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STELLAR Chat 3/13/18

posted Mar 13, 2018, 8:04 PM by Mary Harwood

STELLAR Chat 3/13/18



[18:47] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Greetings all!

[18:48] emasmith101: Hi Mary!

[18:48] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Peggy and Kim are chatting. Be sure you can hear them. Sound check!

[18:49] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Checking in

[18:49] dkbillie: First time my sound worked the first log-in!

[18:50] Vitaut Arabello: Congrats, dkbillie!

[18:50] vdavis360: I can hear now. Hooray!

[18:50] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): intuitive

[18:50] emasmith101: I cant hear talking just typing

[18:50] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): emamith101, log out and come back in.

[18:51] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Yeah vdavis360!

[18:51] Vitaut Arabello: Check out regularly, all the recordings and presentations are posted there.

[18:51] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): What a relief for you, dkbillie

[18:53] Vitaut Arabello: Just like here inworld :-(

[18:53] Vitaut Arabello: Good evening, Todd!

[18:54] Universal Actor (belarusian.monday): OMG

[18:54] toddgrassman (tgrassman): Hello

[18:54] emasmith101: hi Todd!

[18:54] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Hi! Nice seeing you today.

[18:55] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Sound check! Can you all hear Peggy and Kim chatting?

[18:55] phbillies5: Yes, nice seeing you today too Mary!

[18:55] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): :)

[18:55] toddgrassman (tgrassman): Hey Emily!

[18:55] phbillies5: I can hear Peggy and Kim.

[19:00] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Good evening!

[19:00] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Hello!

[19:01] thompsontheterrible: Hello!!

[19:01] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): Hello!

[19:01] ecdanna: Hi!

[19:04] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): Hello, Tami Blue!

[19:04] ecdanna: Silent moment: nailed it

[19:05] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): I am really good at allowing the silent moment and thank you....

[19:05] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Hello Marylin

[19:05] thompsontheterrible: Silent moment, nailed it!

[19:05] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): Sorry, misspelled your name.

[19:05] Rachachelle: silent, what more can we find, linking comments = nailed it

[19:06] tmeinzen: Can I use a silent 10 minutes? OK, 10 Seconds.

[19:06] dkbillie: I sometimes have difficulty getting my class to be silent during the silent moment.  They like to react out loud.  At least once, I turned off the screen and we started all the way over.

[19:06] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): I missed the linking comments.

[19:06] vdavis360: I forget to ask Q3 when I have a room full of raised hands.

[19:07] phbillies5: I agree vdavis360

[19:07] Rachachelle: I find it helps if I turn back to the image and ask what more can we find while not looking at the kids. They see me looking more and it is a reminder to myself

[19:07] vdavis360: Good idea, Rachelle!

[19:08] ecdanna: whats going on in this image: nailed it. What do you say that makes you say: working on it. What more can we find: nailed it. Paraphrasing every comment: working on it. Neutral and conditional language: working on it. Linking comments: working on it. Thank you: nailed it.

[19:08] toddgrassman (tgrassman): Yes, good tip Rachelle.

[19:08] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): What can I do so I have sound?

[19:08] emasmith101: I had to sign out and sign back in

[19:09] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Tami, you don't have a sound icon with your avatar. Tyr logging out and back in. If you still have trouble, call me: 541-543-7054

[19:09] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Try

[19:09] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): What is your phone number, Tami? I will call you via Skype, and you will hear.

[19:09] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Okay, see you back in a second.

[19:09] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): Oh, Mary can do it.

[19:10] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): Paraphrasing every comment, working on it.

[19:10] Vitaut Arabello: Solving it...

[19:10] tmeinzen: I think the paraphrasing is the most challenging task, especially in neutral language

[19:10] Ducky (bmccool): I agree

[19:11] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): I agree, I think the neutral language may actually be the issue.  If I paraphrase they sometimes think I'm doubting their idea.

[19:11] vdavis360: Today many students just listed items: "I see a rock." How do you paraphrase that?

[19:11] tmeinzen: Good question

[19:13] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): I prepped my students on the language ahead of time.  For example we talked about how, "what's going on in this picture" also means "what's happening."  I don't know if that's okay or not.  But, it seemed to make a big difference in how they responded with that question.

[19:14] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): That's the first time I thought about using directional language. I like the possibilities it provides.

[19:15] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): Yes, they are in 2nd grade.

[19:16] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): Thank you!  Now they are to the point where I can say, "What's going on in this picture."

[19:16] vdavis360: I have noticed my students imitating my conditional language: "I think it might be..."

[19:18] vdavis360: One of my students used the word "background" in her comment today!

[19:18] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): The kids are starting to make their answers longer because they have gotten use to me asking for more....

[19:19] emasmith101: my kiddos are starting to use the vocabulary. like using the statements "In the foreground I see..."

[19:19] phbillies5: Yes, my students are backing their observation with evidence they see without me prompting it as much.

[19:19] emasmith101: they are also feeding off of each other

[19:19] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): vdavis, next word of theirs will be "foreground"! ;-0

[19:20] vdavis360: I'll look forward to that next, Marylin!

[19:20] toddgrassman (tgrassman): I agree, students are using more evidence in my class without prompting too.

