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STELLAR Chat 5-01-18

posted May 1, 2018, 8:04 PM by Mary Harwood

STELLAR Chat 5-01-18


[18:52] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Good eeeevening!

[18:53] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): I just have a personal note to share or vent. I woke up on Saturday morning and someone had stolen my 3 year old pink decorative dogwood tree. Who steals someones tree?????

[18:53] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): YES!!!!

[18:53] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): That's terrible!

[18:53] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): 8 foot

[18:54] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): They are thin and don't weigh much

[18:54] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): about 5 feet around

[18:54] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): That's so wrong on so many levels.

[18:54] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): They grow really slowly but are absolutely beautiful!

[18:54] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Sound check! Can everyone hear PEggy?

[18:55] vdavis360: Nope! Guess I will log out and in again.

[18:55] Vitaut Arabello: Yes, I can.

[18:55] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): We had to install cameras Sunday because this is the third time plants have been taken from my yard.

[18:55] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): They said they would look for a truck driving around with a tree and pretty much laugh at my call.

[18:55] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): River Road near the county

[18:55] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): :o

[18:56] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): country

[18:56] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): between midnight and 7 am?????

[18:56] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): I know, right.

[18:57] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Plus, they stole it mid bloom so they basically just killed it

[18:57] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): You don't transplant trees in spring... so it was for no reason

[18:57] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): This just keeps gtting worse and worse

[18:58] Vitaut Arabello: :-(

[18:58] vdavis360: How awful; so sorry that happened.

[18:58] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Oh well! It could've been worse and they stole my beloved beagle!!!! yikes.

[18:59] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Trying to find the positive

[19:00] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): But secretly, I hope it grows up big and tall and then falls on the truck they stole it in

[19:00] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): very much so

[19:00] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Yep it is a goner

[19:02] Emily (emasmith101): I had a large piece of granite rock stolen from my front yard when we moved in it is so weird what people will steal

[19:02] Emily (emasmith101) whispers: i love monty python!

[19:03] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): yes, we had to move all of our potted plants to the backyard and installed cameras to watch our yard and try to keep the things that we alreay have

[19:03] Vitaut Arabello: Peggy, you are in the air over us... Can everyone hear you?

[19:04] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): I can hear her

[19:04] vdavis360: I can hear.

[19:04] phbillies5: I can hear

[19:04] ecdanna: I can hear.

[19:04] toddgrassman (tgrassman): I can hear fine.

[19:04] Vitaut Arabello: OK then.

[19:04] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): It's like the whose on first converstation

[19:04] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): I can hear!

[19:39] Ducky (bmccool): .

[19:41] Vitaut Arabello: E.g this one:

[19:42] Vitaut Arabello: Yes, a museum:

[19:42] Vitaut Arabello: Both in Second Life but there are many Real-Life, too.

[19:43] Vitaut Arabello: No, it is quick.

[19:43] Vitaut Arabello: It opens in a browser.

[19:43] Vitaut Arabello: E.g this one:

[19:42] Vitaut Arabello: Yes, a museum:

[19:43] Emily (emasmith101): Natural History museum in DC also has a wonderful virtual tour. It is not all art but some of the artifacts might be a good writing prompt.

[19:44] Vitaut Arabello: ..and so does the Smithsonian.

[19:45] Vitaut Arabello: Sound disapeared...

[19:45] Emily (emasmith101): and Monticello

 [19:45] toddgrassman (tgrassman): I lost sound too

[19:45] tmeinzen: Yup, now you are back

[19:45] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Phew!

[19:45] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): You're back

[19:45] toddgrassman (tgrassman): you are back

[19:46] tmeinzen: We have to make sure a claim is not a "contemptible" statement:)

[19:46] tmeinzen: bad pun

[19:47] tmeinzen: no sound again

[19:47] Ducky (bmccool): no sound but typing

[19:47] Vitaut Arabello: a chemical laboratory of the same kind, if you will:

[19:47] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): Thank you for sharing this site.

