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STELLAR Chat 1/17/17

posted Jan 17, 2017, 8:21 PM by Mary Harwood   [ updated Feb 16, 2018, 9:39 PM by Ulad Slabin ]

MariaCreswell: It would be fun to see what they think all the different foods are. They may not recognize it all

Autumn Maker: I talk a lot about making the ordinary seem extraordinary through placement etc in my photography class

Sandy: Clara's name is inscribed on the knofe handle

Sandy: knife

DeanCreslane: I listened to that program on OPB - very interesting person

Vitaut Arabello: Deborah has located the hidden portrait.

Areswhyy: Cool!

Autumn Maker: Oh my goodness! I would have never seen that!

Sandy: very cool

FrauSchaefer: I did get an email! Thank you

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: Thank you, I received the e-mail.  I have an idea and I'll get back to you for feedback.

Duc Ewing: Thank you, Robert! Neat stuff.

Mary Harwood: Myb-in-law and nieces got a copy for Christmas!

Areswhyy: Love to work with you again, Brian!

Areswhyy: Thanks, Mary!

Areswhyy: Baltimore favorite team!

tmaher1: It can also show their life experiences outside school

Sandy: I have kids say "nesting" because . . . so they are giving the what makes you say that with the what's going on.

Vitaut Arabello: Ready :-)

Areswhyy: Making a case

Autumn Maker: What grade level standard does this fall near?

Autumn Maker: middle? Secondary?

Sandy: handouts will be great

Sandy: thanks

Peggy Marconi:

MariaCreswell: no

FrauSchaefer: no

Autumn Maker: never heard of it?

NikkiBohemia: never heard of it either

JillMCreswell: no

MariaCreswell: Never heard of it

Sandy: totally new

Vitaut Arabello:

Virginia Petitt: Peggy, did you mean

Vitaut Arabello: clickable now right here in SL

Autumn Maker: think it is

FrauSchaefer: the link is incorrect i think

Vitaut Arabello: You are right, Autumn.

Vitaut Arabello: Click:

FrauSchaefer: got it

Peggy Marconi:

Autumn Maker: not an easy name to roll off the tongue. :0

Vitaut Arabello: Instagram+OK

Areswhyy: Very cool!

DeanCreslane: did the Oregon trail - nice info

Virginia Petitt: I looked up Clara Peeters--pretty cool!

FrauSchaefer: this site looks very promising!! thank you

tmaher1: love it already, for next weeks theme

Areswhyy: Will the Orioles win the pennant this year?

Areswhyy: YES

Vitaut Arabello: I entered my own name and this Instagrok returned "Oregon" and "chemists" along with other things.

Vitaut Arabello: also France and England. No, have never been there.

Areswhyy: I like that this site includes sources. Thank you!

Peggy Marconi: plickers

Vitaut Arabello: i-Clicker?

Vitaut Arabello: widely used at UO Chem Dept.

Mary Harwood: Joe Escobar, instructor extraordinaire (and my neighbor)

Areswhyy: !!

FrauSchaefer: I have seen this, Pretty cool use of my smart phone:) And you only need one.

Mary Harwood:

Areswhyy: Thanks, Mary

Sandy: Autumn and I can figure out a good time for the coaching. We are the only two at LMS

FrauSchaefer: I will send an email to our VTS staff tomorrow.

FrauSchaefer: CGHS

Autumn Maker: Thanks Sandy!

NikkiBohemia: I will contact the other teachers at Bohemia

Carmen CGHS: Thanks, Angela!

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: Thanks Shafer!

Sandy: If we could coordinate with some of the Bohemia or HS teachers, that would make it easier for the Coach.

BethanyCreslane: Our staff was also wondering if there was a way to double check our lesson logs?  To just make sure we did them.

Vitaut Arabello: Thank you, Peggy!

June2727: Yes, I am

June2727: Thank you!

BethanyCreslane: Thanks!

FrauSchaefer: Thanks and I will be emailing you ASAP:)

JaimeCreslane: Thank you

tmaher1: thank you

Sandy: Rachel was really quick with my information.

Autumn Maker: Thanks Peggy! Date for that?

Autumn Maker: Perfect!

Sandy: Peggy, how many books were we supposed to receive?

KHawks: Thanks Again!

Sandy: The 31st is two weeks from now

Mary Harwood: Next meeting is January 31st

Areswhyy: An adventure. Thanks, Peggy!

Mary Harwood: It is also listed on STELLAR wesite calendar

Virginia Petitt: Thanks Peggy! Great session, as usual!

Sandy: Thanks, see you on the 31st.

Peggy Marconi: Doyou have a moment to chat?

Virginia Petitt: sure

Sandy: yes

Virginia Petitt: Just "dismounted" from my chair--ha-ha