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STELLAR Chat 2-28-17

posted Feb 28, 2017, 8:20 PM by Mary Harwood   [ updated Feb 16, 2018, 9:37 PM by Ulad Slabin ]

Vitaut Arabello: Virginia's presentation is submerged, hid under the ground.

Vitaut Arabello: But I can demonstrate it if people are willing to explore.

Vitaut Arabello: Ah, OK.

Mary Harwood: Evening, all.

Vitaut Arabello: While you are presenting, I will mount Virginia's.

Mary Harwood: I think it's going to be a weird night for my avatar.

FrauSchaefer: Sounds good Peggy., thank you

Sandy: I should be wearing white.

Sandy: political statement off topic

JillMCreswell: students are touching the robot

Sandy: students are touching and investigating a robot

JillBohemia: Students look very curious and engaged.

Autumn Maker: students are investigating some sort of robot

Mary Harwood: Is she real?

Vitaut Arabello: students are joyous

Autumn Maker: Their facies are lively and happy

Vitaut Arabello: laughing and smiling

Autumn Maker: faces

chuckjamesdaniel: she looks startled and kids are making fun of her

JillBohemia: The smiles on their faces and because they are touching her.

Sandy: I see excitement and curiosity

Vitaut Arabello: Next question - why they are joyous? Because the robot looks like them.

Autumn Maker: I think they think it's new and foreign

Virginia Petitt: Peggy, I don't have a copy of it--can you send it?

Shafonda: gosh what a deal only 51K per teacher

Mary Harwood: Peggy, I'm still not receiving STELLAR related emails from you. I hope you aren't mad at me!

Vitaut Arabello: I wanted to copy and paste this articles here - alas, it is an image not a text.

Mary Harwood: Of course, I'm teasing.

BethanyCreslane: Technology excites students in developing countries.

Shafonda: technology could save money for educational institiutions

GabeCGHS: Does somebody have their microphone on? I'm hearing lots of interference...

Vitaut Arabello: It reminded me of "One laptop per child" initiative, intended for developing countries.

GabeCGHS: Or is that just me?

Mary Harwood: Might have been me, Gabe. I turned it off

GabeCGHS: Hey I think so, I can hear again thanks

Autumn Maker: She says that they would be non biased

JillBohemia: They wouldn't get sick from all of the germs.

Autumn Maker: save money in the long term

Sandy: easily updated

FrauSchaefer: at first, technology can excite and motivate students

Shafonda: they would turn out kids without emotion possibly which could eliminate drama

Sandy: consistent delivery of information

BethanyCreslane: the curriculum could be taught through a computerized program

MariaCreswell: Would they ever need a sub? I guess maybe if they were having technical problems

JillMCreswell: no need for a sub - they don't get sick, need time off

Vitaut Arabello: will cause a lot of real, organic teachers to lose their jobs :-(

FrauSchaefer: easily updated ;)

Shafonda: so we should get into computer programming

Sandy: not emotionally empathetic to a child's needs

BethanyCreslane: Could not differentiate

Vitaut Arabello: will unpredictably get frozen with unforseen consequences...

JillMCreswell: how would they respond in an emergency?

Sandy: robots would not necessarily be inspiring

Shafonda: real life could throw a wrench in the robots day

Virginia Petitt: How would they respond to all the off-the-wall stuff that happens?

GabeCGHS: Robots like wrenches.

Shafonda: oh Gabe.... what about the wrench of life...

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: metric or standard?

Sandy: students may need the same information, but what about scaffolding?

Shafonda: my mom was gone partying last night so I couldnt get my permission slip signed

FrauSchaefer: exactly. how does scaffoldng occur for ALL learners

Shafonda: RIGHT Frau S!

Sandy: what about differentiation?

Virginia Petitt: I'm wondering how a robot would motivate students?

Shafonda: put the learning aside (60% of the day's teachings), what about emotional, social, etc

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: How about classroom management?

Virginia Petitt: I would like to see a robot handle my daughter's 5th period (10th grade) class!

Sandy: May be good for standard's based promotion. the ease of repetition could be benficial

Shafonda: Buhl, a robot could whip out a wrench and throw.  bet they'd listen

Sandy: socket or crescent?

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: Heck, a robot would have more than a wrench!

GabeCGHS: If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a lesson.

Shafonda: large plumbing

GabeCGHS: Funny enough it also made children cry while praising them.

Shafonda: I am not sure that is something to boast about?

