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STELLAR Meeting 2.11.15

posted Feb 11, 2015, 9:03 PM by Eric Tuck   [ updated Feb 11, 2015, 9:05 PM ]
[19:55] Virginia Petitt: mic not working
[19:55] Virginia Petitt: good
[19:55] Virginia Petitt: yes
[19:56] Virginia Petitt: It's gorgeous@
[19:56] Virginia Petitt: and its huge!
[19:57] Eric: Todd?
[19:58] Todd: Hello.  Slowly logging in and don't seem to have sound.
[19:59] Eric: No worries.  You may have to restart SL. If you do ...notice that we are meeting way over to your left.
[19:59] Eric: By the big CATE screen
[20:01] Eric: Johnnie?
[20:01] Johnie Lee Matthews III: I hear you
[20:06] Todd: I have sound now.
[20:06] Todd: No body yet.
[20:07] Todd: Dragon.
[20:08] Eric: Jessica?
[20:08] JessicaEdgerton: Hello!
[20:08] Eric: Sound?
[20:09] JessicaEdgerton: Yes.  I can hear you but don't know how to talk. :)
[20:10] JessicaEdgerton: It's clicked on but isn't doing anything when I talk.
[20:11] JessicaEdgerton: aaaaahhhhh, i cant move. lol
[20:12] Johnie Lee Matthews III: hi
[20:12] lynnelockhart: Old dogs snore...
[20:12] Robert: haha
[20:12] Robert: where is she?
[20:13] lynnelockhart: Thanks! and happy first week birthday, A.
[20:13] Johnie Lee Matthews III: lowell
[20:13] KristonMaloyHill: Lowell
[20:13] lynnelockhart: Horrible, horrible jangling chatter!!!
[20:14] lynnelockhart: and static
[20:14] lynnelockhart: woke up the dog, even
[20:14] Mary Harwood: Be sure your speak button is off if there is feedback
[20:14] Johnie Lee Matthews III: yes
[20:14] CJ: it's people typing I think.
[20:14] ArthurConan Doyle: Speak a little louder
[20:15] JessicaEdgerton: Hi
[20:15] Johnie Lee Matthews III: wonderful. very short and not in depth. Just like I planned. it will get better as time and lessons progress
[20:15] KristonMaloyHill: Pretest and lesson went well.  My students did well with it.
[20:15] DanaHarriger: Is there a a way to get caught up since I missed the Saturday training I am still not quite sure what I am suppose to do
[20:15] GlendaGreen: I did the first assessment with my kindergartners. It was fun, but hard for me to write down everything said.
[20:15] Johnie Lee Matthews III whispers: engaged but very short
[20:15] JessicaEdgerton: Ugh, my lady keeps freezing and getting stuck.
[20:16] KristonMaloyHill: I stuck a post it note to my smart board, to remind me of the questions.
[20:16] JessicaEdgerton: I'm stuck!  Teleport me!
[20:17] Mary Harwood: when you speak, could you start by saying "This is ..." It is hard to tell who is talking.
[20:17] PeggyGordonOakridge: I like how engaged all the kids are!
[20:17] JSMAAF:
[20:18] Robert: great exit jessica!
[20:18] Johnie Lee Matthews III: well done jess
[20:18] EmilyOakridge: People are talking?  I can hear typing, but no talking?  What do I need to do to hear talking?
[20:19] Mary Harwood: Emily, can you hear now?
[20:19] lynnelockhart: turn up the volume on your computer -- the speaker icon, Emioy
[20:19] Mary Harwood: JSMAAF is talking.
[20:19] lynnelockhart: also toggle the mute button, maybe
[20:20] GlendaGreen: When I do a lesson with kindergarten, I don't take notes like I did with the assessment do I?
[20:20] EmilyOakridge: where is the mute?  Why would I be able to hear the typing?  my volume is up???
[20:20] KarenBatten: Dana, you could visit one of our classes to see a vts lesson if you want.
[20:20] lynnelockhart: sorry <Emily>
[20:20] PeggyGordonOakridge: Maybe Bev could help in Dana's class and she could watch me sometime
[20:21] DanaHarriger: That would be great Peggy
[20:22] Eric: Hey!
