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STELLAR Chat 11/08/16

posted Nov 8, 2016, 8:15 PM by Mary Harwood

Mary Harwood: Hello all! Everybody ready for a break from the election?

Amanda Roberts: Yes

JillBohemia: Yes, nice to focus on something else

Universal Actor: Indian summer?

Amanda Roberts: Yes, it is truly beautiful up here today.

Mary Harwood: Oregonians know how to enjoy a rare sunny day.

Amanda Roberts: Haha, true, we were playing red rover outside this afternoon.

Amanda Roberts: You said Creswell both times

KHawks: Hi1

JillBohemia: Hi Katherine

DeanCreslane: having an issue with sound any ideas

deborahcreswell: "writing is inking your thinking".  I like that!

MariaCreswell: Where is Mary? Just got super quiet and I need to turn her up

Shafonda: How often should we be having them write vs. just verbal?

Vitaut Arabello: Dean, Skype me: uladzimirs . You will be listening to what is happening in Second Life through my computer.

Shafonda: right, but just verbal vs. combo?

Shafonda: having them just do a classroom doing VTS verbally or doing both verbal and writing

Autumn Maker: Responding to readings we do

BethanyCreslane: exit tickets

Amanda Roberts: I start the day with a Wild Mind Write.  There is a prompt, and the students write creatively for 5 minutes.

Autumn Maker: Explaining research from Social Studies

MariaCreswell: multi paragraph essays each week... from outline, RD and final copy

JillBohemia: In first grade, we do writing as part of our social studies and science units and as a writing workshop separate from our language arts

deborahcreswell: I do a lot of journal writing that usually has to do with applying whatever the students are reading to their experience or background knowledge.

BrittneyCreslane: My reading kids write journal entries every day and we work on writing conventions in the afternoons

Sandy: I have students write short essays on tests, in response to reading, to explain research

tmaher1: journals, creative writing, writing with science, math answers daily

MariaCreswell: 3rd grade

JaimeCreslane: Weekly essays

JaimeCreslane: Reponse to reading

Amanda Roberts: We analyzed 2 poems, they wrote an opinion, drew a picture depicting their opinion, and then a final draft of writing.

Autumn Maker: Teaching Clear paragraph structure

Shafonda: art critiques

NikkiBohemia: Responses to our weekly reading stories, nonfiction writing about our science and social studies units, and then writer's workshop where we are currently writing personal narratives.

Shafonda: project write ups in art

BethanyCreslane: story responses and connections to text

tmaher1: writing answers to reading questions with support from the stories they read

JillMCreswell: 8th grade writing class:  weekly 5 min write on various topics.  Spelling words used in sentences weekly.    Paragraph development.

MarieCreslane: We need writing curriculum

JillBohemia: A challenge at first grade is working with such a variety of skill levels and scaffolding instruction accordingly

Autumn Maker: I struggle with creating the automaticity from them. I can teach them how to use specific organization techniques (which I think is great) but then they don't use it on their own! :/

Sandy: The OWP did help me to use other ideas in my classes. I get tired of essays and the scoring of the essays.

JillMCreswell: Challenges:  students reluctance to write because of lack of spelling skills.

MarieCreslane: however, it provides structure and continuity

tmaher1: Writing in reading gets the students to look deeper into their text.  Journal and creative and science writing is fun but also gets students to think about what is going on around them.

Amanda Roberts: I have two difficulties.  The students do not write by hand as much anymore, and struggle with hand-written projects.  The other is their spelling is atrocious, based on texting.

tmaher1: Challenges I face is still making 1st grade fun.

JillMCreswell: likes: seeing students' ideas accurately written to convey intended message.

Sandy: Amanda the spelling comment is SO true. The hand writing is also very rudimentary even into middle school

Autumn Maker: for that first bullet, focus on process on completion as opposed to what?

Amanda Roberts: The students can write down their own ideas before anyone else puts their ideas in

Autumn Maker: Before making it look pretty?

