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STELLAR Chat 4/06/16

posted Apr 6, 2016, 9:17 PM by Mary Harwood   [ updated Apr 12, 2016, 1:31 PM by Ulad Slabin ]

Mary Harwood: Hi y'all. Hope everyone had some to to refresh this spring break.

Lynn Creswell: Yep, but I am ready for another!

Kimkcreswell: Mary is the screen is blurry can I fix it?

Mary Harwood: I think it is a bit blurry. If so, there's nothing we can do to adjust it. Does it look really bad to you?

BridgettOakridge: It was blurry for me too and I clicked on it and it straightened out

Mary Harwood: Another break? Is tha an option?

Mary Harwood: that

Kimkcreswell: not the whole screen, just the Welcome screen is all blurred out

Mary Harwood: If you are looking at the screen from an angle, it may appear blurry. Try moving or adjusting your camera viewer.

Mary Harwood: Camera controls> click on the perpendicular arrows

BooksandMarks: Tina B from Oakridge

BooksandMarks: ok

BooksandMarks: thank you

Mary Harwood: Emily can you hear me?

Mary Harwood whispers: Emily?

Mary Harwood: We are not meeting here. We are meeting in another place.

Mary Harwood: We are not meeting here. We are meeting in another place.

EmilyLevy: oh!

EmilyLevy: Thank you!

Mary Harwood: I can show you

EmilyLevy: OK

Mary Harwood whispers: Can you hear me?

EmilyLevy: no

Mary Harwood: follow me

rcameronuo: I'm getting some horrible audio interference here.

PeggyGordonOakridge: Reflex Math Fact program that I participated in last year (Reflex grant funded the first year)  Celina  Stone contact at Reflex

Mary Harwood: Definitely full of something!

kholst: Peer interactions and responses

Kimkcreswell: Marilyn M.  weighed 160 and was revered

kholst: her father's reaction to her

Bevoakridge: quotes from her mother and anecdotes about the party she went to.

Presenter Yoon VTS small TV: You do not have permission to use this viewer.

Presenter Yoon VTS small TV: You may request permission from the owner, by clicking the lock on the side of the screen.

JSMAAF: It encourages deeper looking.

Robert: Can you address getting beyond the 5-paragraph essay in argument writing? I'm seeing so much of that. Ugh!

Robert: So how can we get beyond that?

Robert: Thank, Mary!

Kimkcreswell: amen sister

Mary Harwood:

Lynn Creswell: I also agree--my students need to be able to recognize and use complete sentences before they get creative with sentence structure. . . . or use a "non structure"

Robert: Reviving the Essay by Gretchen Bernabei, one of Barry Lane's cohorts.

Mary Harwood: Strong Rhythm and Rhymes

Mary Harwood: Feeling sympathetic with Robert

BooksandMarks: I did a search on Amazon and couldn't find 21 Sentence Styles. Sounds interesting, though.

BooksandMarks: ok :)

Mary Harwood: I love that book

Mary Harwood: Mary Harwood:

Mary Harwood: Strong Rhythm and Rhymes

Robert: Interesting...I'll check it out.

Kendra Creswell: We are finding the templates in They say/I say helpful in helping students enter the argument in different ways.

Lynn Creswell: We are also finding They Say, I Say useful . . .

Robert: YES!

Virginia Petitt: LOVE this!

Robert: Yes, good job, Mary!

BooksandMarks: Good stuff. Thank you!

JaredCreswell: Thanks!

Lynn Creswell: I really enjoyed this practical application!

Mary Harwood: Thanks

kholst: Nice job. Thanks!

mrsdawndean: Thank you.

mrsdawndean: Goodnight everyone

Virginia Petitt: Thanks Mary!

Bevoakridge: Thanks, Mary, and Peggy

Olsoeric: thanks

EmilyLevy: thank you!

Kendra Creswell: Thank you

Janelle Creswell: thank you!

Mary Harwood: Hi Virginia

kholst: Goodnight everyone.  Thanks!

Mary Harwood: Thanks Ulad

BooksandMarks: Did you post a link to the new website?

Mary Harwood:

BooksandMarks: thx