[20:22] Eric: Bohemia?
[20:23] Robert: I like your shirt, Larry.
[20:23] KristonMaloyHill: My 1st graders had some pretty interesting ideas about what they could find/see in the images.  Some were quite funny. (of course I didn't laugh)
[20:24] Robert: and your glasses.
[20:24] YoonKO: GlendaGreen - you don't need to take notes.
[20:24] larry runs: I am trying to do my best.
[20:24] Robert: Cool!
[20:25] PeggyGordonOakridge: I would love to have "images" to put up in my classroom even after just for students to continue to talk about if they get cut off.
[20:25] YoonKO: CJ - sometimes it's the high achieving kids have a harder time at first with this process.
[20:26] PeggyGordonOakridge: What grade Karen?
[20:26] Mary Harwood: Interesting, Yoon. Maybe because they are used to having the "right" answer?
[20:26] KarenBatten: 9th grade
[20:26] Virginia Petitt: They are used to being successful at "schooliness"
[20:26] Mary Harwood: Also, they are hearing a neutral response.
[20:26] YoonKO: Yes Mary.
[20:27] PeggyGordonOakridge: We use reading groups that have to give evidence in the Elementary School quite a bit.
[20:27] GlendaGreen: In our assessment picture there was a person up in a tree but you had to look closely to see them. My kindergartners discovered him in pieces--I see pants! Well, I see feet! There must be someone in the tree!  It was awesome. :)
[20:27] Bevoakridge: I went to Google to find out more about the painting that Karen used today.  I was curious too..
[20:27] GchapmanOakridge: I often see upper level kids struggle in beginning band class.  I suspect It's the first time in their educational career they've had to work hard in school.
[20:28] EmilyOakridge: I can hear!
[20:28] CJ: My class got stuck on deciding one piece was set in Mexico and everything came from that. It was pretty funny. they stuck on it even after one of them noticed the "Vincent" signature in the corner and they guessed the artist. It was still Mexico. It was VERY hard not to laugh!
[20:28] PeggyGordonOakridge: Yeah Emily...welcome.
[20:28] lynnelockhart: A few seem almost puzzled when the "what more can we find" continues, as if they perhaps did not get it "right"
[20:28] Mary Harwood: It might be a good independent assignment.
[20:30] Virginia Petitt: LOL
[20:30] Mary Harwood: Everyone's a multitasker! LOL
[20:30] PeggyGordonOakridge: Bev was in my class today and it was neat to hear one of my students relate the time of the artwork to maybe before the time of Martin Luther KIng because of where they thought the "black people" were.
[20:32] Bevoakridge: Yes, they noticed that all of the people were black.  I had not even noticed that.
[20:32] PeggyGordonOakridge: they were making connections with things recently discussed in their classes!
[20:32] lynnelockhart: Yes, though it seems to be students who are used to having the last word, and often call out comments
[20:32] KarenBatten: We're going to discuss the process tomorrow, and what skills we can gain from it.  Did others do that before or after doing vts?  Did you do that discussion "vts" syle?
[20:32] KarenBatten: Peggy, awesome about the connections!
[20:33] YoonKO: CJ, about Mexico and seeing the signature -- the cool things here is that they are thinking about setting and noticing the signature which is awareness of artist. Often the attempt to decode place and setting indicates a shift in development in aesthetic development.
[20:33] lynnelockhart: I really think the way VTS encourage listening is my favorite part
[20:33] Bevoakridge: I will be interested to hear what they write on the hw paragraph, Karen.
[20:33] YoonKO: What's important to remember about VTS is not necessarily what is being SAID, but the kind of THINKING that is happening.
[20:33] Todd: I've used vts with fine art pieces this year, but today, on a fluke, I used it with a picture of Walt Whitman.
[20:33] KarenBatten: I'm curious, too.
[20:34] Johnie Lee Matthews III: is anyone talkng cause if so I cant hear. I just here typing
[20:34] Johnie Lee Matthews III: I heard that
[20:34] Johnie Lee Matthews III: thanks
[20:34] JSMAAF: I think that with the more experience your students have practicing VTS, the questions will become routine. Asking, "What more can we find?"acknowledges multiple viewpoints from their classmates.
