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STELLAR Second Life Chat 12/06

posted Dec 6, 2016, 8:12 PM by Mary Harwood

June2727: yes

JillBohemia: yes

Mary Harwood: Hi there! Can you hear me now?

karentunn: yes

DeanCreslane: loud and clear here

Mary Harwood: :)

Mary Harwood: Who had their students do the snow dance today?

Mary Harwood: My friend's kindergartener came home and said, "Mommy, don't forget to put ice cubes in the toilet!"

Mary Harwood: Ha, ha

karentunn: lol

JillBohemia: That's so cute@

Mary Harwood: That one was new to me.

Carmen CGHS: Hello, all!

Mary Harwood: Hi!

Amanda Roberts: Yeah, my kids did the snow dance yesterday and it snowed today, resulting in a day off for me, and 2 hours later for my kids.  Ice cubes in the toilet, white crayon in the freezer, pencil under the pillow, and pajamas inside out.

Mary Harwood: Wow! You don't fool around with snow days!

JillBohemia: I just hope the dances don't get mixed up with snow and icy roads

Amanda Roberts: lol, the kids' teacher at Pleasant Hill had all his class do it.

Mary Harwood: Opinion writing topic: What's the best method of producing a snow day?

Amanda Roberts: Getting to bed early and dressing in warm jammies.  :)

JillBohemia: Not wishing too hard for it :)

Mary Harwood: For our guest speaker tonight, please post the school district and grade you teach for

Amanda Roberts: Oakridge Elementary, 6th

karentunn: You have to let snow sneak up on you.

Peggy Marconi: Hi everyone. I am working on my sound Mary, so I will let you and Karen go ahead. Enjoy.

JillBohemia: South Lane School District, First Grade

JaimeCreslane: Creswell School District, Third Grade

DeanCreslane: Creslane - elementary 4th grade

BethanyCreslane: Creslane Elementary-ELD

Mary Harwood: Hopefully everyone can hear me.

BrittneyCreslane: creswell S.D - 4th grade

MarieCreslane: Creslane Elementary--4th grade

Carmen CGHS: South Lane SD, CGHS, 9th

NikkiBohemia: Nikki Bohemia in South Lane 1st grade

Vitaut Arabello: if you do not have voice, please Skype me; uladzimirs . You will be listening through my computer, we did so in the past.

Mary Harwood: Yes

JillMCreswell: Creswell Middle School Sped, 6,7,8

Autumn Maker: looks great out here!

Vitaut Arabello: It takes time for slides to develop :-)

NikkiBohemia: That was the best snow day ever!

JillBohemia: I love snow days!

Mary Harwood: I wish every day was a snow day.

Amanda Roberts: Sorry I couldn't hear half the statement

DeanCreslane: I wish we could have another one.

Autumn Maker: My new favorite person is the weatherman

BethanyCreslane: Snow days are always relxing and fun.

JaimeCreslane: That was a really fun day!

JillMCreswell: Snow days are great!

Amanda Roberts: What a great end to a perfect snow day!

MariaCreswell: I want to have more snow here on another day

chuckjamesdaniel: Wow, what a great day!

MarieCreslane: Snow days are the best!

Carmen CGHS: Snow days are great surprise days off!

Mary Harwood: Can you think of a way you might use stoplight writing? Share your idea here.

Autumn Maker: Any thoughts of transfer to higher grades?

JillBohemia: This is similar to co-op sentences that we use for our Science units

Amanda Roberts: I like using that for essay writing in the Social Studies unit we are in right now.  We are writing about "My Town".  It allows the students to have an opinion about the town, but then they have to have evidential support for why they have that opinion.  Eg:  Oakridge is a logging town.  (as their opinion.)  Then in the support paragraphs they would have to have three details supporting that opinion.

FrauSchaefer: I love this for my beginning German learners!

Amanda Roberts: Even my 6th graders struggle with that.

MariaCreswell: I have had to train my kids this year to fill each line before going to the next

MariaCreswell: I teach 3rd

deborahcreswell: snow and hot cocoa sound good to me too.

Mary Harwood: Love the spelling.

Mary Harwood: Formative assessment for long vowels!

Amanda Roberts: That's a cool visual for arranging paragraphs for older kids, instead of just sentences.

Mary Harwood: Yes, you coould have them write paragraphs to arrange.

Autumn Maker: Rewrite that first sentence

JillBohemia: Holidays Around the World

Autumn Maker: There are many different ways to celebrate winter

NikkiBohemia: People around the world celebrate their winter holiday in different ways.

