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STELLAR Chat 10/11/16

posted Oct 11, 2016, 8:36 PM by Mary Harwood

MariaCreswell: it is fine for me

Sandy: Peggy you are really cutting in and out

Shafonda: we have an inserviice day Jan 3rd

Shafonda: excuse me, is someone hovering over my body?

MariaCreswell: I can hear you fine, but I had to turn your volume up all the way

FrauSchaefer: Inservice too. The 17th and 31st are better

BethanyCreslane: March 23rd is a thursday not a tuesday,

KHawks: That is spring break!!

MariaCreswell: Not on Valentines Day please

KHawks: Not Valentine's

MariaCreswell: the spring break is not a good day either please

Mary Harwood: Welcome, Jill.

MarieCreslane: How do I get rid of the people in the chairs?

Amaranto Barbosa: Pless "Stand" button in the bottom and then take another seat.

MarieCreslane: The people in chairs are blocking my view of the screen

Amaranto Barbosa: Hello, Mary!

Mary Harwood: Hell!

Amaranto Barbosa: Ah, we will correct it now! But please stand up to repair the seat.

MariaCreswell: Do we need to fill out the whole survey again?

Mary Harwood: Oops! HellO!

MariaCreswell: Creslane is the Elementary

Mary Harwood: blushing

MariaCreswell: I did just the first page again, is that ok?

NikkiBohemia: When I am taking the survey, it is not allowing me to just enter name and school. It is having me take the whole survey.

MariaCreswell: Thank you

MariaCreswell: I just exited out after the first page

Mary Harwood: Amanda, you are looking very ghostly tonight. Trying out your costume for Halloween?

Amaranto Barbosa: :-)

KHawks: Me too,

Sandy: Same issue as Nikki

MariaCreswell: Maria Saputo Creslane Elementary 3rd grade

June2727: June Fenley-Creslane Elementary

JillMCreswell: Jill Murray Creswell Middle School

FrauSchaefer: Angela Schaefer Cottage Grove High School

KHawks: Katherine Hawks Bohemia

BrittneyCreslane: Brittney Davenport - Creslane Elementary

NikkiBohemia: Nikki McClean Bohemia Elementary

Carmen CGHS: Carmen Adler, CGHS, sorry, I had to re-download the program. I can actually hear this time but the whole screen is pink. hmmm...

Sandy: Sandra Carter-Little, Lincoln  Middle, Cottage Grove

MarieCreslane: Marie McCulley Creslane Elementary

BethanyCreslane: Bethany Cross-Creslane Elementary

DeanCreslane: Dean Karcher - Creslane  Elementary

Mary Harwood: Carmen, you have interesting luck in Second Life. Don't buy any lotto.

Actionbill: Bill Freid Creslane

Amanda Roberts: Amanda Roberts, Oakridge Elementary

Carmen CGHS: no, the lecture board is pink

Carmen CGHS: no

Amaranto Barbosa: Strange...

Amanda Roberts: I'm about to cry from frustration.  Re-downloaded yesterday and it was working with the speech bubble, now nothing again.  :(

Carmen CGHS: okay. all i see is a wall of pink and a stellar e log box, but hey, at least i can hear!

Amaranto Barbosa: It is probably the effect of pink "STELLAR quick survey" effect.

Amaranto Barbosa: plate

JillMCreswell: will blue eLog be visible after this lesson

Carmen CGHS: ohhh, good question!

Carmen CGHS: can we backtrack and log lessons that we've already taught?

MariaCreswell: Peggy can you send a updated list of all the dates of classes since we changed a few?

MariaCreswell: Thank you so much!

Mary Harwood:

Carmen CGHS: i can see it! :)

Mary Harwood: Peggy, Carmen asked about going back to complete the log for lessons already taught.

Carmen CGHS: awesome, thank you

MarieCreslane: Yes, thank you

Shafonda: That is the hard part

Autumn Maker: I feel like sometimes I'm leading them as well?

