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STELLAR Chat 3/09/16

posted Mar 9, 2016, 9:06 PM by Mary Harwood

Kimkcreswell: The media has the power to create a negative sense of  body image in society.  Age and experience allows people to see the truth.

PeggyGordonOakridge: You will learn to accept your body eventually.

Mary Harwood: Seeing beauty in ourselves often takes time.

Olsoeric: The author is making the claim that it is a shame that women are unable to feel comfortable in her own skin

hollievi: I heard a lot about the struggles women go through everyday when being put in a position where we feel we have to meet societies demands of what defines beauty.  I really like the part about how she was compared to the father's side of the family and thinking about what that looks like in a literal sense.

Lynn Creswell: I think that the author is  describing the impact and power of "words" for good and for bad in a person's life.

Kimkcreswell: As a beginning essay, the whale paper had a beginning, support and a conclusion

hollievi: This was just discussed on CNN regarding Tilikum and his captivity and current state of health.  I think it would be thoughtful to use current events as a basis for writing argumentative essays.  We could learn about what is currently happening in the world while we work on forming our own perspectives/arguments.

Mary Harwood:

Kimkcreswell: oh did not know that we can use more than "the vts" lesson.    When I fill it out I have taught vts 4 class periods and only fill out one log.  Should I fill out for each period?

Lynn Creswell: takes me to Go Daddy

Kimkcreswell: ok

PeggyGordonOakridge: I tried in the address and it is not coming up

kholst: me too

hollievi: can you please explain again where we can find the e-log on the screen?

Mary Harwood:

Lynn Creswell: works

Kimkcreswell: love the calendar

PeggyGordonOakridge: Thank you. Good night.

Kimkcreswell: goodnight

Lynn Creswell: Good Night

hollievi: Thanks have a good night

kholst: Thanks!  Good night:)

dgordon: Thanks Peggy, I will see you later.

dgordon: I still have to go back to school to get ready for My Future My Choice which starts tomorrow.

Mary Harwood: Tireless!