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STELLAR Chat 6-08-16

posted Jun 8, 2016, 8:33 PM by Mary Harwood

STELLAR Chat 6-08-16

Lynn Creswell: Phew!

Kimkcreswell: now she is on her own chair

Lynn Creswell: I feel better about that . . .

AshleighKing: is this the location we are meeting at tonight?

dgordon: I I would think they will check here if it isn't

Lynn Creswell: Peggy was here but faded away

JSMAAF: I sat here because I saw everyone else sitting here!

jocelynkaye: I am here

Lynn Creswell: Let the games begin

JSMAAF: Hope everyone is doing well and ready for the end of the year.

jocelynkaye: LOL

Mary Harwood: I checked the island map. Everyone is here. I think Peggy is having connectivity trouble.

Mary Harwood: How is it the end of the year already?

YoonKO: Hi Arthurina - I'm here too in the front row : )

Kimkcreswell: There is no swim gesture, how will I swim?

AshleighKing: Well, Jocelyn is here, so let's get the party started :)

rcameronuo: Hi all, Peggy is having trouble with her connection but will be here ASAP

Mary Harwood: Ready or not ...

AshleighKing: Yes!!

jocelynkaye: Sound is not good

Lynn Creswell: Yes

JSMAAF: Hi, Yoon!

BooksandMarksOakridge: could not understand

Kimkcreswell: It is the thought that counts

jocelynkaye: Sound is good now

Lynn Creswell: We might have to make our own fun . . .

Kimkcreswell: Kendra and I have licorice

AshleighKing: I can dance for you all

Lynn Creswell: Yumm

Kimkcreswell: I have virtually sent some

AshleighKing: just kidding

Kimkcreswell: go for it

Mary Harwood: I can hear you

Kimkcreswell: How can we point with our avatar?  When will we get out post test data back?

YoonKO: Or any surprises?

YoonKO: What was easy? What was harder than expected?

Mary Harwood: I can't hear Arthurina

YoonKO: Me neither

jocelynkaye: I lost sound too

BooksandMarksOakridge: I was amazed at the progression in writing on the post-test. It was surprising that my students were able to write so much about the painting vs. other writing prompts I have given them this year. (3rd gr)

Kimkcreswell: I love project soar, the art bus, and I am so much better at vts.  Will we have more pictures in the photo library next year.

Kendra Creswell: ditto what Kim said

BridgettOakridge: loved the art bus and the visiting artist

YoonKO: really great to hear!

Vitaut Arabello: Kimcreswell, if you right-click on something, smallish spheres will appear between you and the object - a visible beam. This is how I point if needed.

JSMAAF: Second Life just crashed on me; I had tried to type and speak earlier that I am here to help answer any questions and hope that everyone has had a great experience with VTS

[Second Life: Peggy Marconi is not available to take your call.  You will now be reconnected to Nearby Voice Chat.]

Vitaut Arabello: Oh, it does not with people. Maybe, good - to point to people is unethical :-)

BridgettOakridge: we just got our Smarter Balance results today and the juniors are passing at a rate of 67% of those that took the test....huge for us

Lynn Creswell: I look forward to totally integrating VTS into the experience next year--I wont even call it VTS--it will just flow with instruction and not be a separate event.

BridgettOakridge: they are very good at finding relevant evidence now

YoonKO: the sounds is not good for me.

JSMAAF: It's a bit hard to hear. Maybe there is some sort of feedback?

JSMAAF: Bridgett, would you be able to type?

YoonKO: sorry that i can't hear all this great feedback but I really appreciate reading this chat box.

YoonKO: i can hear you great.

BridgettOakridge: yes your sound is great

BooksandMarksOakridge: I asked my students to write about their favorite field trip of the year and many wrote about the art museum. I am so glad I got to give this opportunity to these kids! It was very impactful.


JSMAAF: That is wonderful, BooksandMarksOakridge!

Kendra Creswell: I used They Say I Say to have students discuss current events.  It was a great way for students to summarize the article and then get to voice their opinion.  Each student in the small group had their own article so we were able to cover 4-5 articles and a discussion in 20 min.

YoonKO: ha ha~

Peggy Marconi: Wow!  I am a ghost by the podiu and you are all body parts!

dgordon: I got your chat Peggy

Lynn Creswell: Yes, your chat is working fine

Peggy Marconi: I wanted to go over final requirements for the class, but realize I will need to email the information to you.  My SL avatar is kaput!  I am so sorry.  Please feel free to join Ulad for a little swim, I will say good night and get busy composing an email to all of you.

Peggy Marconi: My chat is working, but my "speak" is not!

jocelynkaye: Ok

Kendra Creswell: You too Mary :)

dgordon: The art bus was a huge hit with my class. Thanks again for that.

AshleighKing: thank you

Mary Harwood: Swim time!