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STELLAR Chat 10/25/16

posted Oct 25, 2016, 8:05 PM by Mary Harwood

Shafonda: Hi Carmen, Haven't seen you in a while!

Sandy: i have a question, are we to use all of the pictures from the VTS website

Carmen CGHS: Right?! I've been so busy! Hope our PD options plan is a "go" so we an see each other more!

Shafonda: it is a go! We are on! you, Angela, Deb, Jill and I are doing this.

Sandy: thank you

GabeCGHS: Don't forget me. Please God don't put me in Google classroom training...

Sandy: Shafonda, I wish I could, but have a PLC that I need to do.

Mary Harwood: Thanks for clarifying, Yoon!

JillBohemia: I'm very excited about it Shafonda!

Mary Harwood: Peggy is in Montana

FrauSchaefer: I did not ask Peggy, but my question is: What do you do if a student wants to come up and touch the picture, as they give their answer to " What is going on in this picture?"

FrauSchaefer: oddly seniors :) Got it. Thanks! That was very helpful. Using their words to explain is very important skill!

tmaher1: Mary can you call me so I can hear no sound again 5415175016

Mary Harwood: Yes!

Shafonda: what's with the boat?

Sandy: students are showing improvements

NikkiBohemia: The students are definitely observing more details

JillBohemia: Especially with detailed observation

Shafonda: detailed observation has jumped through the roof

MariaCreswell: a lot more detailed observations are happening later in the year

GabeCGHS: Supported inference and speculation, percentage-wise, have the biggest growth.

Shafonda: they are also inferring and speculating with more gusto

MariaCreswell: students are getting better in all areas as the year progresses

Sandy: multiple perspectives  and basically all but simple observations

deborahcreswell: Students are showing the most dramatic improvement in detailed observation

June2727: simple observations decreased

JillMCreswell: multiple perspective showed up in May

Carmen CGHS: multiple perspectives was non existent

Shafonda: was there no multiple perspectives from sept.?

Sandy: I think the simple Observation area is that the observations are improving

Sandy: Do you want the pre-tests we gave the kids?

Mary Harwood: I think word count also shows that they hav more to say about the image.

Mary Harwood: have

Sandy: I am

Shafonda: wow

Sandy: Autumn Maker is also

Shafonda: Gabe, is that you in the back seat?

Shafonda: Is that Picture in the VTS choices we have?

Sandy: yes, it is in the assessment choices

Shafonda: thank you Green sweater Sandy

Shafonda: i got this

GabeCGHS: Nose goes

Mary Harwood: Way to go, Shafonda!

deborahcreswell: Can I look at the picture again?

NikkiBohemia: What is the age of the student that this writing sample comes from?

deborahcreswell: awesome Thanks.  I didn't see the people below th epicture the first time.

Sandy: This looks like some of the responses I had from my 6th graders on the pre-assessment

Sandy: how many sentences are here?

MariaCreswell: please use periods

deborahcreswell: Definitely seeing the specific details

FrauSchaefer: There is so much more willingness to give ideas and make hyphtheses

Mary Harwood: So much growth in thinkingg and noticing.

NikkiBohemia: Heck of a run-on sentence, but detailed observation - Shafonda (her laptop just died)

Mary Harwood: Poor Shafonda!

Mary Harwood: 1980s!

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: Lets talk about her! :)

Sandy: Sooo long ago!

Sandy: more details, a setting, references prior knowledge

Mary Harwood: Would you like people to share in the chat about that?

Sandy: I have had to remind my students to listen to one another and not talk over each other.

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: I was wondering... I have a 3 second graphic that shows water molecules changing arrangement as the water goes from being a liquid to a solid.  It repeated indefinitely.  Can I use VTS with this?  Any suggestions?

JillBohemia: It seems like doing it once a week would allow both the students and the facilitator to become more skilled at VTS

NikkiBohemia: shafonda here Buhl, I am sharing with Nikki, so bring it

NikkiBohemia: Buhl, nobody gets that stuff except you

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: O.K. thanks....  It would be used to tie in content with observations.

deborahcreswell: I really try to pick a picture that captures their imagination--not all of them do.  Giving them think and write time before discussing helps to make sure the conversation is more thoughtful.