Buhltiful: Brian Vollmer-Buhl Cottage Grove High School.

Shafonda: Fraur Shafer? Gabe?

Shafonda: Buhl?

Sandy: having someone else fill in this check list may be easier

JSMAAF: This is Arthurina from JSMA. We will go over the feedback together, and either we or Peggy will give you a copy.

BethanyCreslane: MarieCreslane is frozen and can't stand up or do anything else.

Shafonda: is that on the stellar website

BethanyCreslane: Her screen is stuck on the previous slide.

Amanda Roberts: did she try logging out and back in Bethany?


Mary Harwood: I'll do my best.

BethanyCreslane: Trying

Autumn Maker: But if students don't notice the connections between one another, are we to point them out?

Mary Harwood: If Maria's computer is frozen, she may need to force quit.

Mary Harwood: Yeah!Maria stood up.

MarieCreslane: I'm BACK

Mary Harwood: Welcome back!

Amanda Roberts: wb

Sandy: Will we get the second powerpoint as well?

Sandy: Thanks

Vitaut Arabello: Sure, Sandy! Additionally, today’s session just like any other is being recorded and after some post-production will be posted at A should-(re)watch stuff :-)

Mary Harwood: Peggy, Autumn asked about students making connections.

Autumn Maker: Thanks Mary! She answered it!

Mary Harwood: Great. I must have missed it.

Mary Harwood: Sandy, this is a more direct link:

Sandy: ok thanks

Amanda Roberts: Are we to write about it, or just think about it right now?

KHawks: Can we see the picture again?

Vitaut Arabello: Here the picture is.

Autumn Maker: Do we enter it here?

Amanda Roberts: There is a baby bear drinking out of his bowl.

Carmen CGHS: pink, I see pink...again

Amanda Roberts: A little girl breaks into a house owned by a family of bears.

Shafonda: Carmen, lay off the X!

KHawks: There are bowls of different sizes

Autumn Maker: And parents seemingly exclaiming/proud? of baby doing so

Virginia Petitt: The family of bears is eating

Sandy: Carmen, Rose colored glasses?

Shafonda: Parents talking about table manners

deborahcreswell: The bear parents are proud of their baby for cleaning his plate

Amanda Roberts: The family of bears is acting like humans

Sandy: Goldielocks was a thief

KHawks: The bears have a robber

JillMCreswell: Goldilocks invites herself into the 3 bears home while they were away

Shafonda: the bear parents are teaching the baby bear manners

Autumn Maker: The is a prequel to them leaving and leaving their porridge behind for her to later find?

Virginia Petitt: Goldilocks is a juvenile delinquent

KHawks: There was a vandal in their house

Shafonda: here here Virginia!

Sandy: stole a place in the comfortable bed

Autumn Maker: And the act of breaking in makes her a criminal

KHawks: Goldilocks needs a nap

Amanda Roberts: I agree with Sandy.

Vitaut Arabello: I recall a similar fairy tail from east european folklore. I have always disliked this little intruder :-)

Buhltiful: Maybe the baby bear is standing because he reconizes that Goldilocks is tired and would like to sit when she joins the table after her nap.

Sandy: delinquent all the way!

Autumn Maker: can they argue both?

Shafonda: both

Carmen CGHS: or a very poor housekeeper?

Vitaut Arabello: So what is the moral behind the tale? What does it teach us? ;-)

Sandy: Isn't there a law allowing homeowners to shoot intruders?

Vitaut Arabello: 2nd amendment, yes.

Mary Harwood: How do you prove a generally held belief?

Autumn Maker: Yes, but if a family of bears came in, couldn't they argue for the other side as well?

Buhltiful: Bears can't operate the trigger on most firearms due to their large finger nails.  A cardboard box baited with a cookie might be a better bet to catch Goldi.

Sandy: good thing for Goldie

Shafonda: can we ask them to describe more so we get more adjective?