[20:34] lynnelockhart: How can they be thinking about the thinking without listening?
[20:36] lynnelockhart: OK, Yoon. I get what you meant
[20:36] YoonKO: thanks Lynne, I'm glad cause I feel very inarticulate at this hour :  )
[20:37] lynnelockhart: You look like a senior at 8 am
[20:38] lynnelockhart: and your avatar reports "away" if you doze off
[20:38] Robert: Lynne, are you really typing as much as your arms indicate?
[20:38] Johnie Lee Matthews III: perfect sense
[20:38] JSMAAF: Right, it gives everyone a chance to hear another perspective, too.
[20:39] Johnie Lee Matthews III: i agree
[20:39] JessicaEdgerton: Good Job, Johnie.
[20:39] GlendaGreen: Even in kindergarten that other perspective broadens the discussion.
[20:39] Johnie Lee Matthews III: I agree
[20:39] lynnelockhart: yes...RWhy...but my keyboard is acting very strange, so I'm having to retype
[20:40] Johnie Lee Matthews III: confident public speaking. Love it when they speak their mind
[20:40] Johnie Lee Matthews III: builds confidence
[20:41] YoonKO: To the Jr High and HS teachers, I'm curious as you go through the year which images you find that "work" more than others
[20:42] Johnie Lee Matthews III: way to integrate lessons Emily!
[20:42] KarenBatten: That's awesome, Emily.
[20:42] Johnie Lee Matthews III: thats what im here for
[20:42] YoonKO: i have some great examples of VTSing math from portland - let me know if you'd like to see.
[20:42] KarenBatten: Sure, Yoon.  Starting with #7, Van Gogh, seemed fine.
[20:42] GlendaGreen: It does, Johnie. I think that it's great to begin with this in kindergarten. They are pretty willing to say what they think and I am excited to pass them along to 1st grade. It will be awesome to see what they can do when they get to you, Johnie!
[20:42] lynnelockhart: Wow, Emily. Making math thinking visible...I've never experienced that myself...
[20:43] Mary Harwood: Math and art go hand in hand, I think.
[20:43] Johnie Lee Matthews III: as am I Glenda
[20:43] Peggy Marconi: Nice!
[20:43] CJ: Emily, your house sounds like mine. :) How old is the baby?
[20:44] YoonKO: On the Jan 30th VTS Facebook post -- I posted an example of a VTS lesson in math (fractions) using Legos.
[20:44] Bevoakridge: Yes, when I taught art at my last school, I often integrated math skills. Lots of practice with measuring with a ruler.
[20:44] Peggy Marconi: Thanks Yoon.
[20:44] lynnelockhart: Cailie: that sounds very Ryan-like!
[20:44] GchapmanOakridge: Recently read "Building a Better Teacher" which talks lots about VTS style (they never call it that) strategies in math.
[20:44] lynnelockhart: lego math, that is
[20:44] YoonKO:
[20:44] Johnie Lee Matthews III: repeat that please
[20:45] CaileyOakridge: I'm sure he would be thrilled to have a classroom set of legos :)
[20:45] CaileyOakridge: That would be so much fun!
[20:45] EmilyOakridge: Thanks Yoon!  I will look that up :)
[20:45] PeggyGordonOakridge: Ours have just learned I agree or disagree with so and so and why....
[20:45] EmilyOakridge: CJ: 8 months :)
[20:46] Johnie Lee Matthews III: Why is it always Johnie??????
[20:46] Johnie Lee Matthews III: :)
[20:46] Mary Harwood: Thanks, Yoon.
[20:46] PeggyGordonOakridge: But I like the different it is not against each other...
[20:46] Johnie Lee Matthews III: Go team Johnie
[20:46] KristonMaloyHill: Johnie..  That's what we wonder..
[20:46] JessicaEdgerton: ^^LOL
[20:46] lynnelockhart: who's talking?
[20:47] JessicaEdgerton: CJ
[20:47] YoonKO: Sorry - not picking you Johnie!
[20:47] Johnie Lee Matthews III: What are secratic cirles CJ?
[20:47] lynnelockhart: like secretions
[20:48] Eric: Great ReadWriteThink resource....