Sandy: With verbal VTS, kids develop their thoughts through the comments on the art, no wrong answers

deborahcreswell: Yes. I think it makes the writing second nature.

Shafonda: they love the no criticism. It helps them become more free to expand w/o judgment.

Sandy: true, shafonda

FrauSchaefer: They really learn to critique themselves and generate feedback for their own work when we share. This  type of instant feedback is so meaningful

tmaher1: I love after students write they are so excited to SHARE

JillBohemia: Mary, can you share more about group work in a primary classroom?

Autumn Maker: Do you think all types of writing practice are equal? (Narrative, explanatory, persuasive, research based etc.)

JillBohemia: Thanks, Mary

Vitaut Arabello: Sorry, it was mine, true.

deborahcreswell: This will definitely be easier to grade. thatn the large papers

Sandy: I definitely vote for short pieces :)

Mary Harwood:

deborahcreswell: It's good we can give some positive feedback..  We've been practicing a lot of PBIS techniques, so my students are a little disconcerted when I change into VTS mode, because they're use to hearing a lot of positive feedback for stepping up and engagin in class.

Shafonda: hitting the positive and building off of that will often lead into a direction where more positive comes from. IE. I like how you used so many adjectives. Students then shift a focus to adding descriptive words.

Autumn Maker: Will you repeat the closed questin?

Universal Actor: Total.

Autumn Maker: What are some observations you can make about this photograph?

Mary Harwood: What type of eclipse is this?

Amanda Roberts: Looking at this picture, what does it remind you of?

JillMCreswell: explain what you see

BethanyCreslane: Tell me what you see.

Mary Harwood: Why is this rock eroding?

Autumn Maker: Describe what you see happening here?

JillBohemia: What do you notice about this rock?

BethanyCreslane: What do you notice about this rock?

Sandy: What is happening to the rock?

deborahcreswell: What od you fell when you see this picture?  Why do you feel that way?

Amanda Roberts: What do you see in this image?

tmaher1: What do you see here?

Autumn Maker: Honestly, it seems to ask them to be more imaginative in their writing

FrauSchaefer: Asking for observations

JillBohemia: VTS

deborahcreswell: erosion could be a metaphor--make them think of how we use images to express human feelings.

Sandy: I don't think this is more imaginative if it is used within the context of a science unit.

Autumn Maker: I guess it would depend on if it were preassessment or not

Autumn Maker: Sandra and I did an imaginative write based on a detailed picture of Early Hunter Gatherers

deborahcreswell: Describe a time you experienced conflict?  What did you learn from the experience?

JillBohemia: To introduce a GLAD social studies or science units we show a flood of engaging images

Amanda Roberts: I was cleaning under my bed when I saw something fuzzy...  (This is a prompt I use in my 5 minute Wild Mind Writes)

Mary Harwood:

Shafonda: election is too close...gotta go

Mary Harwood:

JillBohemia: Deepen understanding

Autumn Maker: Normalize the process to write through their thinking

Sandy: it allows us to see what students know

Amanda Roberts: Advantage for Teacher:  To hear all students' opinions.  Advantage for Students:  To be heard.

FrauSchaefer: Allows students to see their ideas and make concrete connections to what they know AND what they don't understand.

tmaher1: To hear every child in the class and not just a few.

JillBohemia: It is a great avenue for the introverts

Amanda Roberts: The ability to give voice to students who are too shy to speak in front of others, or who may be being teased by kids in class.

Mary Harwood:

Autumn Maker: Thanks Mary!

JillBohemia: Thanks Mary!

FrauSchaefer: Thank you Mary:)

Universal Actor: Bravo!

BethanyCreslane: Thank you!

Sandy: thanks Mary

Vitaut Arabello: Good !

JaimeCreslane: Thank you!

Amanda Roberts: Thank you!  Have a great week!

MarieCreslane: That was great Mary

Vitaut Arabello: My pleasure!

Vitaut Arabello: You are welcome, mary!

Vitaut Arabello: Mary

KHawks: Thanks!