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STELLAR Chat 5/08/18

posted May 8, 2018, 8:11 PM by Mary Harwood

STELLAR Chat 5/08/18


[19:03] tmeinzen: Noticing the background, which is perceptive. You are seeing the larger, deeper context.

[19:03] vdavis360: I see you are noticing an image in the background that might be a boat.

[19:03] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Sorry to be late.

[19:04] dkbillie: You see something in the background that you think could be a boat.

[19:04] Emily (emasmith101): alright I hear you say that you notice an object that might be a boat in the background. what more can you find

[19:05] Vitaut Arabello: Most of us are watching the presentation up close but there is an actual boat (scooner) currently floating behind the presentation board :-)

[19:06] Vitaut Arabello: Good evening Virginia!

[19:09] tmeinzen: Capturing the mood of the fellow rowing the boat; You are sensing the mood of the person who has the fish in the rowboat.

[19:10] Emily (emasmith101): I hear that you that you have identified a possible character in the image and maybe put the image in a fictional sense as well as identified his emotion.

[19:10] tmeinzen: The fellow rowing the boat is nervous. Drop the more creative observations/constructions?

[19:10] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): You are noticing that this figure is rowing away from something. What do you see that makes you see that he is escaping from something?

[19:11] tmeinzen: Should we drop the creative interpretation?

[19:12] tmeinzen: OK, so we reward what we pay attention to. Got it.

[19:15] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): So, you think that this may be a picture of a mermaid poacher and that they may be nervous about being caught.

[19:15] Vitaut Arabello: weird and goofy :-)

[19:21] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): It's almost magical!

[19:25] tmeinzen: Depth of thinking is reflectec in word count if word count is progressing.

[19:26] dkbillie: Many students I see try to write the minimum required.  I would love seeing growing word counts and them taking the time to support their observations or comments with additional details.

[19:26] Emily (emasmith101): I think I would be most excited with supported observation and inferrence so I know that there is some kind of comprehension and that the students are really looking and dissecting

[19:26] Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): Details in observation might indicate student language acquisition and development

 [19:27] vdavis360: Speculation / conditional language promotes friendly class discussions where we can share different ideas about the same topic without judgement or hard feelings.

[19:28] Emily (emasmith101): yes I agree

[19:29] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): When you make the transition to writing (after exposure to VTS), you can begin to share some sentence frames that will support more writing, making inferences and using evidence. (I know this because...)

[19:30] tmeinzen: more thinking, flexible thinking, respectful debates, all so important for teaching!

 [19:30] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): Speculation and multiple possibilities assess thinking. It is difficult to assess thinking.

[19:33] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Agreed!

[19:35] dkbillie: The sentences are more complex.

[19:35] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): She's still using the sentence frame, but she's also moving on to tell more detail.

[19:35] tmeinzen: I see interaction of elements, I see emotion and setting

[19:36] tmeinzen: Ah narrative tools. What is going on? The key question.

[19:36] vdavis360: "I think..." is speculative.

[19:37] tmeinzen: Getting kids to recognize limits on their observations is excellent.

[19:44] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): evidence is there

[19:44] vdavis360: He is justifying his thinking with evidence from the art.

[19:44] tmeinzen: The writer is describing depth in setting, I see evidence based thinking in the "gripped together."

[19:45] dkbillie: I like the speculation about the boy that "might've" fallen and evidence for it.

 [19:47] phbillies5: This is an interesting idea.

[19:47] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): And what did you do that makes you say that? LOL

[19:49] tmeinzen: I wonder if this will work as well in High school?

[19:49] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): Kinders love it!

[19:50] Rachachelle: We are doing habitats right now. I would like to do a VTS note taking on their habitats tomorrow.

[19:50] tmeinzen: Good to know. Specific goals.

[19:51] tmeinzen: The problem I have is motivation. Kids want to know, how much is this worth.

[19:53] tmeinzen: I think that getting kids exposed and practiced early is the key. I kind of despaired getting my High Schoolers to make an effort.

[19:53] betade3: What would you think about sharing the rubrics with middle school students and outlining ways of thinking like you discussed as the objective.

 [19:54] Emily (emasmith101): I love this!!

[19:56] Universal Actor (belarusian.monday): Thank you, Kim, for this brilliant presentation!

[19:56] Duc Ewing: Thank you, Kim. I learned a lot!

[19:56] Amanda McMichael (amandajeniece): THank you !

[19:56] tmeinzen: Thanks Kim, the slides are available online I assume?

[19:56] Vitaut Arabello: Great!

[19:56] Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): This is SO amazing to see how beneficial this is to students!

[19:56] vdavis360: This has been great. Thanks so much!

[19:56] Inga  PHHS (iperham3): I appreciate your happy voice and enthusiasm.

[19:56] tmeinzen: Art is where it will start!

[19:56] Lori Barrong (lbarrong): Thank you!

[19:56] Emily (emasmith101): Thank you, my kiddos love our fine art fridays!

[19:57] tmeinzen: Downloadable???

[19:57] Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): Thank you!

[19:57] dkbillie: Lots of great ideas and applications!

[19:59] Peggy Marconi (ruby.flanagan): Thank you Kim.

[19:59] betade3: Did I miss your answer to my question about sharing the rubrics with middle school students?

[19:57] Vitaut Arabello: Yes, the slides are posted on our website in the next few days, along with the recording.

[19:57] tmeinzen: Thanks Kim, really wonderful stuff.

[19:57] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): The videos and chat are available on the UO Stellar website.

[19:57] Peggy Marconi (ruby.flanagan): Ulad will post this presentation on our web page by the end of the week.

[19:57] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Thank you so much!

[19:58] Vitaut Arabello: Thanks, mary, for having this link ready.

[19:58] Vitaut Arabello: Mary

[19:58] tmeinzen: Thanks Peggy, Ulad.

[19:58] Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow):  

[19:59] Marylin Monroe (imanta.hammerer): Thank you, Kim, for appreciating Second Life and placing this screen shot as the last slide!

[19:59] tmeinzen: Peggy, what is the website again?

[19:59] Vitaut Arabello:

[20:00] betade3: Wondering what you think about sharing the rubrics and discuss the thinking stategies that we are working on.

[20:00] Peggy Marconi (ruby.flanagan):

[20:00] Vitaut Arabello: More precise:

[20:01] Peggy Marconi (ruby.flanagan): Thanks Ulad.

[20:01] Vitaut Arabello: Once on, click "Teacher website"

[20:01] betade3: Thank you!

[20:02] tmeinzen: Thanks a bunch.

[20:02] dkbillie: Thank you!

[20:02] TamiBloom (twentybuck7): Thank you, Kim.

[20:02] phbillies5: Thank you!

[20:02] Emily (emasmith101): thanks night have a a good week

[20:02] phbillies5: Next class is May 29th?

[20:03] phbillies5: Thanks!

[20:04] betade3: Is there a way I could access materials or info from the VTS and science conference she attended?