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STELLAR Chat 9-27-16

posted Sep 28, 2016, 9:40 AM by Rachel Newkirk Cameron

Mary Harwood: Hello everyone!

KHawks: I hear you!

Mary Harwood: Hi! Time for a sound check. Could everyone hear me?

JillMCreswell: how do I accept friendship?  I can hear you

NikkiBohemia: I hear you

tmaher1: I hear you

Mary Harwood: Sound check. If you can hear me, put a note in the chat

FrauSchaefer: hi

tmaher1: HELLO

June2727: Hello

BethanyCreslane: Hi

FrauSchaefer: hi

KHawks: 1st grade

FrauSchaefer: I am a German teacher:)

NikkiBohemia: 1st grade

deborahcreswell: Hello All

BethanyCreslane: ELD k-5th

tmaher1: 1st grade in oakridge

FrauSchaefer: 9-12th grade

Mary Harwood: HHawks, what's your first name?

June2727: School Improvement Specialist

MarieCreslane: 4th grade

DeanCreslane: 4th grade

deborahcreswell: high School English

JillMCreswell: I teach 6-7-8 grade Spec Ed

BrittneyCreslane: 4th grade

Peggy Marconi: Yoon,  You look good.  Your clothes were a little late loading!  Nice to see you.

YoonKO: ha ha, yeah the clothes issue. yikes!!!!

Sandy: not getting any sound

Carmen CGHS: Carmen Adler 9th grade LA CGHS

Mary Harwood: Sound check. If you can't hear Peggy, put a note in the chat

Sandy: no sound

Mary Harwood: Sandy, try standing, quitting Second Life and logging back in

Shafonda: Erin Royse 9-12 art and PE

JSMAAF: Hi, Yoon!

Mary Harwood: KHawks, what's your first name?

Mary Harwood: Welcome, Yoon

Mary Harwood: welcome back

Carmen CGHS: I can't hear Peggy.  I can hear typing clicks, though.

Mary Harwood: Can you hear Yoon, Carmen?

Sandy: me too

Carmen CGHS: No

Mary Harwood: Carmen, try standing, quitting Second Life and logging back in

KHawks: Katherine

Mary Harwood: Lovely name

Sandy: still no sound

Shafonda: me either

Mary Harwood: If you don't have sound, try standing, quitting Second Life and logging back in

Mary Harwood: Amanda and Gabe, can you hear?

Shafonda: got volume now

Mary Harwood: If you can't hear, try standing, quitting Second Life and logging back in

June2727: 1

NikkiBohemia: 1

MariaCreswell: I have taught 1

JillMCreswell: pretest only

deborahcreswell: yes--one o

chuckjamesdaniel: I have done one so far.

JaimeCreslane: Two lessons and pre assessment

MariaCreswell: Pretest and 1 lesson

FrauSchaefer: pretest only

DeanCreslane: one  lesson so far

deborahcreswell: pre assessment only

Sandy: got it

Shafonda: post test?

BrittneyCreslane: 1

MarieCreslane: taught 1

BethanyCreslane: 5 lessons

Sandy: pre test and one other session

Mary Harwood: Just pretest for now

BethanyCreslane: I teach 6 groups each day

tmaher1: Just printed picture yesterday and hope to write next week.  Hope for more after 1st kickoff

Carmen CGHS: I still cannot hear voice, I can hear typing sounds. It says that "voice communications will not be available and to check my network and firewall set up." Possibly something my district has in place on our laptops for security reasons?

Amanda Roberts: also having trouble with the voice communications notification, although I am on my home computer.

MariaCreswell: IS there a way to have the speaker louder? I have my volume all the way up and it is still so quiet.

Mary Harwood: If you're having trouble hearing, try standing, logging out and coming back in. That fixes 90% of all sound issues. If you still have trouble, I'll help you

Carmen CGHS: i have done the pretest and two VTS lessons so far.

Sandy: it did help me

Carmen CGHS: Mary, I did that already, should I try it again?

