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STELLAR Chat 2-27-18

posted Feb 27, 2018, 8:10 PM by Mary Harwood

STELLAR Chat 2/27/18


[18:49] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Sound check: Can you hear Peggy and I visiting?

[18:49] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): yes!

[18:50] vdavis360: No

[18:50] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): VDavis, you aren't showing volume controls on your profile. Maybe log out and come back?

[18:51] phbillies5: I can hear.

[18:52] tmeinzen: Hi, Tim is here. Same clothes from last time. I suppose I should wash them.

[18:52] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Hi Kim.

[18:52] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Peggy- Sent you 3 emails with pictures

[18:53] kimaziz: Hi Mary...nice to "see" you all again

[18:53] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): You "look" great!

[18:53] tmeinzen: thank you, Oh I can see the screen

[18:53] tmeinzen: I am just a bit odd.

[18:53] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): awed?

[18:54] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Peggy and I have been chatting (join in!) in part so you can all do a sound check. If you haven't heard any conversation. You may want to log out and rejoin us.

[18:54] phbillies5: Should the chat box cover part of the screen?

[18:54] vdavis360: I logged out and back in. Is there anything I should be hearing? I can hear typing noises only.

[18:55] Universal Actor (belarusian.monday): It is up to you, phbilles! I adjusted mine so that it does not create a problem.

[18:55] phbillies5: Great. Thanks!

[18:55] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): vdavis: call me: 541-543-7054

[18:55] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): ecdanna, can you hear?

[18:55] kimaziz: Hi Everyone- I will control scrolling through the presentation. Please avoid those big finger pointing buttons on the bottom of the screen. Thanks

[18:56] emasmith101 whispers: I hear you guys great!

[18:56] ecdanna: I cannot hear you right now

[18:57] dkbillie: I cannot hear--will try logging out and back in

[18:57] tmeinzen: I can hear.

[19:00] phbillies5: I can hear.

[19:03] phbillies5: Breaking apart the word "paraphrase." I like the idea of the color coding.

[19:03] tmeinzen: It is a bit confusing, a thought and a box and arrow, Tim

[19:03] Ducky (bmccool): visual definition

[19:04] toddgrassman (tgrassman): Phrase is thinking it is an idea.

[19:04] emasmith101: there is a lot of movement within the words which helps break down the definitions

[19:04] phbillies5: Blue boxes to signal they are connected. Yellow highlighting connected too.

[19:04] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): Breaking down a word in order to define it.

[19:05] thompsontheterrible: Utilizing a thought bubble attached to the word phrase

[19:05] tmeinzen: I think that we are to reframe part of what our students say

[19:05] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): When you are paraphrasing for students it is only a part of the idea.  It may let student realize that each student's idea is part of the process.

[19:05] tmeinzen: Yup

[19:05] ecdanna: it helps the facilitator understand what the student is saying and to keep the audience engaged

[19:06] tmeinzen: Paraphrase, is a form of putting an idea into your words

[19:06] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): Great job paraphrasing my thoughts.

[19:06] tmeinzen: If you simply restate what the student say, it may not mean that you understand.

[19:07] dkbillie: It can give students new vocabulary to describe their thoughts.

[19:07] tmeinzen: Reframe = creating a new view of what the kids are saying.

[19:08] tmeinzen: Maybe a another way of saying

 [19:08] emasmith101: it can build vocabulary and also inspire new thinking of other students

[19:09] tmeinzen: Richer, broader definitions, or related concepts-stretches meaning

[19:09] tmeinzen: Paraphrase is to define in context, prejudice is a form of bigotry,

[19:10] ecdanna: It can be a chance to help a student express their thoughts in an appropriate way when they only know one way to express their thoughts

[19:10] emasmith101: In one of my lessons there was an object in on of the paintings that they described as the thing that makes steam when our sick, so I introduced the vocab humidifier.

[19:10] tmeinzen: Sorry that is an example, prejudice can also be a matter of judgement, using words in different contexts gives a broader understanding

[19:10] ecdanna: yup!

[19:11] tmeinzen: paraphrasing can also economize in description, allows a student to be more direct perhaps

[19:12] tmeinzen: paraphrasing also allows kids to see how ideas can connect

[19:12] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): They are doing awesome in kinder!

[19:13] tmeinzen: tmeinzen = Tim

[19:13] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Thank you!

[19:13] thompsontheterrible: Students will dovetail off of each other's observation

[19:15] thompsontheterrible: No questions

[19:15] tmeinzen: It can be tough to be neutral, when you understand the meaning behind an image

[19:15] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): No questions

[19:15] phbillies5: Sounds good

[19:16] tmeinzen: reserving judgment is tough, OK, that is why we are using art, makes sense. We start as kids do, novices>

[19:17] Ducky (bmccool): I find it harder to be neutral when it is the second or third time to do the lesson with the same image.. (I want to direct students to something the prior class not my thoughts but other students in other classes

[19:18] tmeinzen: OK, this helps me, I am simply setting the table

[19:18] Ducky (bmccool): that is helpful :)

[19:18] Jmacrae: My kids were insulted because they read that at the bottom that it was an image for 6th to 8th, although i tried to explain these images are not really age-related. etc.