[19:20] tmeinzen: Are high school students reacting similarly? Mine are more skeptical.

[19:20] Rachachelle: I'm having a hard time with them providing evidence before I ask for it. It is a good problem, but I still am trying to hone my skills

[19:21] tmeinzen: Skeptical of the formulaic nature of the inquiry. But I could sweeten the pot for their motivation.

[19:22] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): I actually used it in one of my math problems today: what is going on in this problem ( we were working on algebraic equations).

[19:22] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): If students are providing the "what they see that makes them say that" with their initial response, do you just incorporate it into the paraphrase?

[19:23] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): ie. No follow up question?

[19:23] tmeinzen: This has helped me with interpreting political cartoons. I just need to be patient.

[19:23] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): I thinkk\ my 6th graders like Hearing the questions to VTS because they have learned they all have something to contribute, even thought we have only done about 4/5 structured lessons.

[19:24] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Thanks!

[19:24] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): *sorry about spelling...toddlers in the room

[19:30] phbillies5: Could we see that last screen one more second

[19:31] phbillies5: Sorry!

[19:31] phbillies5: Yes thank you

[19:31] Vitaut Arabello: I clicked several times, it works

[19:31] phbillies5: Just wanted to take a screen shot. done! Thanks!

[19:32] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): Remember to regularly check out , all our inworld recordings appear there.

[19:33] Rachachelle: Oh wow ... I have a long ways to go on my paraphrasing!

[19:35] tmeinzen: You are noticing her crossed arms and legs and you are sensing that she must be uncertain about the man next to her.

[19:36] ecdanna: You are noticing the way her arms and legs are placed and this might mean she may be unsure of the man next to her.

[19:36] Rachachelle: You are noticing the womans body posture and believe it might indicate an uneasiness

[19:36] dkbillie: You are observing that the woman's posture with her arms and legs crossed.  Based on this you are inferring that she might not feel comfortable about the man standing there.

[19:37] tmeinzen: Might instead of Must...of course

[19:37] tmeinzen: way to go DKBillie! Inferring!! Woot woot!

[19:42] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): "You are recognizing that the darkness and lightness in the image might be a subtle clue as to the relationship between the man and the woman."

[19:43] tmeinzen: You are seeing contrasting areas  and connecting those areas to the vertical and horizontal lines.

[19:43] emasmith101: You have identified  the variety of lines in the background as well as the light contrast within the image.

[19:43] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): "You are sensing how the artist/photographer used lines in this image to convey a feeling. Do the bars remind you of something" I would ask my students that.

[19:44] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): I assumed the two comments were connected...I went there.

[19:44] phbillies5: I was initially thinking the comments were connected too.

[19:45] toddgrassman (tgrassman): You are thinking about contrasting elements in the piece.  You are noticing that the dark and light areas, and the vertical and horizontal lines show contrast.

[19:48] vdavis360: It does make sense.

[19:48] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Makes sense

[19:49] tmeinzen: Ahhh, these elevate the discussion. These framing terms.

[19:52] tmeinzen: Isn't this Edward Hicks, the Peaceable Kingdom?

[19:52] tmeinzen: Nice irony

[19:53] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Thats pretty entertaining.

[19:53] phbillies5: I remember this piece of artwork when I was in elementary school. :)

[19:53] Emily (emasmith101): me too my elementary teacher had it posted in our classroom

[19:53] tmeinzen: Good example, how to respond with encouragement, not judgment

[19:55] phbillies5: Are we going to see more writing integration?

[19:55] phbillies5: Ok thank you!

[19:55] tmeinzen: Yes

[19:55] tmeinzen: Good night.

[19:55] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Thank you Kim

[19:55] vdavis360: Yes, sounds good.

[19:55] phbillies5: Sounds good.

[19:55] ecdanna: Sounds good!

[19:55] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): sounds good

[19:56] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): It sounds good.

[19:56] vdavis360: Perfect! Thank you!

[19:56] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): Thank you!!

[19:56] Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): Fabulous--thank you!

[19:56] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Thanks!

[19:56] betade3: Thank you

[19:56] ecdanna: Thank you

[19:56] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Good night! "See" you in a few weeks

[19:56] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): Thank you and good night.

[19:57] thompsontheterrible: Thank you

[19:57] phbillies5: Thank you Kim!   Peggy, when should we expect to hear more about the requirements for those of us that are taking this for credit?

[19:57] Princess Natali (belarusiangirl.aristocrat): Thank you, Kim!

[19:57] toddgrassman (tgrassman): Great!

[19:57] Amaranto Barbosa: Thanks!

[19:57] tmeinzen: That sounds good! Good night Peggy.

[19:57] Emily (emasmith101): thank you have a good night all!

[19:57] betade3: When you drop them by LMS could you bring the pre assessment for 34 students please.

[19:57] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Oh, Awesome Peggy. Thank you so much! My kids beg me to do Crime and Puzzlement every day!

[19:57] Vitaut Arabello: Thank you, Kim!

[19:57] dkbillie: Thank you!

[19:57] vdavis360: Good night!

[19:58] betade3: Thank you Peggy.

[19:58] Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): Peggy, Koko has been using Crime and Puzzlement with her "credit recovery" students--they love it!

[19:59] phbillies5: I am excited about crime and puzzlement too.