Mary Harwood: Maria, open the People box, click on Yoon's name. A green i appears. You can turn her volume up

Mary Harwood: Did that work?

FrauSchaefer: that was helpful for me thank you

Mary Harwood: :)

Mary Harwood: Welcome back, Gabe. Can you hear now?

Mary Harwood: Carmen, I sent you an IM. Can you see it?

GabeCGHS: I can't hear. I also have a CGHS school laptop...

Shafonda: are we going to get a copy of this?

Shafonda: how about may we please get a copy of this?

FrauSchaefer: using the conditional is helpful

Peggy Marconi: Yes, I will send the power point out after class, and Ulad will post it on the STELLAR website.

Sandy: listening carefully to what the student says and repeating it back with higher level vocab when possible.

MariaCreswell: key words in the students observation to repeat

Shafonda: nice Sandy!

FrauSchaefer: Using the conditional allows for the option of multiple perspectives and not ONE right answer

Shafonda: oh yeah, what FrauSchaefer said

Sandy: right!

MariaCreswell: If a student says, "the person in the picture is sick because there is medicine on the table." Using the words...sick, medicine and table so that I am using their observations in the paraphrase

MariaCreswell: yes

MariaCreswell: bedstand

Virginia Petitt: It sounds like...might...maybe...are useful phrases when paraphrasing

MariaCreswell: :)

deborahcreswell: I find that I often have to ask my students to repeat becaue I can't catch every detail with the first time I actively listen.

Virginia Petitt: yes!

MariaCreswell: You see a house, what else can you say about that house?

Sandy: I hear you saying that you see a house.

BrittneyCreslane: You think she's in Mexico, what do you see that makes you say that?

BethanyCreslane: What do you see that makes you say that there is a restaurant?

BrittneyCreslane: Sorry : (

tmaher1: can you tell me about the house

GabeCGHS: What makes you say this is a house?

tmaher1: what make you see 2 houses

Sandy: Morgan sees two houses.

JillMCreswell: Morgan sees two houses

GabeCGHS: Morgan is seeing two houses. What more can we find?

MariaCreswell: You see 2 houses, or 2 homes, what makes you think that?

Shafonda: Morgan sees two houses. Morgan, what do you see that makes you say there are two houses?

Sandy: good Shafonda

MariaCreswell: or homes

GabeCGHS: Fo sho Shafonda

MariaCreswell: houses or homes, dufferent vocabulary

Shafonda: thanks gabecghs and green sweater sandy

MariaCreswell: yes :)

Shafonda: Rickie, what makes you say that? (what did you smoke at lunch?)

Virginia Petitt: Richie, what do you see that makes you say that?

GabeCGHS: Richie might be seeing this area of the picture over here as a restaurant.

Sandy: Richie, I hear you saying that there might be a restaurant, What makes you say that?

NikkiBohemia: Richie is saying that it is a restaurant. What do you see that makes you say that?

Sandy: Thanks Nikki

JaimeCreslane: Richie you see a restaurant or something that looks like a restaurant over here, what do you see that makes you say that?

Shafonda: sorry, forgot they were kinders.

GabeCGHS: Richie what did you smoke at lunch?

Shafonda: got it.

Shafonda: How about, Richie, you think there may be a restaurant. What do you see that makes you think there is a restaurant?

Sandy: Yes!

deborahcreswell: volume all of a sudden got very quiet.  Is it just me?

GabeCGHS: Sorry..

tmaher1: better volume now.  you must have moved closer

GabeCGHS: Morgan, what do you see that makes you think this person is female?

FrauSchaefer: go Gabe

MariaCreswell: You think she is in Mexico, or another place besides Oregon. What do you see that makes you say that?

Shafonda: Morgan thinks the girl is in Mexico, what do you see that makes you say that?

deborahcreswell: Moran says she is s in Mexico.   What do you see that makes you say that?

NikkiBohemia: Student 1 you are saying that this is a poor family. What do you see that makes you say that?