Sandy: I think having the kids describe more is great!

Autumn Maker: Are the claims student generated? What if they don't create anything worth arguing over?

Sandy: I think we can initiate a topic

Carmen CGHS: like is water bottle flipping a sport or not? ugh.

Autumn Maker: Don't ask

FrauSchaefer: My students love to argue and fairy tales are such a good springboard for discussion. I love the idea of re-introducing them to those stories for multiple perspectives and analyses to emerge...

Sandy: not to give a right or wrong answer but ask the kids to give an opinion

Vitaut Arabello: Sure, it is a sport!

Autumn Maker: Should it begin from a piece of art though?

Carmen CGHS: that would be a easy topic to debate. its all the rage in ms/hs

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: WBF (Water Bottle Flipping) is where students flip a half filled bottle into the air in an attempt to get it to land upright.  It is annoying.

Vitaut Arabello: a good subject to the theory of probability.

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: Carmen, what can we do to end this epidemic?

Carmen CGHS: glass water bottles only!

JSMAAF: Yes, VTS should start with art

JSMAAF: Yes, VTS should start with art

JSMAAF: I think that Yoon will discuss this more.

Autumn Maker: For sure! Just wasn't seeing the jump into fairy tale argumentative writing

Carmen CGHS: The 9th grade AOW is onl the science of water bottle flipping this week...if you cant beat em, join em!

Amanda Roberts: It's neat seeing how quickly VTS spreads to other subjects.

Sandy: I think in a few months, I may use VTS with a short piece of writing to see if the kids are making the transition to other areas

Vitaut Arabello: Good music :-)

Vitaut Arabello: upbeat

Shafonda: Buhl, didnt you star in a flick with this music?

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: : )

Mary Harwood: What is the music?

deborahcreswell: O Brother Where Art Thou

Autumn Maker: Nice Sandy! I think this could work too. I like the idea of having them summarize the options of what everyone said was "going on" then argue their claim

deborahcreswell: Is it a good idea to play music while kids study a photo for VTS?

Mary Harwood: Is the musiccoming from Peggy?

Vitaut Arabello: Yes.

Vitaut Arabello: Is it in the video?

Autumn Maker: Is the video playing in SL? Mine popped up a separate YouTube video

Vitaut Arabello: Yes, the link from Second Life opens in your default browser unless you set up the built-in browser in SL.

JaimeCreslane: I only hear music, no video.

Vitaut Arabello: ...and after this recommended video Youtube can continue to play a related video unless unchecked.

Autumn Maker: Well I am watching Toulmin Model of Argumentation Part I. Hope that's what I'm supposed to be doing! :)

Mary Harwood: Peggy, are you listening to music?

Vitaut Arabello: However, the "Speak" button should not be pressed in this case.

Mary Harwood: It was playing through your speak button

Mary Harwood: yes, but we heard it through you

Vitaut Arabello: That is what i thought!

Vitaut Arabello: Thank you, Peggy!

Mary Harwood: Greta job!

Mary Harwood: Great

Shafonda: THank you Peggy. Have a great night.

Mary Harwood: Ties it all together nicely

Amanda Roberts: Thank you, good night.  :)

Autumn Maker: Thanks Peggy! Lots of great info!

Sandy: Thanks Peggy.

Shafonda: night yall

Vitaut Arabello: Thanks everyone! All went smooth.

Virginia Petitt: Thanks Peggy! This was great!

JSMAAF: Good night!

Carmen CGHS: Thank you! night

tmaher1: Thanks Peggy

Mary Harwood: Nxt meeting: Oct. 25

deborahcreswell: what time?  7 or 7:30?

tmaher1: Hope my sound works better

Mary Harwood: 7:00

Autumn Maker: I thought 7:30 too. Sandy saved my butt! :)

deborahcreswell: I got an e-mail that said 7:30 so I was late tonight

deborahcreswell: no prob