Carmen CGHS: People all around the world celebrate winter in many different ways.

Shafonda: THere are many different ways to celebrate the winter time around the holidays

FrauSchaefer: There are many ways to celebrate in December.

BethanyCreslane: People from different cultures all around the world celebrate December holidays in different ways.

JaimeCreslane: Around the world people celebrate different holiday traditions.

JillMCreswell: Holidays are celebrated in many different ways the world over.

chuckjamesdaniel: People around the world celebrate Christmas in many different ways.

Amanda Roberts: At Christmastime, there are various holidays that people celebrate.

Shafonda: that's a skate park method.

MariaCreswell: I am going to tell how people around the world celebrate different holidays

deborahcreswell: People around the world have different customs for the winter holidays.

karentunn: These are great

MarieCreslane: Have you ever wondered how people around the world celebrate Christmas?

Shafonda: kids learn from each other and pick things up from peers. you're right

Shafonda: Buhl-what is it?

MarieCreslane: Whales are my favorite mammal.

NikkiBohemia: Whales are unique creatures.

MariaCreswell: Otters are a very interesting animal.

JillMCreswell: Sea lions are not really lions.

KHawks: People in different countries celebrate holidays in many ways.

Shafonda: Many animals live around the water.

deborahcreswell: Whales live in the ocean.

Vitaut Arabello: Oh, sure. Just like Douglas fir is botanically not a fir.

Autumn Maker: There are many interesting things to learn about whales

KHawks: I know a lot about seals.

MariaCreswell: I like this picture

deborahcreswell: I saw a rabbit first.

MariaCreswell: I saw the rabbit first too

Carmen CGHS: I use this (rabbit v. duck) with my 9th graders to begin our argument writing unit.

Shafonda: i know this is predominantly for elm aged kids, could you give an example how you would use for middle/high?

MariaCreswell: funW

MariaCreswell: fun!

deborahcreswell: Play with point of view as well.

Mary Harwood:

Vitaut Arabello: As every Power Point presentation inworld, today’s is being recorded and will appear in a few days at our STELLAR website. Check for past sessions, one can get to there also via path: -> Teacher website -> Second Life Video

Vitaut Arabello: Pocahontas?

Amanda Roberts: Yeh Shen, Cinderella Story

Autumn Maker: I would like that. I hadn't heard of 4 square previously

Autumn Maker: With the snake? Mufario (??)  beautiful daughters?

Mary Harwood: That's the one!

Vitaut Arabello: Good evening, Virginia!

Virginia Petitt: Hi Ulad!

Amanda Roberts:  The Princess And The Golden Shoes - A Scottish Tale

Yeh-Shen - A Chinese Cinderella Story (Text)

The Hidden One - A Native American Legend

Tattercoats - An English Tale (Text)

Mary Harwood: :)

karentunn: yes

JillBohemia: We can hear you

Carmen CGHS: yes

Autumn Maker: yes

DeanCreslane: yes

KHawks: yep

FrauSchaefer: yes

Vitaut Arabello: Thank you, Mary, for technical support for Peggy - great solution!

karentunn: Thank you for having me.  I appreciate your patience with my first time try.

Virginia Petitt: Wow! How cool! Congratulations!

Mary Harwood: Woot! Woot!

deborahcreswell: very cool!  Congrats!

Autumn Maker: Thank you!

MariaCreswell: very cool

karentunn: Congratulations!

Carmen CGHS: that's great!

FrauSchaefer: kudos!

JillBohemia: That is great! Thank you Karen for a wonderful presentation!

Vitaut Arabello: Thank you, Karen! The first trial was brilliant.

Mary Harwood: Congrats to all of you! You make STELLAR work!

deborahcreswell: Happy Holidays!

Mary Harwood: Have a fun winter break!

JillBohemia: How do you teach students the nuance between an opening sentence and a closing sentence?

Carmen CGHS: Is our next meeting in 2017?

BethanyCreslane: See you all in January!

DeanCreslane: see you all next year

KHawks: THank you! This was a great topic!

KHawks: Good question Jill

Carmen CGHS: See you next year!

Mary Harwood: Yes, January is the next meeting.

Virginia Petitt: What date in January is the meeting?

JillBohemia: What about for informative writing?

JillBohemia: Thank you for your help.

JillBohemia: I think sentence stems are a great idea.