GabeCGHS: Just getting more students to respond is what I'm hoping for. My particular class that does this will write down their thoughts readily but are slow to share verbally. I just do a bunch of wait time until it happens for now

NikkiBohemia: Shafonda- I have found that I thank each student (habit) and more and more kids raise their hands. I also cold call students so that everyone gets a chance to participate. Hi Vincent

Sandy: I have been using my own pictures, well, pics from the Internet that go with social studies and our literature study every other week, VTS on the other weeks.

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: Vincent says Hi Back.

NikkiBohemia: thats Vinny

Sandy: I make a point to call on as many different kids as possible.

Universal Actor: :-)

Mary Harwood: First baby in 2L this year!

Universal Actor: Congrats! :-)

NikkiBohemia: with high school/middle school, how often do you suggest they write?

Carmen CGHS: I've been using VTS for teaching our 9th grade vocabulary unit.  every 3 weeks the students have 20 words.  I find 20 images that are fairly abstract but still represents each of the words.  I show an image and we go through the vts questions/discussion, after that discussion I ask them to chose the vocab word that they think is best represented in the picture and the write it on their white board.  we do a 1-2-3-show me and then we have a follow up discussion about what makes you say that. For example: irate v. altercation.  One image but it could work for both words and students have to defend their choice verbally.  Any suggestions? Is this still VTS? it is helping them think more critically about their vocab words.

Mary Harwood: Gabe, you can also try having every student read what they read. A good strategy for all grades.

deborahcreswell: High school freshman--they write a journal almost every time we do a VTS strategy.

Mary Harwood: I think you'll find that as you use VTS with students more, you will be able to have them write and use these observations skills in other settings. I can't encourage you enough to have kids write every day ( quick writes, exit tickets, etc.) Sometimes having them write after VTS would be good, but not necessary every time.

Mary Harwood: Oops! read what they write!

NikkiBohemia: Shafonda here: Gabe, skate park method is wonderful-they listen and learn from each other.

Carmen CGHS: the first half of the convo in open ended and simply whats going on, etc. Then we switch to the targeted vocab discussion

Carmen CGHS: my kids write every day, they have a VTS section in their writers notebook

MariaCreswell: skate park is a new term to me too :)

Carmen CGHS: 1-2-3 show me is they write on their white board and keep their answer to themselves until i say 1-2-3-show me and they all hold up their responses at once

Mary Harwood: Skate Park Method: Modeling and guided practice like we do in the classroom.

Universal Actor: My son would love this metaphor, he is a committed skater.

deborahcreswell: skate park method I thought meant learning how to buy drugs.  That's what my kids do at the skate park

MariaCreswell: hahaha deborah

NikkiBohemia: they do tht at the park here in CG

Amanda Roberts: I absolutely adored the mystery book that we got.  When I did a lesson with the kids last week, they were so enthralled.  It was the first time that they were excited and bouncing out of their seats during a VTS lesson, so we had to go over the VTS lesson procedures again.  We did a short write-on afterward.

NikkiBohemia: Shafonda

NikkiBohemia: can we ask them if anyone has another perspective?

NikkiBohemia: no

JillBohemia: no

June2727: no

BethanyCreslane: not yet

FrauSchaefer: no

MariaCreswell: no

Sandy: nope

Mary Harwood: Yoonn, this has all been so rich and interesting. Hopefully we can get to the video another time.

GabeCGHS: Nope

JaimeCreslane: No, we did have an observation at our field trip to the musuem.

Mary Harwood: Yoon

Mary Harwood: Yeah!

tmaher1: not yet waiting for kick off meeting too

Actionbill: The feedback I got on our field trip was very helpful.

Vitaut Arabello: All the sessions in Second Life are recorded and posted to . Today’s session will appear there in a few days, check out this page at leisure.

Mary Harwood: Great session, Yoon

Universal Actor: Perfecto!

FrauSchaefer: Thank you:)

BethanyCreslane: Thanks for a great session!

JillBohemia: Thanks Yoon!

chuckjamesdaniel: Thanks  so much.....

GabeCGHS: Thanks!

Sandy: Thank you!

MarieCreslane: Goodnight!

JaimeCreslane: Thank you

MariaCreswell: Thank you!

DeanCreslane: goodnight

tmaher1: thank you and thanks Mary for the sound

KHawks: Thank you!

YoonKO: Good night!!!

JillMCreswell: Thanks and good nite.

Mary Harwood: LOL

Carmen CGHS: good night@