[19:18] tmeinzen: I erased the grades.

[19:18] Jmacrae: How?

[19:19] Jmacrae: For tim?

[19:19] tmeinzen: Ah, highlighting with black

[19:19] Jmacrae: I did, but it was too late.  They kind of shut down on the second image.

[19:20] tmeinzen: But honoring divergent thinking is a good idea.

[19:20] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): I mute the AV until the image is set to full screen.

[19:20] phbillies5: Inga, I do the same thing.

[19:20] Jmacrae: This is high school and that is why they felt insulted.

[19:21] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): Oh, I see.

[19:21] Jmacrae: I didn't know you could get rid of that grade thing.

[19:21] tmeinzen: I think you can.

[19:22] Jmacrae: thanks tim I will ask you at school

[19:22] Universal Actor (belarusian.monday): Yes, the question sounds a bit strange but for adult people only, quite appropriate for kids, I think.

[19:23] tmeinzen: What do you see?? Brilliant reframing of question

[19:23] Jmacrae: EVIDENCE

[19:23] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Because they have to reference back to the image and not just their thought

[19:23] tmeinzen: Focus on evidence and explaining

[19:23] toddgrassman (tgrassman): Asking "what do you see" directs the students to take evidence directly from the picture.

[19:23] dkbillie: It requires them to look outside of themselves.

[19:23] tmeinzen: Yes, spot on Todd

[19:23] Jmacrae: You have to point out in the picture

[19:24] ecdanna: "What do you see" redirects you back to the image and allows for others who are listening to look at the picture and understand what someone else sees

[19:24] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): You want students to use visual evidence rather than just  their personal experiences.

[19:24] Jmacrae: I did Starry NIght with sophmores and poem by A  Sexton (not in the project) and  it worked fairly well.

[19:25] emasmith101: what if they do not know what they "see" but it is a feeling. I had a couple responses similar to that in my last lesson

[19:26] tmeinzen: Is this a time to suggest? Or stay neutral?

[19:26] thompsontheterrible: I lost sound

[19:26] emasmith101: ok thank you!

[19:27] tmeinzen: When kids are speaking from feelings

[19:27] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): Thomson, I would log out and then log in again.

[19:28] Universal Actor (belarusian.monday): Yes, reboot sometimes helps.

[19:28] thompsontheterrible: It's back.  Sorry for the side convo

[19:28] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): Can you hear now, Thomson?

[19:28] thompsontheterrible: Yes, thank you

[19:28] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): The teacher wants students to notice the city.

[19:28] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): Excellent.

[19:28] emasmith101: the bag, they are looking for a direct answer

[19:28] dkbillie: The teacher might have their own idea in mind and be having the students try to guess it.

[19:28] tmeinzen: So is that neutral?

[19:28] banducinni: The teacher just agreed with that statement. They should have said, "Why do you think they are going somewhere?"

 [19:29] Jmacrae: Maybe she wants them to write about an adventure in that far image

[19:31] Jmacrae: What if they end up just fantasizing images are not there just because they got a bit bored with the repeated questions.  I noticed this with one or two of my advance 9th graders

[19:31] Jmacrae: YEs

[19:32] Jmacrae: Don't quite know what you mean

[19:33] Jmacrae: In other words, it is not just paraphrase, it is building on what they say moreso?

[19:34] tmeinzen: Where are you now? Should this be part of the model?

[19:35] Jmacrae: OK   I did that a bit with the STARRY NIGHT with my kids not in the study

[19:36] banducinni: They are trying to get the student to find more evidence in the picture.

[19:36] tmeinzen: OK, now with the "other than that bag" comment you are directing

[19:36] Jmacrae: She wants them to notice subway, city image, etc.

[19:37] tmeinzen: Yes, that can be discouraging for some kids, maybe most

[19:37] phbillies5: The student will feel like they already gave their input, and feels like they didn't respond correctly.

[19:38] toddgrassman (tgrassman): I notice you are finding things that make you think of the setting. What else can we find?

[19:38] tmeinzen: Todd, another homer

[19:38] toddgrassman (tgrassman): Thanks Tim!

[19:40] tmeinzen: VTS way acknowledges without challenging

[19:42] tmeinzen: A mom and her baby are running from something scary, maybe a fire, and it is deep in the night and they are not sure where to go

[19:43] banducinni: I heard you say that you think there is a mother and baby who are running away from something in the middle of the night.

