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STELLAR Chat 8-18-16

posted Aug 22, 2016, 5:46 PM by Ulad Slabin   [ updated Aug 22, 2016, 5:47 PM ]
 Vitaut Arabello: Hello, Deborah!
 Vitaut Arabello: Hello, Katzen!
 Vitaut Arabello: Good afternoon!
 Vitaut Arabello: Welcome to the party! Take your seats.
 Vitaut Arabello: Good afternoon, Elaine!
 katzen27: Hello all!
 Mary Harwood (readwoody.ludlow): Welcome to 2L
 deborahcreswell: Hello.
 chuckjamesdaniel: Hey there!!
 Universal Actor: frauSchaefer: Ya'aat'eeh
 AmandaRobertsTeach: Howdy Hey :)
 Vitaut Arabello: Hello, folks!
 Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): The halted, black stream forged a tarred path through the wilderness.
 GabeCGHS: We saw a stream in the valley, a black, halted, tarred path through the wilderness.
 NikkiBohemia: The stream was an inky abyss of nothingness.
 FrauSchaefer (katzen27): We saw the black, halted stream in the valley like a tarred path through the wilderness. :)
 Sandy (scarterlittle): We saw the halted stream in the wilderness as a black, tarred path.
 debhenders: We saw the tarred path through the wilderness that was the black, halted stream.
 Autumn Maker (amaker83): We saw the stream in the valley, a black, halted pathed, tarred as it moved through the wilderness.
 Sandy (scarterlittle): While in the valley, we saw the halted stream in the wilderness as a black, tarred path.
 Autumn Maker (amaker83): We saw the stream in the valley, a black tarred path that moved haltingly through the wilderness.
 Actionbill (billtheactionman): Bill saves sister from deadly plummet.
 Virginia Petitt (dubious.darkstone): Summer disappears quickly; too many chores
 Sandy (scarterlittle): visited back East, melted
 Vitaut Arabello: Enjoy this sunny weather, good folks!
 GabeCGHS: Eugene reaches 108, Gabe reaches beer.
 NikkiBohemia: 8 moose sighted on canoe trip!
 Autumn Maker (amaker83): Traveled with dad. Learned about Hitchhiking.
 FrauSchaefer (katzen27): Relatives came and left me happy!
 Vitaut Arabello: Summer will be back, I hope.
 deborahcreswell: Teacher recovers from summer vacation; may return to school.
 Autumn Maker (amaker83): Dirty hands, happy vegetables, full stomach!
 chuckjamesdaniel: Credits, credits and more credits..ugh!
 Vitaut Arabello: Summer in Second Life is winter.
 Autumn Maker (amaker83): August: practice for waking up again!
 NikkiBohemia: Describing a character
 Sandy (scarterlittle): One way to use this may be to have kids title their stories and papers.
 Autumn Maker (amaker83): Thinking about important details/events (Evidence) versus extraneous details in an article/story
 FrauSchaefer (katzen27): I use 6 word memoirs all the time in my classroom. First day i teach the Hemingway lesson and teach about inference, I have them write one that represents their life at the current moment and then read them back to them one the last day of school.
 deborahcreswell: Perhaps look at photos or pieces of art in class and then come up with six word headlines to describe what's happening in the photo that would capture the reader's attention.
 Autumn Maker (amaker83): Helping students practice writing about what really matters rather than just a rambling retelling of events... Moving BEYOND plot to purpose, symbolism, imagery
 FrauSchaefer (katzen27): Exit tickets, end of a chapter, have students write a six word memoir from the perspective of the main or minor character. helps teach point of view
 debhenders: I use micro stories after vacations and long weekends.  I give kids 3 words to tell me about what they've been doing:  example:  storm, tree, houses
 FrauSchaefer (katzen27): creating titles for the art projects
 Vitaut Arabello:
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