy it wont let me chat...says I have to click the lock on the side of the screen for permission...
Marylin Monroe: Just tried to rhyme :-)
Shafonda: i love cookies
Shafonda: Nikki McClean makes the best cookies...
JillBohemia: I concur!
Sandy: They could argue which is better, M&M's or Skittles.
NikkiBohemia: Thanks Shafonda & Jill!
Shafonda: as her neighbor, I know where she keeps the dough.
Shafonda: my students really used the VTS to improve their art critiques and art write ups. Thank you
JillBohemia: Our students loved having Artie the Art Bus visit and the experience of going to the art museum.  We were also inspired to incorporate art into our writing in many ways this year!
NikkiBohemia: We loved Artie and the art museum too!
JillBohemia: We did an opinion writing unit after doing artist studies.
JillBohemia: This is what I used in response to an art image but it seemed a bit awkward, "I know I see _____because_____.
Sandy: This story says ..., and I am not sure about it.
Sandy: I like that..., but I think...
Shafonda: we will find time. thank you again.
JillBohemia: Hi Peggy, just a reminder to resend the email with the letter attached :)
Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: thanks! goodnight
deborahcreswell: Thank you!
Shafonda: goodnight all
Sandy: Thank you
NikkiBohemia: don't let the bedbugs bite!
JaimeCreslane: Thank you!
JillBohemia: Thanks for everything.  It has been a lot of fun! Or the fleas lol.
NikkiBohemia: and if they do smack them black and blue with your shoe!
Vitaut Arabello: Bye, Peggy!