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STELLAR Chat 4/03/18

posted Apr 3, 2018, 8:22 PM by Mary Harwood

[18:48] Vitaut Arabello: Kim, can you please confirm that you can advance slides?

[18:48] Vitaut Arabello: Good evening Mary!

[18:49] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Good evening, Ulad!

[18:49] kimaziz: yep!

[18:49] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): Oh, Kim can. Good!

[18:52] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Hello all! Peggy and I chatting. Sound check!

[18:53] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Hope you all had a refreshing and relaxing spring break.

[18:53] vdavis360: I can hear you!

[18:53] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): :)

[18:53] Universal Actor (belarusian.monday): Good!

[18:54] Emily (emasmith101): :)

[18:54] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): I hear you!

[18:57] Emily (emasmith101): I wanted to tell you guys I used a VTS like lesson for the painting Manifest Destiny painting to kick off my Oregon Trail unit, and I loved it! the kiddos really saw more then in previous years. So thank you guys!

[18:58] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): That's so great!

[18:58] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): My beagle steals all the blankets so my fort wouldn't last long..... sadly.

[18:58] Universal Actor (belarusian.monday): Delightful!

[18:58] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Amanda: LOL!

[18:58] Emily (emasmith101) whispers: Yes thank you!

[18:58] Emily (emasmith101): I dont know

[18:59] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): THank you!!!!

[19:00] Vitaut Arabello: 19:00 PST :-)

[19:00] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow) whispers: Last chance for a sound check

[19:01] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): type a / + whisper to whisper

[19:01] betade3: I am here.  Thank you

[19:02] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): :)

[19:02] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): Fantastic wings, betade3! :-)

[19:02] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): YES

[19:02] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Got it!

 [19:02] toddgrassman (tgrassman): Yes

[19:02] vdavis360: Yes

[19:02] phbillies5: Yes

[19:02] ecdanna: Yes

[19:03] tmeinzen: Tim is in

[19:03] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Welcome, Tim

[19:04] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): There's a time and a place for teacher input and for students to have the floor.

[19:05] Emily (emasmith101): I found with my class that they do ask on some pieces for my input

[19:06] vdavis360: As a teacher, I don't want to get in the way of their idea sharing.

[19:06] tmeinzen: In one image, Picasso's Saltimbanque, the kids were very curious about the story of the painting. Should I not tell it?

[19:08] toddgrassman (tgrassman): Good examples.  I will share that with my few that want the answer.

[19:09] phbillies5: Yes, me too.

[19:13] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): I include walking up to the projected image as part of the silent moment at the beginning. It works to help get the kids out of their chairs from time to time too.

[19:13] tmeinzen: Good idea!

[19:13] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): That's a good idea!

[19:14] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): I have noticed they have more engaged chatter once we sit down to start the VTS questions. It has been a fun element to learning this. For me and the kids.

[19:14] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Tami: I like how you model the activity you want your students to use.

[19:16] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): I did! I modeled how to walk around several angles to get a clearer picture of what we are looking at. We did one a week or so back that was super fun: a Dia de Los Muertos piece that the kids loved and had great ideas about.

[19:19] tmeinzen: I think when having kids react to images of people they don't identify with, it can elicit negative comments occasionally.

[19:21] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Should we stop the VTS discussion and address it immediately? Or "what do you see that makes you say that?"

[19:21] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): I'm thinking of one of the discussions we had on that first Saturday.

[19:25] tmeinzen: While I agree, doesn't informing kids about the real worlds of say Africa go against the philosophy of VTS?

[19:26] phbillies5: I love that! Bringing in books upon books on a certain topics, ex. Africa to broaden perspective. However to be honest, the challenge is how to fit that in to our already full schedule. Worth trying though!

[19:27] Emily (emasmith101): I agree Nicola!

[19:31] tmeinzen: I like this approach. I wonder if it would work with High Schoolers?

[19:31] tmeinzen: A highlighter would help.

[19:32] tmeinzen: Will this be template be sent to us?

[19:32] phbillies5: Yes, I would be interested in using that with my fifth grade students.

[19:33] tmeinzen: Yes, the questions. Thanks

[19:33] Emily (emasmith101): me too

[19:33] betade3: Yes, I would like the questions

[19:33] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Thank you. That is cool. I am always working on getting the kids to put their thoughts on paper.

[19:36] phbillies5: It keeps giving the student ownership of their thoughts.

 [19:36] tmeinzen: Always reminding the student about their authorship of the comment, a good strategy I think in general.