[19:47] Vitaut Arabello: Peggy was logged out

[19:47] vdavis360: I can hear Mary, but not Peggy.

[19:48] Vitaut Arabello: we have to wait for some minutes

[19:48] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Welcome back!

[19:48] toddgrassman (tgrassman): It was interesting to see how a simple daily schedule can turn into argument topics.

[19:48] vdavis360: I liked the idea of making lists. It's something second graders would like and be able to do.

[19:49] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Kids love lists ... and so do I!

[19:49] phbillies5: Me too.

[19:49] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): As a middle school teacher, I think it would be great if all of our teachers would have students complete at least one paragraph of writing in their class each week.

[19:49] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): I agree. I think kids should write in every class, every day. Even just a sentence or two.

[19:49] thompsontheterrible: I like the drawn out schedule throughout the week.  It helps some of my students write larger ideas without being overwhelmed .

 [19:50] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): It's important to write about critical content, too.

[19:50] tmeinzen: Yes, that would be good in high school, but how would you give meaningful feedback for  140 kids

[19:50] phbillies5: In fifth grade, we work on paragraph writing regularly. However, it amazes me how long it takes some students to write a complete paragraph.

 [19:50] Vitaut Arabello: It was kind of a massive logout some minutes ago: I have five computers running, and three of them were out of SL.

[19:51] tmeinzen: Are teachers assessing writing while kids are writing, or are they taking the writing home?

[19:51] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Sometimes, the writing can just be for the sake of their thinking, not for the sake of writing

[19:52] tmeinzen: How do you get boys to write more than 1.5 sentences?

[19:53] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Another idea is to have kids write in preparation for a discussion. Then, have them bring their notes to a class discussion.

[19:53] thompsontheterrible: I like the flipped classroom idea for writing.

[19:54] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Jon Skiezka has a site called Guys Read to encourage boys to read and write.

[19:54] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Lots of ideas online, too, if you Google "boys write".

[19:54] tmeinzen: Thanks, I will look into this.

[19:55] banducinni: I cant here anything

[19:55] banducinni: hear

[19:55] phbillies5: Allowing my boys (as well as girls) choice in their writing topic, always helps.

[19:55] Emily (emasmith101): comic books, I have had a lot of boys that love to draw and then i have them turn it into comics

[19:55] Vitaut Arabello: Hi, I just raced over to Ulad's ofice...Thannk you for the wonderful feedback.  Please enjo exploring mseums on line.  We will see next time.

 [19:56] phbillies5: Good idea Emily!

[19:56] Emily (emasmith101): I had one boy then go into graphic novels

[19:56] Emily (emasmith101): it was fabulous!

[19:57] Vitaut Arabello: I can her you OK, Peggy.

[19:57] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): Good night.  Thank you

[19:57] tmeinzen: Thanks

[19:57] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Good night

[19:57] thompsontheterrible: Thank you

[19:57] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): Thank you!

[19:57] ecdanna: Thanks!

[19:57] vdavis360: Thank you. Good night!

[19:57] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Thank you everyone.

[19:57] Emily (emasmith101): thanks guys have a good evening!

[19:57] Ducky (bmccool): Thank you for the ideas!

[19:58] phbillies5: Thank you! One more time, when is our next class?

[19:59] tmeinzen: May 8th??

[19:59] Vitaut Arabello: Thank you for the presentation, Peggy!

[20:00] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Peggy, participants would like a reminder of the next class date, which I think is May 15.

[20:00] phbillies5: May 15 and 29? Is that right?

[20:00] phbillies5: May 15 and 29? Is that right?

[20:01] tmeinzen: OK, 15th and 29th

[20:01] Vitaut Arabello: Tim.  You have the correct dates.

[20:01] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): I'll have Peggy confirm. Have a great rest of the week!

[20:02] phbillies5: Thank you!

[20:02] phbillies5: You as well!

[20:02] Vitaut Arabello: See you. Mary!

[20:02] Vitaut Arabello: Good night!

[20:03] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): night!