Mary Harwood: Bev, you speak button is on

Kimkcreswell: just started making winding noises

tmaher1: yes

NikkiBohemia: Did someone bring a blender?

Virginia Petitt: Who's running the blender.

Mary Harwood: Margaritas!

GabeCGHS: Lawn mower

Bevoakridge: sorry, I am having a hard time hearing the speaker

deborahcreswell: If your making a margarita, please share.

Sandy: You think there is a father and two children, one is crying, possibly the mother left. You also said that they are in a small place.

MariaCreswell: You are saying that they are poor, so they don't have very much money. you said they are living in a small house or an apartment, you also said the mom left and they look sad. Maybe the parents got a divorce. What do you see that makes you say that?

Sandy: What do you see that makes you say that the mother left?

Shafonda: Thank you Student1, you are saying that this is a poor family, mom left, the dad is sad, and both girls are sad too.

Shafonda: What makes you say that this family is of a lower socioeconomic status?

Virginia Petitt: It sounds as though you are thinking that the family is poor and that the mom has left—what do you see that makes you say that?

GabeCGHS: You are seeing a poor family living in a tiny place. You are saying the mom may have left and one of the children might be crying.

Shafonda: way to go Green Sweater Sandy!

deborahcreswell: I hear you say that this is a poor family and you mentioned a daughter, a dad, and possibly a mom.  You see that they live in a small place.  The father's look caught your attention and you noticed a boy or girl crying.

MariaCreswell: I am adding vocabulary

MariaCreswell: I was trying to add vocabulary

Shafonda: manners manners manners

FrauSchaefer: You see a family who may not have a lot of money. The family members might include a father, daughter and another sibling who might be distraught perhaps because the mother may have left.

Virginia Petitt: Letting students know you are listening; teaching active listening skills

FrauSchaefer: Yes:)

Shafonda: important to let kids know we are listening to them,

KHawks: Validating students thoughts and perspectives.

FrauSchaefer: Really a great opportunity to build vocabulary within context

BethanyCreslane: I think it's an opportunity to connect students' ideas as well as expand vocabulary.

tmaher1: Paraphrasing is a wonderful tool to show that I'm listening and others are listening.  I'm can't wait until I do the actual kickoff meeting for VTS:)

deborahcreswell: I think it helps us as teachers be better listeners.

Sandy: This models active listening, vocabulary, and sentences. It also validates the thinking of the students.

GabeCGHS: Paraphrasing helps any students who weren't listening catch up and participate.

Kimkcreswell: Sometimes it teaches them to use more specific words.  Especially if I  get it wrong and they then search for more specific wording to show me what they really mean.

Shafonda: i also think it's great because no one is wrong-  this feels good to kids

Sandy: So true Shafonda

Actionbill: If you repeat what they say, they know it's important

tmaher1: lost your sound

MarieCreslane: Exactly Action. It also lets them know that you understand what they are saying.

KHawks: not much sound

deborahcreswell: lost soun too

tmaher1: you are fading away

Shafonda: love and peace all, have a great night

GabeCGHS: Thanks

tmaher1: thank you

Sandy: Thanks

FrauSchaefer: Thank you:) Gute Nacht!

KHawks: Thank you!

deborahcreswell: THank you .  Good night!

Shafonda: Gabe, see you in the am

Sandy: Have a great evening, Everyone

JSMAAF: Thank you, Yoon!

JaimeCreslane: Thank you!

Virginia Petitt: This is so helpful! thank you!

GabeCGHS: With coffee

Carmen CGHS: good night!


Sandy: Shafonda, IM me

DeanCreslane: thank you

MariaCreswell: Thank you, this was great!

Actionbill: yes on 97

Shafonda: sandy, if I knew how I would

Virginia Petitt: Next meeting?

Sandy: You should have my name over the nearby chat in this conversation box, click on it

Shafonda: thank you Peggy

Sandy: Thanks Peggy