GabeCGHS: Bad joke, sorry

JillBohemia: Robot as administrator would be interesting?

Shafonda: Buhl does that but he doesnt shower, they cry from the stench

JillMCreswell: is the robot  remote controlled or self directed?




Shafonda: good questin Jill

Sandy: does it display disappointment? That is the one that really gets kids

Autumn Maker: Not sure how long parents would side with robot after they cry!?!

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: I shower, just don't use soap!

Shafonda: :)

Shafonda: I wonder what kids would say about this article....we may be biased as teachers

MariaCreswell: I would love to give it to my kids to read

MariaCreswell: I think I will :)

MariaCreswell: haha

Shafonda: yes, just ask DeVoss

Sandy: Hey, that's why I live in a mansion and ride in a Limo every day to work

Shafonda: they probably wouldn't even need a prep

Sandy: no prep, just a power break and upload

Shafonda: Ah, Sandy, isn't that a Toyota? I get the mansion part

GabeCGHS: Power break and upload kind of sounds like my actual prep...

Sandy: have a chevy now.

Virginia Petitt: I agree!

Shafonda: oh, is  45 giving a speach about himself. shoot, sorry to miss it.

Shafonda: to start off with this article, for example, would you, the teacher help come up with a claim

Sandy: I might have the class brainstorm possible claims.

Sandy: That would help get kids to begin making claims

Shafonda: A great opportunity for a think pair, share

deborahcreswell: "Your evidence isn't strong enough".  That's something I'm telling my students all the time when I'm grading their essays.

Sandy: I just lost sound

Sandy: back

Shafonda: seeing both sides is powerful to validating your own arguments. "Know the other side!"

Vitaut Arabello: Please remember to visit our website periodically. We record every SL session, add chat transcript to it and post there. Say, if you suddenly lost sound, you can watch and listen it there.

Sandy: Can we also have the power points posted?

Vitaut Arabello: I will post it, too. Additionally, all the presentations we have ever seen here inworld are in that long gallery to the south from our place.

Sandy: ok,  thanks

Autumn Maker whispers: I've been using those "Crime and Puzzlement" pieces with my middle schoolers and they LOVE arguing their POV of what happened!

Autumn Maker whispers: I've been using those "Crime and Puzzlement" pieces with my middle schoolers and they LOVE arguing their POV of what happened!

Vitaut Arabello: Autumn, how to whisper? I cannot do it.

Autumn Maker: Also been great because analogy of needing to show what your evidence proves via a court and lawyers makes so much sense to them!

Autumn Maker: Oh! I didn't know I was. :0)

Vitaut Arabello: :-)

Mary Harwood: I always do it by accident, Ulad!

Sandy: Prezi is GREAT!

Vitaut Arabello: Oh, yeah. Very effective.

Autumn Maker: Also maybe tips for how to lead them to the best/strongest pieces of evidence?

FrauSchaefer: that would be awesome to see

deborahcreswell: I have to go.  See you next time.

Vitaut Arabello: Good night, Deborah!

Shafonda: adios

Mary Harwood whispers: Whisper

chuckjamesdaniel: Thanks, as always, Peggy.

JillBohemia: Thanks Peggy

DeanCreslane: Good Night All

Sandy: Thanks Peggy

Virginia Petitt: Thanks, Peggy!

Vitaut Arabello: Thanks!

MariaCreswell: Thank you, see you in two weeks

BethanyCreslane: Thanks!

Mary Harwood whispers: I think I figured it out. Press shift enter to whisper.

Autumn Maker: Good night!

JillMCreswell: thank you,  good night

Virginia Petitt whispers: trying out the whisper command...

Virginia Petitt whispers: er

Vitaut Arabello whispers: Trying, too...

Virginia Petitt: How to unwhisper??

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl whispers: Shhhhh

Vitaut Arabello: depress shift?

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: it works!

Virginia Petitt: Oh--the next chat post goes back to normal

Virginia Petitt: Gotta go--bye everyone!

Mary Harwood: Bye, Virginia

Virginia Petitt: Bye Mary!

Mary Harwood: Ulad, hold down the shift key when you press enter to post the chat.

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: e-mail the curriculum

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: genetics would be a good tie in

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: cool

Buhltiful  Brian Vollmer-Buhl: ok, thanks!

Vitaut Arabello: Adjourned! Thank you, Peggy!

KHawks: Thank you!

Vitaut Arabello: Flying to another place inworld... So long, colleagues!