[19:43] Jmacrae: To student'  You see a baby and a mom and where do you see that?   Then you saw a fire and that it was night, and that you saw that they did not know where they are going?

[19:43] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Pointing - So, you say that this might be a mom and her baby and they are running away from something bad like fire in the middle of the night and they don't know where they are going. What do you see that makes you say that ?

[19:43] banducinni: I did not mean to send that already, sorry

[19:44] tmeinzen: Is it not verbatim nearly?

[19:44] toddgrassman (tgrassman): she says "might"

[19:45] tmeinzen: Oh, another good point Todd!

[19:45] Rachachelle: the conditional might... allows for others to feel differently

[19:45] tmeinzen: Or would might suggest not really

[19:45] banducinni: She does not add any of her own thoughts. She just repeated what the student thought.

[19:46] tmeinzen: the "bad" what they are running from

[19:46] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): Thinking that there is a fire is interpretive.

[19:46] Jmacrae: "something bad"

[19:46] tmeinzen: mountains in the southwest look like that at sunset:)

[19:46] toddgrassman (tgrassman): The middle of the night, some of my students thought the sun may have been blocked by smoke.

 [19:46] banducinni: middle of the night

[19:47] banducinni: running away

 [19:48] tmeinzen: please repeat Kim

[19:48] vdavis360: What do you see that makes you think this might be a mom and her baby?

[19:49] tmeinzen: What do you see that makes you say it is the middle of the night?

[19:49] toddgrassman (tgrassman): What do you see that makes you say they are lost?

[19:49] tmeinzen: Where do they grow those funky Saguaro

[19:49] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): What do you see that made you think there was a fire?

[19:49] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): What do you see that makes you say they are running away?

[19:49] banducinni: What do you see that makes you say they are running away from something bad?

[19:51] Rachachelle: Can you say something to the effect of... you mentioned they might be lost. What do you see that. make you say that? (just a reorder of the sentence)

[19:51] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): I like the idea of asking them to tell more bout something that opens the discussion in a new direction.

[19:52] tmeinzen: What do you see that makes you say the dog was barking

[19:52] Jmacrae: HA TIM

[19:52] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): LOL

[19:52] Jmacrae: Is it ok to give points for participation?

[19:54] tmeinzen: Whatever works. Easy points, like a door prize for teachers

[19:55] Jmacrae: I use looking and listening as well as saying anything

[19:57] tmeinzen: Is it best to use the art on the screen or on computers?

[19:57] tmeinzen: Class room screen

[19:58] Jmacrae: High school.

[19:58] Rachachelle: I don't exist on the website. But that is a bigger problem than what can be solved here.

[19:58] tmeinzen: Turn and talk, kids will love that

[19:58] Jmacrae: Even if kids are into it, it might not be cool to turn and talk.

[19:59] phbillies5: I was standing in a different area today during the VTS lesson due to a student that needed my proximity to be more focused. Therefore, I pointed with a laser pointer instead at the art. The students seemed more focused than how I normally point with my hand. Is that ok?

[20:00] tmeinzen: But they will find something to talk about

[20:00] vdavis360: I have had a lot more second graders join in with the vts discussions than any other past discussions. It's nice to hear their voices for a change!

[20:00] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): No problem!

[20:00] tmeinzen: Can I borrow your 2nd graders?

[20:00] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): Which slide is needed?

[20:01] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): OK.

[20:01] vdavis360: Any time!

[20:01] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Piper (Beagle) bays "Hi" back to your dog.

[20:01] Rachachelle: I have also pinch out to zoom on my ipad as kids are talking. this way I can still emphasize the areas they are talking about. Though the closer view can change their interpretation.

[20:01] Jmacrae: Did and Conga dogs are snoring.

[20:02] phbillies5: Robert showed my students the white paper effect and they were surprised! They loved it.

[20:02] tmeinzen: Oh, that is a cool hack, white paper in front of projection.

[20:02] Jmacrae: NIGHT

[20:02] tmeinzen: Thanks Kim

[20:02] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Thanks, Kim!

[20:03] emasmith101: thanks guys have a nice night

[20:03] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Thanks! Have a great rest of the week!

[20:03] tmeinzen: Good night!

[20:03] Ducky (bmccool): thank you!

[20:03] thompsontheterrible: Thank you

[20:03] ecdanna: Good night!

[20:03] vdavis360: Great! Thank you!

[20:03] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): Thank you!

[20:03] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): Thank you and good night.

[20:03] banducinni: Thank you! Your dog did well too!

[20:03] dkbillie: Thank you! I feel like this was helpful.

[20:03] Vitaut Arabello: Thank you!

[20:04] Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): Thanks!

[20:04] phbillies5: Thank you! Good Night!

[20:05] Vitaut Arabello: Thank you for this help, Mary!

[20:06] Rachachelle: Can I meet with someone in person to work out the VTS home webpage  problems?