[20:48] Eric: For Socratic Circles
[20:49] Virginia Petitt: Thanks Eric--that
[20:49] Virginia Petitt: that's fabulous!
[20:49] Eric: Well said Yoon
[20:50] Eric: I like the differnece
[20:50] Eric: Whatever a differnece is
[20:50] YoonKO: ha ha
[20:50] lynnelockhart: It's so important that we do not lose educational focus in the name of adhering to strategies, though, don't you think?
[20:51] YoonKO: yes
[20:51] Johnie Lee Matthews III: definitely
[20:51] Trudig: Trudi and Alicia checking in
[20:51] YoonKO: when we are strategy focused for the sake of being good students of a method, we've lost the point of what we're doing.
[20:52] JSMAAF: I would love to see the prewriting assessments that you have so far. Peggy, is there a way for us to collect these?
[20:52] Robert: Hi Michah!
[20:52] KarenBatten: You can have mine back, Bev.
[20:53] CJ: I am going to disappear in a minute to put my 9 year old to bed. My avatar might "go to sleep" just as a warning. I'll be back.
[20:53] Bevoakridge: I have some from several teachers but not all
[20:53] lynnelockhart: We can scan them and send them as a PDF...
[20:53] KarenBatten: I have a handful in Spanish.  :)
[20:53] Katrinaburkhardt: Pendleton group is here!
[20:53] JSMAAF: Yes, that would be great.
[20:53] PeggyGordonOakridge: Yoon, Please tell me again what the facebook name is?
[20:53] YoonKO: BTW, I just posted a screen shot of this class on the VTS facebook page.
[20:53] kaygraham: yes that's fine
[20:54] YoonKO:
[20:54] Micah Sunshower Klatt: thank you
[20:54] JSMAAF: Perfect.
[20:54] GlendaGreen: Hi Katrina!
[20:54] Eric: WOW!!  I Got beat by Yoon
[20:54] YoonKO: we can look at the pre and posts together at the end of the year - the rubrics to assess are on vtsweb.
[20:55] GlendaGreen: I didn't find an actual form for kindergarten. I just took notes.
[20:55] Johnie Lee Matthews III: cant wait
[20:55] YoonKO: Yes!
[20:55] YoonKO: that was fun.
[20:55] JSMAAF: Thank you!
[20:55] Johnie Lee Matthews III: Thank you!!!!
[20:55] KarenBatten: Thanks all!
[20:56] Eric:
[20:56] lynnelockhart: Thank you yet again, Eric!
[20:56] YoonKO: Thank you Eric!
[20:56] EmilyOakridge: Thanks Eric and Mary! :)
[20:56] Robert: Great job, Eric!  And Mary!
[20:56] Mary Harwood: ;)
[20:57] DanaHarriger: Thanks for sharing
[20:57] CaileyOakridge: Thank you!
[20:57] JessicaEdgerton: Thank you!
[20:57] EmilyOakridge: Thanks Yoon!
[20:57] Bevoakridge: Good night everyone!
[20:58] brianbeard: thank you
[20:58] Virginia Petitt: Thanks everyone!
[20:58] ArthurConan Doyle: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
[20:58] Mary Harwood: To clap: Gestures> select clap> click play.
[20:58] Mary Harwood: Nice, Tom!
[20:59] GchapmanOakridge: Lynne - you need your scooter
[20:59] YoonKO: Thank you - I thought i 'd be stuck here forever :  )
[21:00] Eric: Tom the new "Arena" is awesome!
[21:00] brianbeard: thank you
[21:01] Mary Harwood: Tom said it was "last minute." He's amazing!
[21:01] lynnelockhart: But I can fly, Greg!
[21:01] GchapmanOakridge: yeah that is better than a scooter
[21:01] Johnie Lee Matthews III: I just wanna dance
[21:02] lynnelockhart: See you tomorrow!
[21:02] TTAYLORLHS: Go for it Johnie
[21:02] lynnelockhart: Go find a dance gesture
[21:02] Johnie Lee Matthews III: I forgot how
[21:02] Johnie Lee Matthews III: Katrina you are naked
[21:02] TTAYLORLHS: Control G gives you the gestures tab
[21:03] Johnie Lee Matthews III: nailed it