[19:36] Emily (emasmith101): I like the reference of time to the student

[19:36] phbillies5: "to you" "for you"

[19:38] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): It also gets at the heart of how we make snap judgments and presumptions. If students are making assumptions about things we should make the aware of their thinking.

[19:38] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): From the previous slide

[19:39] tmeinzen: Yes, that is so important, kids, and (we) operate so often on assumptions.

[19:43] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): What we were just saying about "to you"

[19:43] tmeinzen: Focus on where they are "looking"

[19:43] phbillies5: Validating "to you...." but allowing other students to see something else.

[19:45] betade3: Guides the student to identify the evidence for their claim.

[19:45] phbillies5: What do you see that makes you say they are two boys?

[19:45] phbillies5: boys vs girls

[19:45] phbillies5: gender

[19:45] toddgrassman (tgrassman): What do you see that makes you say they are taking turns?

[19:45] tmeinzen: This is easier for some kids to comment on action rather than a still image, because action calls for more of the imagination

[19:45] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): What makes you think they may be taking turns?  I like the one she chose to use though.

[19:46] banducinni: She could have had the student expand on their other points but I like the point they have the student expand on.

[19:48] tmeinzen: "You agree"

[19:50] tmeinzen: What do you see? ask for evidence in a serious way

[19:52] tmeinzen: The 3rd kid elevates the discussion with deeper examination of shadows

[19:52] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): The shadow makes it look like the child has an arm.

[19:53] tmeinzen: And the facilitator suggests that shadows are shapes

[19:53] vdavis360: Does she mention comparing the shapes in hopes of them noticing both arms?

[19:53] toddgrassman (tgrassman): Good follow up question, led students to examine the shape of the shadows.

[19:53] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): I like how the teacher phrases it as, "comparing the shapes."

[19:55] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): yes, I completely agree!

[19:56] tmeinzen: elephants in the room

 [19:56] vdavis360: They are building on each other's ideas.

[19:58] tmeinzen: you spoke of elements in the room

[19:58] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Freudian slip?

[19:59] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Darn autocorrect ;-)

[20:01] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): Every inworld session is recorded and put on our website: Feel free to revisit and rewatch.

[20:01] Vitaut Arabello: E.g. here is March 13, 2018:

here is February 27, 2018:

here is February 13, 2018:

[20:01] Duc Ewing: and here is January 20, 2018, that actually took place in the real but we imagined it in SL:

[20:01] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Can you make sure to have lower elementary writing examples as well?

[20:01] tmeinzen: Peggy, what are we to do with our reflections? What must be turned in. Thanks Kim for the Email.

[20:02] Vitaut Arabello: Thank you!

[20:02] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Okay- Thank you!

[20:02] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Thank you, Kim!

 [20:02] Duc Ewing: Very informative stuff!

[20:02] tmeinzen: Thanks Kim

[20:02] Universal Actor (belarusian.monday): Thanks a lot!

[20:02] phbillies5: I had May 1st written down. Is that supposed to be May 8th instead or in addition to?

[20:02] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Thanks

[20:02] vdavis360: Thank you!

[20:02] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Thank you Kim!,

[20:02] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): Thank you!

[20:02] ecdanna: Thank you!

[20:02] betade3: Thank you

[20:02] Xammurapi Hammerer: Cool!

[20:02] thompsontheterrible: Thank you

[20:02] Amaranto Barbosa: Thank you!

[20:02] Emily (emasmith101): thanks guys have a wonderful evening everyone!

[20:02] tmeinzen: Peggy, do we turn in our reflections? if so where?

[20:03] vdavis360: I also have May 1st written down. Is it the 1st or the 8th?

[20:03] tmeinzen: Thanks!

[20:03] phbillies5: Thank you Mary!

[20:04] tmeinzen: Do we meet on the 8th or the 1st?

[20:05] betade3: I can put the pre-tests in the office in an envelope so that you could pick them up at your convenience.

[20:05] phbillies5: So Peggy you will email us regarding the 1st or 8th???

[20:05] phbillies5: Thank you!

[20:06] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Our next planned meeting is April 17. Peggy needs to confirm the May date.

[20:07] tmeinzen: OK, we will wait for your word. Goodnight..

[20:07] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Night!

[20:07] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): See you in 2 weeks! Night !

[20:07] vdavis360: Great; thanks!

[20:07] phbillies5: Thank you

[20:08] Vitaut Arabello: Glad to see you, colleagues, this evening. All went splendid. Good night!

[20:08] betade3: Sounds good.

[20:09] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Good night, Ulad!