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STELLAR Chat 6-01-16

posted Jun 8, 2016, 8:32 PM by Mary Harwood

STELLAR Chat 6-01

Mary Harwood: STELLAR Test of Visual Literacy: 1. Relevant observations, 2. Relevant interpretations, 3. Use of evidence to support interpretation

Virginia Petitt: Peggy, I did not receive a link

Virginia Petitt: no problem

Kimkcreswell: Do we just need our real names? no passwords for the surveys.

Mary Harwood: Peggy says to use your real name. Your name will be taken off when the survey is tallyed.

Mary Harwood: I'm taking notes for the chat log. :)

Marylin Monroe: If you choose to take the surveys while in Second Life, just click on a mushroom and begin. The one on the left if for Critical Thinking, the one on the right is the Visual literacy.

Lynn Creswell: Good bye--I'm off to so the surveys!

Virginia Petitt: OK i'll check my email

jocelynkaye: Peggy, I clicked the mushroom on the right but I am still here.

jocelynkaye: I am not sure what I was expecting:)

Marylin Monroe: I think, everybody will hear others as long as s/he stays in Second Life, even with windows minimized.

Mary Harwood: ;)

jocelynkaye: ok, I will try that.  Thanks.