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STELLAR Chat 1/27/16

posted Jan 27, 2016, 9:06 PM by Mary Harwood   [ updated Jan 27, 2016, 9:09 PM ]

Project STELLAR Chat



BridgettOakridge: There may not be many from Okridge. We are in the middle of finals week.

BridgettOakridge: Yep

Bevoakridge: Yes, I have tests in front of me that I'm trying to get graded.

Bevoakridge: Cool! Is it really painted like that?

gericksonlundy: The teachers and students at Lundy are so excited

Bevoakridge: I think the older students will love that.

jillelaine: i have contacted the museum but they have not returned my call or responded to my email request

Bevoakridge: Did you use the online form to schedule a tour?

jillelaine: i filled it out but they have still not gotten back to me

mrsdawndean: Are the adult writers the teachers in the community or fellow community members.  Do they have to live in the city, or surrounding areas?

Bevoakridge: It takes a while for them to send you a confirmed date. They should let you know that a packet is on it's way with info for you, and a transportation form to give to the district office.

Lynn Creswell: We have many writers and artists in the community . . .

mrsdawndean: Yes.  I just happen to have a friend that wrote for the register guard

mrsdawndean: Thanks for the clarification

kholst: Wow

mrsdawndean: Not sure.  I was thinking of Bob Welch

Kendra Creswell: Is there a goal date for having the art and the writings completed?

Robert: Bob lives in Eugene.

mrsdawndean: I know, he is my sons mentor

Lynn Creswell: We have several published writers from the community that are living in Creswell.

annabalt: How many students in each grade?

Robert: Not sure about Lowell.

JaredCreswell: Might be pushing it slightly...

dgordon: Depends on when we see the art.

Lynn Creswell: I think that Spring Break is too soon . . .  several of the people are pretty scheduled.

dgordon: When would the art be available?

BridgettOakridge: If it is a joint project, it could work

mrsdawndean: Oh that is completely do able

PeggyGordonOakridge: May  sounds better

BridgettOakridge: WE  could display it on our Project night

PeggyGordonOakridge: Or during our conferences

PeggyGordonOakridge: They are in April

Robert: That sounds reasonable.

JaredCreswell: Jack has some great art, but would likely know some good folks

Lynn Creswell: I have a few pieces of local art---several different media that we could use

gericksonlundy: Link to his work?

kholst: I have started the They Say, I Say book and it sounds a lot like what you are describing as conversational

Mary Harwood: I think argument is a critical skill for people to have to participate in a democratic society.

JaredCreswell: It was pretty cool!

Mary Harwood:3001 prompts for argumentative writing from NY Times:

mrsdawndean: Was that Howard

Robert: Chocolate milk example: Argument or persuasive?

PeggyGordonOakridge: Do we get to ride the bus next week?

Lynn Creswell: I would love a Google link . . .

Mary Harwood:

Lynn Creswell: I would also love it if you would share about them

gericksonlundy: I have taught a number of lessons. Can someone post the link?

Robert: Please share link in addition to talking about your experiences.

Mary Harwood:

gericksonlundy: Thank you

gericksonlundy: By far one of the best adaptations of a story I have seen.

gericksonlundy: Big Bad Wolf

gericksonlundy: Do these stories work well with middle schoolers? And does it align with CC?

Robert: Absolutely!

gericksonlundy: Robert Young has a really good picture book idea

Robinhood600: Can you restate the name of the book?

gericksonlundy: Unsolved mysteries from history

Mary Harwood:

jocelynkaye: I could see our 5th graders really loving dreaming up the reasons for what happened in history.

gericksonlundy: Young has a lot of great resources. He has helped so much.

Mary Harwood: Robert will share out his resources with us soon.

Mary Harwood: Leslie is amazing!

Jack: Peggy, we are reaching the end of our term and are going to do a final written VTS. Are we supposed to use the artwork we used on the first written VTS?

Jack: can we use a different artwork?

Olsoeric: Thanks Jack  :)

Mary Harwood: Pre and post artwork should be the same

Olsoeric: thanks peggy and mary

Jack: Ok. im sure we can get them to you.

Mary Harwood: ;)

Robert: Great job Peggy, and Mary!

Lynn Creswell: Thank-you Peggy.  Good Night
Jack: Thanks
Janelle Creswell: thank you
Tinaoakridge: See you next time
Robert: Okay Mary, let's try this one: